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• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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There have been no shortage of wardrobe malfunctions in 2017, and we have stars like Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Courtney Sodden to thank for that. The 20-year-old international model made headlines at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival for two major wardrobe whoops moments.

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But her most daring mishap this year (which was also intentional) happened after the 2017 Met Gala when she was photographed wearing a see-through ensemble with only tape to cover her breasts. At the Super Bowl, which is probably the most watched event on TV every year, a very tipsy Taken accidentally flashed the cameras with her nipple.

And then you also have Courtney Sodden, the reality star who makes every red carpet appearance a total show! A male contestant needed help and was tended to by on-set emergency personnel after tackling the course Wednesday, sources close to production tell The Post.

Lack of housing With COVID-19 caseloads rising all across Canada, the pandemic is emerging in places where it wasn't before, said Dr. Anna Baker, an infectious disease specialist at Temerity Faculty of Medicine and the Dallas Lana School of Public Health. She said the main risk factors facing First Nations are poor access to health care services, underlying ailments, food insecurity, poverty and overcrowding.

Foreknew (Chief) Christian Sinclair of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, 628 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, said his community needs 600 more houses. Opaskwayak Cree Nation has had success in preventing and controlling outbreaks by enforcing curfews and monitoring who enters and leaves the community with border patrols paid for by Indigenous Services Canada.

“We believe alcohol in the bars is a contributing factor,” said FSI Vice Chief David Pratt, who recently recovered from COVID-19. Daniels said he thinks caseloads are rising because of people going back and forth from First Nations to urban areas.

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“I think until COVID-19 is completely wiped out, they should be taking the strongest approach possible,” Daniels said. Lawrence Lavender, a member of Dauphin River First Nation, has felt first-hand the impact of COVID-19 during an outbreak in his community 250 kilometers north of Winnipeg.

The Correctional Service of Canada has started vaccinations for federal prisoners who are older or considered “medically vulnerable.” But, as of last week, provinces had yet to start giving shots to inmates awaiting trial or serving shorter sentences in provincial jails.

“Prisoners are disproportionately impacted by health conditions that would make them very susceptible to serious illness and death as a result of COVID-19,” said Abby Freshman with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Because of a limited vaccine supply, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommends people in correctional centers get inoculated behind those in long-term care homes, seniors 70 and older, critical health-care workers and adults in Indigenous communities.

British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia said that, as of last week, prisoners and staff are scheduled for vaccination in the second round of inoculations, with estimated start dates between next month and June. Newfoundland and Labrador said its inmates will be part of the second phase of its vaccine distribution, but didn't specify dates.

“If those targets need to be adjusted, if they cannot be met, that needs to be publicly communicated and explained.” She noted some politicians, including federal Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, have pushed back against early vaccinations for federal inmates. The Union of Canadian Correctional Officers believes its wrong that Ottawa didn’t vaccinate correctional staff along with prisoners, and instead left it up to provinces to decide where staff fall in the vaccine line.

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As of last week, Manitoba listed provincial and federal correctional health-care workers as eligible to be vaccinated. “In some areas, we’ve seen the rates of the institution be much higher than the community.” Catherine Latimer, executive director of the John Howard Society of Canada, questions why doses were sent to institutions in Atlantic Canada, which have no active COVID-19 cases, while inmates in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are at higher risk.

Boston Dynamics founder and chairperson Marc Robert says what the robot maker learned was far more valuable. “It turned out that we needed to upgrade the robot in the middle of development in order for it to be strong enough and to have enough energy to do the whole performance without stopping.

The quality of the robots’ dancing was so good that some viewers online said they couldn't believe their eyes. What was on display was a result of long, hard work fueled by a determination to program the robot to dance to the beat, he says.

Still, the fact that video of the dancing robots has fired up the public imagination and inspired a sense of awe was gratifying, Robert says. And he said that his whole crew of Motown friends had been passing it around and been excited by it.” Rodriquez Now, The Associated Press.

A 13-year-old Ottawa boy who alerted his neighbors to the presence of predatory coyotes in a local park is being applauded for his efforts. In April, following several attacks on dogs in the neighborhood, Aidan Brown posted a homemade warning near an entrance to Linton Park, near the Airport Parkway and Walkway Road.

The green space, which is just north of the leafy Via Rail corridor, was becoming a popular passageway for coyotes, and Brown knew dogs, and possibly people, could be at risk. “Be mindful how far out you go and how far you let your pet off leash,” read Brown's neatly designed notice.

Brown made audio recordings of the coyotes as they howled under the power lines behind his family's home. Then, when two battery-powered trail cameras turned up under the Christmas tree, he took his surveillance efforts to the next level.

