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Our patients have the opportunity to choose their Plastic Surgeon and thus be able to perform the surgery. Complete Laser Liposculpture (arms, trunk and legs) Gift: Increase of buttocks with own fat.

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Plastic Surgeons in Colombia has the best clinics, providing excellent care to each of our patients. Plastic Surgeons in Colombia will always be attentive to your care and will take into account your health so that you feel satisfied.

See the best rated plastic- surgeons of total 36 plastic surgery clinics in Colombia. Compare plastic surgery clinic quality apples-to-apples on 5-star GCR Score rating.

Dr. Alex Campbell and Dr. Carolina Restored are board-certified plastic surgeons who enhance the appearance of men and women that come to Premium Care Plastic Surgery for the very best in care. Besides, our plastic surgeons are internationally recognized for their experience and contributions in plastic surgery, and together offer the combined expertise and experience from some of the world’s most prestigious centers.

Welcome to our website, which has been designed as an educational resource detailing the life changing procedures we perform. Premium Care is reinventing the Plastic Surgery Colombia experience in our spectacular Caribbean setting in Cartagena.

Our team of medical and service professionals is here to make all of your dreams come true. The Premium Care Recovery Suites™ are located in luxurious beachfront towers, offering panoramic Caribbean views while our team of specialists work to optimize recovery from surgery.

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Botox & Judder Dermatology & Skin Care Dental Veneers Advanced Dentistry Hair Transplantation Weight Loss Surgery Examinations and Wellness Fitness and Nutrition If you need to find a specialist in plastic surgery in Colombia that will help you to have the appearance you want and take care of your health, then Dr. Nelson Chaves is the specialist you are looking for. There are people that think about having a plastic surgery in Colombia because they don't feel happy about their physical look; an aged face, small breast, flat glutes, nose too wide or a pronounced abdomen are only some of the characteristics that lead people to seek professional advice on plastic surgery in Colombia.

We offer you medical tourism packages, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a plastic surgery in expert hands. These packages are specially designed for all the patients that every year come from all over the world to have a plastic surgery in Colombia.

Besides, if you decide to make medical tourism in our country, you can visit beautiful touristic places that Colombia has for you. If you consider that you need to enhance or rectify any area of your body, and you are looking for plastic surgery in Colombia, this is the right place.

Colombia has 24 of the top 58 clinics and hospitals in Latin America, according to a study in late 2019 by America Economic. Nine of these best hospitals in Latin America are located in Medellín and nine are in Bogotá.

In 2017, Colombia had 20 of the top 49 clinics and hospitals in Latin America. So, the count in 2019 has increased to 24 of the top 58 clinics and hospitals in Latin America for 2019.

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And no other countries in Latin America were ranked higher than Colombia. Also, Colombia’s healthcare system is ranked higher than many wealthier countries like the United States (#37), Germany (#25), Canada (#30) and Australia (#32).

Pablo Too Tribe is ranked as the best hospital in Medellín. And it’s located in the Córdoba barrio of the Rolled coming of Medellín.

Pablo Too Tribe is a general hospital with specialties in bariatric surgery, cancer and renal care and pediatrics. Students can receive training in nursing, nutrition, medicine, microbiology and psychology.

Furthermore, Pablo Too Tribe has a special department to support health tourism. In addition, Pablo Too Tribe has a number of doctors that speak English and several trained medical interpreters.

Fountain on the campus of Universitario de San Vicente Foundation, photo by Said Universitario de San Vicente Foundation is ranked the second- the best hospital in Medellín.

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This private hospital is located on a campus in the Seville barrio of Medellín. In addition, it’s conveniently located next to the Hospital metro station on Line A.

In 2011, San Vicente opened a new health center in Rio negro located near the José María Cordova Medellín international airport. And a future planned expansion at this health center will add specialties for cancer, trauma, plastic surgery as well as 320 more beds.

The main Clinical leis Americas hospital opened in October 1993, in the La MTA barrio of Been near the Enrique Ola ya Herrera airport. Furthermore, it has a portfolio of over 500 health professionals and reportedly offers services in 77 medical specialties and sub-specialties.

