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Fuel starvation is a major concern within a fuel system, and one of the most common issues. One of the simplest and most effective solutions to fuel starvation is the addition of a collector or surge tank to your fuel system.

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Collectors, often times called a slosh box, are installed inside the fuel cell and designed to trap fuel near the fuel pickup line for to prevent air from entering your fuel system. Surge tanks are another option to prevent fuel starvation and can be mounted internal or external from the fuel tank or fuel cell.

These systems use a lift pump to fill a reservoir which is not effected by acceleration, braking, or hard corning. Some fuel tanks and fuel cells can begin seeing signs of fuel starvation at 1/4 to 1/2 a tank.

If this is the case for you, a collector or surge tank would be a perfect solution to help mitigate fuel starvation. Contact our sales team to help diagnose your fuel starvation issues.

Today’s best surge protectors don’t just protect electrical devices: They also enable all kinds of useful connections. This excellent TP-Link strip, for example, has six smart outlets that can be individually controlled with an app, giving protection while allowing you to customize devices, set schedules and automatically turn them on or off.

This professional U-shaped protector is designed to hook onto the edge of a desk, for much easier access than trying to position a strip on the floor (you can also put it over a cubical wall, etc.) Pecking has a competitive smart power strip that you can control via app, perfect for larger entertainment systems or complex computer layouts.

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In addition to compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the strip also works with IFTTT, ideal for those who prefer the customizable platform for their smart gadgets. This 12-outlet model is a great professional piece with multiple options for cord length, sliding safety covers, and a 3,940 Joule energy rating that’s high enough to protect even the largest office equipment.

Trip’s contribution is a “home and office” surge protector suitable for all sorts of different electronic setups. It has handy LED diagnostic lights to warn of outlet status and a built-in splitter that can turn one RJ11 jack into two for a modem, fax (hey, some people still use them), or telephone/DSL line.

This Welkin version has a wall mount option for setups where you want your surge protector off the floor. You shouldn’t use it with large appliances, but it’s a great choice for garage worktables, kitchen counters, office desks, and more.

Surge tanks are also known as balancing reservoirs as they provide additional storage space near the turbine runner when the length of the pen stock is considerably more. These tanks provide to reduce excessive pressure on pen stocks due to water hammering.

Surge tank act as an accumulator, which absorbs extra discharge when the load on the turbine reduces and provides extra water when loading on the turbine increases. This causes the water in the turbine to move backward, which gets stored in the surge tank.

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These constructs with greater height and support also provide to hold the tank. If there should arise an occurrence of the inclined surge tanks, the surge tank furnishes with some tendency.

On account of little measurement, frictional misfortunes will create an overabundance weight in the fundamental pipeline is pulverized. To diminish the water mallet impact, the distance across of hole ought to be all around intended for full dismissal of the burden by the turbine.

Gallery type surge tanks comprise additional capacity exhibitions in it. These development chambers are for the most part give at beneath or more the surge levels.

Beneath surge level chambers utilized to capacity abundance water in it and discharged when it requires or there is a short drop in weight. Upper surge level chambers are utilized to assimilate the overabundance weight.

It is similar to any other pipe except that it has to bear a very high surface when the load on the generator increase. Buried Pen stocks When there is a danger from slides of snow, rock, earth, etc.

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They also prevent the ice formation in the pipe and reduce the number of expansion joints required. When needed, surge tanks can provide a critical feature to the hydraulic design of hydropower projects.

Principally, they can mitigate the overpressure effects of pressure transients or water hammer and allow turbine wicket gates to be closed faster, reducing generator overspend after load rejections. In hydraulic reaction turbines, such as Kaplan and Francis machines, there are several ways to mitigate the magnitude of overpressure situations or water hammer.

In addition to rapid closure of wicket gates, the magnitude of the pressure transient is a function of the length of the water conduit. This is because they are generally designed with jet deflectors that are spring-loaded to drop between the jet of water and the runner buckets, allowing the nozzle valve to be turned off slowly without creating undue pressure transients or allowing significant overspend of the turbine-generator.

Surge tanks (Figure 1) are the most common means of protecting against excessive water hammer pressure. If the top of the tank is closed to the atmosphere to create a surge chamber, these are called accumulators, but are seldom used in hydropower designs.

A portion of the hydroelectric power plant at Mosul Dam in Iraq is shown here with four accumulators visible in the background. Similar to surge tanks, accumulators protect against pressure transients, mainly caused by the rapid closure of wicket gates.

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Surge tanks have the advantage of no moving parts, and therefore, they provide passive protection that is always ready to act. At the same time, part of the flow velocity that is being slowed by the reduced opening between the wicket gates is diverted up into the surge tank and does not contribute to the overpressure.

Where LN is logarithm to the base e and x is the amplitude of two successive surges measured from the new steady state water surface. If the governor response time is in synchronization with the hydraulic surge tank frequency, the oscillations will not be dampened, but can be reinforced.

These differences are designed into the passive water hammer protection afforded by the tank to maintain hydraulic stability. This type provides less mitigation of the effects of pressure transients, but the additional head loss of fluid entering and leaving the riser and surge tank adds to the stability.

These are designed with different head losses and elevations for fluid entering and leaving the tank to disrupt the harmonics of hydraulic oscillation. In 1910, a German professor in Munich, Germany, D. Thomas, published a paper that was the first to show that turbines with automatic governors could always be stable if the horizontal cross-section of the tank (A s, Th) exceeds a certain minimum value.

Where Thomas’s area (A s, Th) equals the length of the water column (L) times the cross-sectional area of the pen stock (A p) divided by a constant for hydraulic losses (k), gravity (g), net head to the surface of the surge tank (H), and resistance factor of the pen stock (b). Consequently, it was standard practice in Europe to incorporate a safety factor by increasing the Thoma-derived surge tank area 25%.

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A number of years ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began design work on a hydroelectric project on the Stanislaus River in California. Due to end-of-year budget constraints, it opted to design and build a surge tank for the New Melons hydroelectric project (Figure 3) at the end of one budget year and continue the design of the rest of the project in the following year.

It was noted that in the event of a natural disaster this project may be called upon to supply electrical power to a community as an isolated load. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began building New Melons in 1966, completing the dam in 1978, and the spillway and powerhouse in 1979.

This simulation was done with a recently developed computer program called WHAM, which stands for water hammer and mass oscillation. Two different hydraulic Francis turbines (Figure 4) of the proper specific speed were selected to be used in the simulations.

After checking maximum and minimum surge elevations for maximum and minimum head losses, a fourth order partial differential equation was used to represent a mechanical governor to check stability, as if the project were serving an isolated load. This cutaway view shows the downstream side of a Francis turbine runner with its wicket gates at the full-discharge setting.

It was found that its peak efficiency on the model hill curve was closer to the peripheral speed coefficient for minimum head. When converted to prototype performance values, a demand rate for that turbine did not occur at less than 33.3 horsepower per cubic foot per second anywhere within its operating envelope.

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In view of the foregoing, it is less likely that today’s hydropower projects will serve an isolated load (or a grid that has less than twice its power from other surge tank sources). If it does, today’s computer programs can simulate any worst-case scenario to identify the demand rate to be specified in turbine specifications to avoid the possibility of surge tank instability.

Stainless Steel Tanks AA tanks can offer any standard product or custom design in 304 or 316 SS. Unique designs for water storage, gas storage, food and beverage applications, pharmaceutical applications and more.

Expansion Tanks are required in a closed loop heating or chilled water HVAC system to absorb the expanding fluid and limit the pressure within a heating or cooling system. Thermal Expansion Tanks Thermal expansion tanks are designed for pressure control in portable water systems.

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