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• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Not everyone is born with amazing looks, but with the advanced medical technology the surgeons have access to today, we can change the way one looks with plastic surgery A lot of people don’t take into consideration the expertise when choosing a plastic surgeon.

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The worst part is they have to live with the results they don’t want for the rest of their life. Before choosing your surgeon, you must also do careful research on whether they use the most up to date technology, clean and full-service hospital, legit company brand, etc.

Make sure they have performed over 2,000+ successful surgeries and always use up to date medical technology. Plastic surgeons have a specialty in reconstructive procedures and correcting the functionality of the body.

Plastic surgeons are much more experienced due to their training and expertise in dealing with uncertainty, unexpected outcomes, and last-second emergency. They typically have three years of training in plastic and reconstructive surgery and are capable of performing breast reconstruction, facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burn repair, along with cosmetic surgery procedures as well.

When choosing a surgeon, it is best to find out if they are board-certified, male or female, and how many procedures they perform a day. This exam involves them taking a series of trials and tests and has gain recognition by the government of their work.

Our website provides a list of certified plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. At Mexico Cosmetic Center, we make our patients our number one priority by helping them give the transformations that they want.

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Start your journey by filling out a health questionnaire to get approved for plastic or cosmetic surgery. Graduated from Medical School at University Autonomy de Guadalajara 3 years of working experience at the Mexican Institute of Social Security 3 years of private practice as part of the Plastic and Aesthetic surgery medical staff Board-certified by the Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (CMC PER).

Active member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Has participated in Multiple National and International courses and meetings of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Irving Rodriguez is known for his innovation and expertise in both plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Joaquin Ayala is known for his kind heart and always checking up on patients after their surgery.

Ask Mexico Cosmetic Center expert coordinators to help you choose the right plastic surgeon for you for peace of mind! Procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can help American and Canadian patients permanently get rid of obesity and restore a healthy body weight.

But it is of paramount importance that the surgery should be performed by a bariatric expert with a proven track record and a high success rate. The cost of weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts of the country is on average 50-70 percent lower than that in the US.

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With such affordable surgery options available, it is prudent to invest some time and effort in selecting one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana to attain the safest and most predictable results. Tijuana has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism in Mexico and offers an outstanding infrastructure for weight loss surgery.

Tijuana's hospitals and clinics for bariatric surgery are led by some of the most competent weight loss surgeons in Mexico, who are committed to providing total patient satisfaction in every case to the US and Canadian medical tourists. Stellar Tijuana hospitals will perform extensive background checks before awarding staff privileges to a bariatric surgeon.

Academic Qualifications Fellowship, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery: Hospital Angeles Tijuana Fellowship, Advanced Laparoscopy Surgery: Hospital Angeles Tijuana Fellowship, Colon and Gastric General and Gastrointestinal: University pan-American Surgery: University Autonomy del Est ado de Mexico Pathology: Hospital de la Santa Crew i Sent Pay, Barcelona Dr. Vazquez provides customized procedures tailored to the patient’s unique needs, and is committed to delivering personalized care to every medical tourist seeking low cost weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Hospital Privileges As one of the most respected weight loss surgeons in Tijuana, Dr. David Vazquez has received operating privileges at some popular facilities in Tijuana, including Clinical San Juan, Oasis of Hope and Advance Health Medical Center. Dr. Seneca Leon Hernandez is among the few female weight loss surgeons in Mexico, specializing in minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques to perform bariatric and obesity surgery.

She comes from the San Diego-Tijuana international trans-border area, which gives her a unique advantage of multi-cultural influences and a natural familiarity with the American culture. The alarming rates of obesity in the industrialized countries (Mexico as well) inspired Dr. Leon to pursue bariatric surgery as a specialization.

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Patients suffering from chronic obesity-related conditions such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and obstructive sleep apnea can achieve improved health with bariatric surgery in Tijuana. While the costs of bariatric surgery in Mexico are dramatically lower compared to the US, the key to success lies in choosing the best possible Tijuana weight loss surgeons for your procedure.

You are in safe hands when you select one of the top credentialed and reliable bariatric surgeons in Tijuana that we have featured in this article. During your initial consultation with one of our Mexico weight loss surgeons, you will have an opportunity to clear all your concerns or doubts you may have about the procedure.

We at Jet Medical Tourism ® encourage patients to come up with relevant questions to ask their bariatric surgeon and make a poignant decision after the initial consultation. The surgeons in our network will provide you with detailed and accurate answers to all your questions, and help you feel reassured about your weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Each bariatric surgery team in Mexico is highly caring and compassionate towards every patient, and they will remain accessible to you before, during and after your procedure. At any point if you feel you have questions to ask bariatric surgeon, they will listen to your concerns, and address them in a completely professional and patient-friendly manner.

You have probably been contemplating a weight loss surgery in Mexico for a long time, and finally you are ready for your first appointment with bariatric surgeon. With our total commitment to patient care, our top-rated bariatric team in Mexico, and our highly affordable rates, you have no reason to delay your much-awaited weight loss journey.

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More than 15 million patients along with 4,000 doctors voted between January and October last year to produce the winners. The ranking is a new project for Doctoral, which operates in 20 countries and boasts 120 million users per year, and was implemented in Spain and Italy as well as Mexico.

The site has registered 60,858 medical professionals in Mexico, where patients can book appointments, ask health questions or rate the service of each. Doctors’ pages provide details of their training, career trajectory and fields of expertise and answers to readers’ questions.

For example, anyone looking for a gynecologist in Jalisco might do well to check out Dr. Ricardo LA Alvarado in Zapopan, who charges 500 pesos, about US $34, for the first visit, has been given five stars by 54 of his patients and speaks Spanish and English. He has fielded 171 questions posed on the website with answers that earned a vote of approval from 21 medical experts who agreed.

Has anyone had any procedures done in the past with Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico ? There’s one easy way to start your search: Check whether any private hospitals have been certified by the Joint Commission International.

I hear equally good reports of the care at the Clinical de Mérida. And while I’ve never fallen ill in Puerto Vallarta, I know I’d be in good hands there.

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