As a university hospital, it contributes to the teaching and research processes, to comprehensively train healthcare professionals. So, the hospital is part of the university’s processes of medical teaching and research.

Clinical Universitaria Bolivarian reportedly has over 200 beds and seven operating rooms. Clinical Universitaria Bolivarian offers a series of ambulatory and hospital services in many clinical and surgical specialties.

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It is best known for its adult intensive therapy unit, its maternal and child unit that opened in 2013 with the name “Questran Señora de la Candelabra” for the care of the both mother and children, and the services of surgery and hospitalization for median and high complexity cases. This hospital offers services in a variety of specialties including cardiology, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, pediatrics, pulmonology and transplants.

Furthermore, Clinical El Rosario has an international patient office to handle the needs of medical tourists. Clinical Cardio Vid is a hospital founded in 1966, which specializes in diagnostics and emergency treatments in cardiovascular, thoracic, pulmonary and neurovascular specialties.

Between the two hospitals, Clinical Cardio Vid reportedly has over 150 beds and over 400 staff. Clinical Cardio Vid is known as a pioneer and leader in Colombia for heart and lung transplants, as well as for comprehensive treatment for patients with complex congenital heart defects.

Furthermore, Clinical Medellín has an international patient office to deal with medical tourists. This office even provides advice before patients arrive in the city, during their stay and after their departure.

Originally, the project was conceived to offer basic healthcare services, but the dream began to grow and turned into a clinic offering many healthcare services. One year after the clinic opened, it was expanded due to demand with Phase II with seventy new offices and twenty-one more rooms.

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Foundation Cardioinfantil is a private non-profit organization founded in 1973, originally aimed at the care of children with cardiovascular problems, who is a due to their limited resources, could not access the quality health services they require. In October 1993, the Institute of Cardiology was created at the hospital, which extended cardiology care to patients of all ages and expanded its portfolio of services to 51 medical-surgical specialties to provide comprehensive care to all patients.

The hospital attends to monthly averages of 1,100 inpatients, 9,000 urgent consultations, 9,500 specialized outpatient visits, nearly 12,000 diagnostic tests and 8,600 surgeries (of which 1,200 correspond to cardiac surgeries). The history of Clinical Universidad de La Sabina goes back to 1997, when the University of La Sabina, in search of a training center in the health sciences for the faculties of medicine, nursing and psychology, established a center for rehabilitation offering services of physical and occupational therapy.

Afterwards, a hospitalization area that did not exist was built in addition to operating rooms. Clinical Universidad de La Sabina reportedly has 190 beds.

In addition, Clinical del Occident has an alliance with Jackson Memorial Hospital of Miami, one of the leading trauma institutions in the United States. In addition, Clinical del Occident offers emergency room services 24 hours per day with the capacity to serve 17,000 emergency room consultations per month.

Modern’s Hospital Universitario Mayor in Bogotá, photo by EEIGM Modern is a hospital that was created to develop an example healthcare management model for the country of Colombia.

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Clinical Universitario Infantile de San José in Bogotá, photo courtesy of Clinical Universitario Infantile de San José The Foundation Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salad (FURS) wanted to add a hospital to ensure places for the practice of its students, with sufficient infrastructure, staffing and human resources for educational processes.

FURS acquired an old hospital in July 2005 and remodeled the facility to comply with regulations. Currently, the Clinical Universitario Infantile de San José has over 160 beds for hospitalization and several fully equipped operating rooms.

Clinical DE Early began its activities in early 1903 with Dr. Carlos Guerra as Director. Today, Clinical DE Early is the oldest private health institution in Bogotá.

This hospital offers many healthcare services including anesthesia, general surgery, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, neonatology and pediatrics, neurosurgery, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, urology, among others. Clinical Los Nogales is located north of Bogotá in the Chico North neighborhood.

The target of the hospital are private users, members of prepaid medicine and patients who have health plans and insurance policies. In addition, the hospital is targeting patients from abroad with plans to build a nearby hotel.

