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These aren't the sexy pieces of hardware that grab headlines or turn your dusty old computer into a high-spec gaming PC. It also limits the amount of voltage that can pass through to your devices, helping ensure they aren't damaged by a sudden spike.

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Some of these surge protectors will not just defend your devices from surges over their power cables but also block voltage spikes over other wired connections, such as Ethernet or even coaxial cables. So, if you're going to buy pricey electronics and want to keep them safe, you'll definitely want to pick out a surge protector. It boasts 10 outlets, with six packed together and four spaced out, letting you keep large power bricks away from the bunch, so you can actually use all the plugs. The surge protector is built to handle 2,880 joules over its lifespan, which should help you get plenty of use out of it.

See It Surge energy: 4,500 joules Clamping voltage: 400-500 volts Mounting holes: No Outlets: 8 Cord length: 6 feet Dimensions: 3” x 1.14” x 11.75”You may want to protect your most precious and expensive electronics with a premium surge protector, but none of us are going to get the bestsurgeprotectors and put them on every outlet around our house. Given all it can do, it also proves to be a fairly affordable unit, and APC even offers a lifetime warranty and a protection policy to top it off. With the APC Surgeries P11VNT3, you'll get 11 power outlets, including several that are spaced out to accommodate larger power bricks.

See It Surge energy: 1,710 joules Clamping voltage: 330 volts Mounting holes: Yes Outlets: 6 (3 USB) Cord length: 3 feet Dimensions: 2.49” x 14.2” x 1.48”If the last piece of your smart home puzzle is a voice-controlled surge suppressor with its own mobile app, then the Kasey Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip is just what you’re looking for. Using the mobile app, you can also group plugs and command them as a unit, and you can create scheduled events to toggle devices, or use IFTTT for additional programmability. Each outlet gets its own recessed button to turn it on or off.

The Pivotal arranges four outlets in standard spacing down the middle and then four more on each side that can also pivot up to 90 degrees. It also features a convenient cable trap, so you can thread most or all of your cords through a channel at one end, keeping everything tidy.

It also includes coax and DSL/telephone port walkthroughs. The Pivotal doesn’t have a reset table circuit breaker, but it offers a beefy rating of 4320 joules. See It Surge energy: 1,050 joules Clamping voltage: 400 volts Mounting holes: No Outlets: 2 Cord length: n/a Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.75”If you’re a frequent traveler, the gear you take on the road is probably unprotected.

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It’s a compact two-outlet surge protector that has a fully retractable three-prong plug for easy packing, and features a pair of outlets along with DSL/telephone sockets. Tripp Lite managed to pack 1050 joules of protection in this small package, but be aware that it will eventually fail with a closed circuit, so keep an eye on the status light. See It Surge energy: 4,320 joules Clamping voltage: 330 volts Mounting holes: Yes Outlets: 12 Cord length: 6 feet Dimensions: 1.3" x 5" x 12.3”APC’s P12U2 is a go-to option for people who have a lot of things to plug in.

The power cable also has a rotating shoulder, so you can orient it in any direction without bending or kinking the cable. It has a respectable rating of 4,320 joules, but like the other APC on this list, how it handles the loss of surge protection is a little dicey. The surge suppressor may cut off current to your equipment, or let it continue to flow with an indicator in the status light, depending upon how the Move fail.

The aesthetics may be lost if you keep your power strip behind furniture, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of this polished aluminum case with elegantly beveled edges and braided power cable. Otherwise, this is a pretty typical surge protector, though its eight outlets are generously spaced to accommodate oversize plugs. Austere’s rating of 4,000 joules should last longer than similar models, though when it eventually fails, it’ll continue to power your gear.

See It Surge energy: 1,500 joules Mounting holes: No Outlets: 8 (6 USB) Cord length: 6 feet Dimensions: 2” x 5.25" x 12"Sometimes a standard power strip can get pretty cramped when you've got a lot plugged into it. A tower-style surge protector can help ensure the things you plug into it don't get in the way of one another, and the Bested Power Strip Tower is a phenomenal option.

This tower also features six USB ports on the corners, and each can offer up to 2.4 amps depending on what the device on the other end of the cable supports. See It Surge energy: 1,445 joules Battery Backup: 1500VA/1000W Mounting holes: No Outlets: 12 (2 x USB) Cord length: 5 feet Dimensions: 11" x 14" x 3.9”With an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) you're protecting your devices differently.

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Most surge suppressors rely on a device called a metal oxide variety (MOVE) to divert excess current to the ground, “clamping” the voltage to a certain level to protect your electronics.Move don’t last forever, and depending on the design, can continue to behave like a dumb power strip and pass power to your equipment, or fail “safe,” cutting off power to your gear. I’d recommend using a suppressor that opens the circuit when the Move eventually fail, so your equipment isn’t left unprotected.

The downside is your stuff may power down unexpectedly, and you’ll have to buy a new surge suppressor to get back in business. The clamping value, in contrast, measures how much voltage gets through during any single spike, where a lower number is better for your gear.

You might want to find a model that spaces outlets far apart or uses some sort of pivoting system to let you fit oversized plugs on the strip. The find print can be onerous, and I guarantee you’ll never collect money over an equipment failure that resulted from a surge -related problem.

If you've ever experienced the heartbreak of a power surge damaging, or even destroying, your console or PC, you know how important it is to safeguard your gaming equipment. While power strips can make it possible to plug in tons of different pieces of tech, you'll need a surge protector if you want to defend against damaging amounts of electricity, so check our list to pick one up and protect your rig! See It This General Electric surge protector and 12-outlet power strip has an 8-foot cable with a flat plug, so it's easy to fit into your setup, even behind furniture or an entertainment center close to the wall.

