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These are done within the first month of pregnancy and are best done to know about the number of puppies there are, as well as their heartbeat and overall vitals without affecting their current health. However, for x -rays or radiographs, these are simpler and less expensive than ultrasound procedures, though it poses a risk to developing fetuses during early gestation.

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During the first month, the fertilized eggs travel to the uterine horn, where they embed themselves in the lining and start to develop. By the end of the second month and the start of the third, the puppies are ready to be born, which means you need to be prepared for their delivery.

At this stage in the pregnancy, the puppies feel like little golf balls, or grapes depending on the size of the dog. Abdominal palpation is tricky and should not be attempted without the assistance of a veterinarian, as it could damage the pups.

The sacks lose their distinct shape after one month, which is why the timing of this test is so important. An ultrasound can also detect fetal heartbeats, giving you an estimate of the number of puppies the bitch is carrying.

As the end of your dog’s pregnancy approaches, you will notice a significant enlargement of her breasts and nipples, and might even detect some milky fluid. As exciting as a potential pregnancy is, it is important to remember that there are other conditions that can cause changes in appetite, weight gain, and a swollen abdomen.

Once you have determined that your dog is pregnant, there are some steps you should take to make sure she stays healthy throughout her pregnancy. One of the most important things you can do for your pregnant bitch is make sure she receives proper nutrition.

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While you are there to confirm her pregnancy and check on the puppies, your veterinarian will also examine your dog for signs of illness and discomfort. If your dog became pregnant by accident, this is also a good time to discuss taking precautions in the future, like spaying, to prevent any more surprise litters.

Whelping boxes offer a safe, warm, comfortable, easily cleaned location for your dog to have her puppies. Ideally, set up the whelping box away from all other dogs and in a quieter area to give the mom privacy.

If this is your first time breeding your dog, talk to your veterinarian about your role during labor, and read and inform yourself. Unless you plan to have an experienced breeder on hand, you will need to be prepared to step in when necessary during the whelping process.

When your pregnantdog’s time approaches, watch out for the warning signs of labor in dogs. Approximately 24 hours after this temperature drop, she will whelp, and you will be the proud owner of a new litter of puppies.

Unlike humans, dogs generally give birth easily and do not require assistance. You should wipe the abdomen of all the puppies with iodine to prevent infection from entering through the umbilical cord.

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A retained placenta can cause problems for the mother, so observe her carefully, and while you are at it, keep an eye on the pups to make sure they are all breathing normally and nursing. If more than two hours pass in between the delivery of puppies, or if your dog experiences strong contractions that last more than 45 minutes without a birth, call your veterinarian.

Trembling, collapsing, or shivering are warning signs of serious complications that could put both the bitch and the puppies at risk. People are always very confused about whether they should have their pregnant dog ultrasounded vs x-rayed to evaluate pregnancy.

If no puppies are observed on the x-rays, I have people come back in 3 weeks for more images. The most likely reason for this is that the x -rays were performed a little too early in the process of pregnancy.

Some pregnant dogs might have fetuses that develop slower than others, which could explain how they could be missed. When taking the x -rays your veterinarian will also examine the pelvic bones to see about how large this is compared to the puppies.

This is another reason why it’s good to have a veterinary radiologist involved to read the images as well. One thing to understand about ultrasound in veterinary medicine is that it is technically very challenging.

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Ultrasound is a fairly recent addition to the field of veterinary medicine, and it is hard to find a general practitioner who is really skilled at it. That’s not to say that you can locate a qualified general practice veterinarian who can perform a useful diagnostic ultrasound.

Most veterinarians who do a lot of reproduction work will feel pretty comfortable using this tool. Long Answer: We vets don’t try to miss puppies, but of course, they can be missed… It all depends on the case.

The problem with ultrasound is that the beam of sound which produces the images is only in one plane of the body. These are all reasons why ultrasound is notoriously inaccurate at determining numbers of puppies.

Long answer: Ultrasounds are much more expensive than x -rays and can cost around $600 easily. It takes much more professional veterinary time to do a good ultrasound exam (45min).

It takes two technicians at least to hold the dog for the ultrasound (staff costs). This is not a good time to count the number of puppies, however, because they are very small and can be missed super easily.

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At this time, the fetal heartbeats can be seen on the ultrasound and the fetuses are a bit bigger, making it easier to visualize them on the scan. In General, the ultrasound is a great diagnostic tool and can provide much more detailed information about the puppies compared to radiology.

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