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Hospital Universitario Clinical San Rafael was founded in 1929. It offers medical-surgical services that range from prevention to highly complex procedures.

The hospital was established to meet the needs of vulnerable and resource-poor residents in the south of Bogotá. CENTR Polyclinic del Ola ya offers many healthcare services including adult, pediatric, gynecological and obstetric emergencies; outpatient services; general hospitalization; high-level surgery, gynecology-obstetrics, intensive neonatal, pediatric and adult care, renal unit, among others.

Towards the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, there was no place in Cali to offer patients the services of highly complex medicine and to practice new medical technologies. So, medical specialists were forced to refer their patients to other cities or countries.

Foundation Value del Lily began operating in March 1986, with initially the services of stress tests and a clinical laboratory. Subsequently, a cardiology consultation was started and nephrology and dialysis units, diagnostic images, oncology, orthopedics, lithography and nuclear medicine were all added.

And in January 1994, hospitalization, emergency services and intensive care for adults were opened. In the early 1970s, a group of professors from the School of Medicine at the Universidad del Value, conceived the idea of creating a center of specialists, to practice their private practices.

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With this dream they started the CENTR Medico Monaco, which opened in August 1976 with 28 offices. And in the 1980s, CENTR Medico Monaco expanded and started offering emergency, surgery and hospitalization services.

CENTR Medico Monaco expanded again in 1993 with two new towers offering medical services. And in January 2011, Monaco opened its newest building in Cali with 82,000 square meters and over 350 beds distributed between hospitalization, intensive care units (newborns, pediatrics, adults, coronary and high obstetric risk) and transplantation.

Foundation Hospital Infantile Los Angeles in Past, photo courtesy of Foundation Hospital Infantile Los Angeles Foundation Hospital Infantile Los Angeles was founded in 1952 as a charitable institution thanks to the initiative of a group of ladies from the San Juan de Pasto society.

Over the next year the hospital started offering service with initially 36 beds. In 1958, it started construction of a new hospital that wasn’t completed until the mid-1960’s with 50 beds and began offering emergency services along with a Clinical Laboratory, X-Ray, Pharmacy, Operating Room and Nutrition.

The hospital focuses on children patients and has pediatric and neonatal intensive care units that are reportedly the best in southwestern Colombia. In March 1967, the President of Colombia at the time Dr. Carlos Ll eras Restored, visited the city of Past and was made aware of the precarious functional conditions of the Civil Hospital of Past.

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The result was efforts to build the new Hospital Universitario Departmental de Nariño. In 1977, the hospitalization services in the facility were opened, with the basic specialties of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics; and also support units of radiology, clinical laboratory, pathology, rehabilitation, pharmacy and nutrition are put into service.

Foundation Cardiovascular DE Colombia is the highest rated hospital in Bucaramanga. Specialties in this hospital include pediatric and adult cardio-surgery, neurosciences, critical care and a transplant center.

In the two years between 2014 and 2016, 37 heart, 22 liver and 44 kidney transplants were successfully performed in this hospital. Was created as an association of mixed participation, public, non-profit, municipal and was founded in 1985 on the initiative of the Foundation for the Development of Health PROUD and Manizales’ Welfare system, who in turn administered the Hospital de Caldas.

We partnered with Angela Barrio, who is a bilingual insurance broker who speaks English and Spanish. With over ten years of experience, they design the plan that best fits your needs allowing you to enjoy your life abroad.

Also, she believes that SURE has the best private clinics in Colombia and is the most solvent health insurance provider in the country. Angela is based in Medellín but can sell insurance throughout Colombia and even to clients overseas working via the phone and email.

If you use our Colombian insurance partner, Medellín Guru receives a small commission, and you support the website. With 24 of the best hospitals in Latin America and with medical costs that are lower in Colombia than in North America and Europe, Colombia is well positioned for medical tourism.

In addition, Medellín is gaining a reputation as a top foreign retirement location. And Medellín has nine of the top ranked hospitals in Latin America.

And health insurance is also inexpensive in Colombia compared to the costs in North America and Europe. The future of Medellín Guru needs the help of readers to remain ad free.

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