It also sports a power filter and two USB ports, and it's rated for 4,320 Joules. It also has a slim profile and has built-in safety covers for each outlet to help prevent youngsters from sticking objects into it.

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It also includes a 5-year $25k connected equipment warranty, so you can rest easy your gear will be protected, or it will be replaced. See It The POWER Surge Protector and USB Wall Charger (and devices like it) are game-changers.

Remove the face plate from a regular electrical outlet and screw on the wall charger, and you'll transform your two port outlet into a hub that can protect your gaming equipment and charge your phone, Switch, etc. With powered USB outlets, letting you keep the standard three-prong plugs free for bigger items.

Because it also has plugs on all sides, it also takes up less space, while providing more power than many other strips. See It The 900-Joule clever power strip tower and surge protector has 4 USB charging ports, 8 AC outlets, and a 6.5 foot charging cord with a low-profile plug, to make it easy to plug into any wall slot.

As more and more of our lives depend on electronics, it becomes increasingly important to keep them charged and protect them from electrical surges. To that end, we compiled a list of some of our favorite wall-mounted electrical hubs and surge protectors, so you'll be able to power and protect your favorite electronics. See It This Welkin 6-outlet wall-mounted power strip and surge protector is rated for 1,080 Joules and contains incredibly handy pivoting outlets, so you'll be able to charge all of your items, even if they have unconventional plugs.

See It APC is a big name in surge protection, battery backups, and power strips, and there's good reason for that. This wall-mounted plug extender has 6 side-facing outlets that are rated for 1080 Joules of surge protection, and it has 2 front-facing USB charging ports.

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It also has a whopping 4 USB charging ports, as well as a convenient phone holder, so you won't have to stretch your USB cord to a nearby table or leave your phone (or other USB-charging devices) on the floor. See It The low-profile Sands wall-mounted surge protector and fireproof electrical hub is rated for 1,080 Joules of protection and sports 6 front-facing AC outlets.

It's UL certified and includes a 5-year, $25,000 connected equipment warranty and has three lines of surge protection to make sure your gear stays safe. This one is rated for 1,680 Joules of surge protection, and it has two AC outlets per side, as well as three front-facing USB charging ports.

See It The GE Pro 6-outlet surge protector and electrical outlet hub is a very straight-forward option, and it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. It's rated for 1,020 Joules of protection, contains 6 front-facing AC outlets, and is smaller than many of the other wall-mounted hubs on this list.

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Includes Built-In Indicators LED lights on this surge protector let you monitor whether an outlet is active or not. Includes Built-In Indicators LED lights on this surge protector let you monitor whether an outlet is active or not.

The wall mount is designed to help you save space, and you'll get noise filtration between 150kHz and 100MHz. The Welkin 6-Outlet Pivot-Plug Wall Mount Surge Protector can protect your electronics from a total of 1080 Joules, and it offers noise filtration between the 150kHz and 100MHz range.

You'll get advanced surge protection with this wall outlet, which can cover you for up to 1680 Joules. It has a slim profile to expand your power outlets without consuming floor space.

A flush device that adds extra ports to your typical wall outlets. This surge protector has 1680 joule rating making it easy for everyday use or heavy-duty use.

The wall mount is designed to help you save space, and you’ll get noise filtration between 150kHz and 100MHz. What We Liked: You’ll get advanced surge protection with this wall outlet, which can cover you for up to 1680 Joules.

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It has a slim profile to expand your power outlets without consuming floor space. What We Liked: This power strip has six outlets, including three that rotate 90 degrees to provide extra flexibility.

It includes two USB-A ports and a feature that automatically shuts off if an issue is detected. What We Liked: Monitor whether your devices are active or not with this surge protector, which has LED lights to help you keep an eye on things.

Instead, it replaces any standard outlet that uses hot, neutral and ground wires. You’ll get six AC outlets with built-in surge protection up to 1680 Joules and three USB charging ports.

Your electronic devices and appliances rely on a steady stream of electricity. Power fluctuations and storms can cause something called a surge, ” which can damage sensitive electronics.

Since most households leave items plugged in even when they aren’t in use, this means many consumers are at risk of a loss. The average home experiences hundreds of potentially dangerous surges in electricity every year.

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You’ll notice as you’re looking for a surge protector that they’re rated in Joules. That rating refers to the level of energy the equipment can absorb before failing.

You’ll also have a wide range of choices when it comes to the build of your surge protector. In recent years, manufacturers have upgraded to a style that keeps the power strip as snugly against the wall as possible.

Before you start shopping for a surge protector, though, take a close look at the area where you’ll be keeping it. Pay attention not only to the space you’ll have to store the protector, but how accessible it will be for your power cords.

You may find that the angle won’t be ideal for your power cords with some surge protectors, in which case you’ll possibly need to consider one that has adjustable outlets, or outlets on the sides as well as the front. Around 600 B.C., Ancient Greeks discovered static electricity when they rubbed fur on fossilized tree resin.

In the 1900s, researchers found pots containing sheets of copper that are believed to have been used for lighting in Ancient Rome. With Ben Franklin’s experiment, we realized that lightning was the same as electric sparks, which is why he’s often credited with the initial discovery.

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The number of outlets, as well as the placement of them, are important considerations when you’re picking out a surge protector. Make sure you have enough to cover your current equipment plus anything you might add to your collection.

This will come in handy for charging phones and mobile devices without having to track down your power brick. Bulky power cords can be tough to plug into tight outlets.

Some surge protectors put plenty of space between each outlet to help with that. Some, however, will need to replace the outlet, which requires some basic installation work.

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