He uploads the best material to @southendtrailcams, an Instagram account created to showcase the best evidence of the area's burgeoning coyote population. NCC swaps sign Brown's advocacy caught the attention of the local city councillor.

“Big shoutout to this young man, his efforts and his advocacy,” said River Ward Coin. Riley Bloomington, who was alerted to Brown's activities by the Riverside Park Community Association.

WATCH | Brown is raising awareness about coyotes at Linton Park through trail cams and Instagram: Bloomington approached the National Capital Commission (NCC), which leases Linton Park to the City of Ottawa, and within a few days a permanent sign of the same design as one installed at nearby McCarthy Park had replaced Brown's DIY original. The NCC's new full-colour warning is doing its job, said Andrea Petersen, who visits the park often with her eight-month-old chocolate Labrador retriever.

Ontario's plan to vaccinate the populations of its most remote First Nations communities against COVID-19 faces many challenges, but Indigenous leaders say that earning the trust of the people must be a priority. Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler of Nishnawbe Ask Nation, a political organization that represents 49 of Ontario's 123 First Nations, said that the most obvious hurdle of Operation Remote Immunity is geography, as those remote communities may not have an airstrip and must have their winter roads built in time for the vaccine to be delivered.

But he said that even more important than the physical logistics of delivering the vaccine is ensuring that Indigenous people are willing to accept it. All 31 remote First Nations that are participating in Operation Remote Immunity are part of Nishnawbe Ask Nation, so Fiddler and his staff have been working with Ontario's vaccine task force as a liaison between the individual communities and the government.

Spokesman Alex Pudding said Orange, the province's air ambulance corporation, is leading the operations for the 31 fly-in First Nation communities, transporting the vaccine from hub cities in Northern Ontario to the reserves. Partner organizations including, Northern School of Ontario Medicine and Queens University, will help provide nurses and paramedics to administer the doses.

Gaga went on Twitter later to explain that the giant brooch accompanying her Schiaparelli haute couture outfit was “a dove carrying an olive branch. May we all make peace with each other.” Lopez was in all-white Chanel, and Brooks kept it real in jeans, an open-collared black shirt and blazer.

None other than Bruce Springsteen launched the evening's entertainment: “Celebrating America,” a 90-minute, multi-network broadcast hosted by Tom Hanks that took the place of the usual official inaugural balls, with Biden and Harris watching along and giving brief remarks. Alone with his guitar, The Boss sang his “Land of Hope and Dreams” in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

“You’ll need a good companion, for this part of the ride.” Hanks, also at the Lincoln Memorial, spoke of “deep divisions and a troubling rancor in our land” over the past few years. “But tonight we ponder the United States of America, the practice of our democracy, the foundations of our republic, the integrity of our Constitution, the hope and dreams we all share for a more perfect union,” he said.

Jon On Jodi contributed a rendition of “Here Comes the Sun” from Miami, and Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake performed “Better Days” from Memphis. John Legend sang “Feeling Good” in Washington; Foo Fighters sang “Times Like These” in honor of teachers, and Demi Lovato performed “Lovely Day” along with doctors and nurses in Los Angeles.

A starry collection of Broadway's most prominent musical actors collaborated on a medley of “Seasons of Love” from the show “Rent” and “Let the Sunshine In” from “Hair,” among them Christopher Jackson, Renée Elise Golds berry, Laura Ben anti, Betty Buckley, Leslie Grams and Javier Muñoz. “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda recited from “The Cure at Troy” by Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

Reciting excerpts of notable past inaugural addresses were basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, labor leader Dolores Huerta and Kim NG, the first female general manager in MLB history. Peppering musical performances among stories of ordinary Americans and their contributions, the show included tributes to a UPS driver, a kindergarten teacher and Sandra Lindsay, the first in New York to receive the COVID-19 vaccine outside a clinical trial.

That celebration, hosted by Frank Sinatra, drew Harry Belmonte, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Kelly, Ethel Merman, Laurence Olivier, Sidney Poitier and other celebrities. ___ AP Entertainment Writer Andrew Dalton contributed to this report from Los Angeles.

An EU member state for 46 years, Britain voted in a 2016 referendum to leave, and completed its tortuous journey out of the bloc on Dec. 31, when Brexit fully took effect. The BBC reported that the Foreign Office was refusing to grant the same diplomatic status and privileges to EU Ambassador João Vale de Almeida and his team as it gives to envoys of countries, on the basis that the EU is not a nation state.

So she was floored when Toronto police contacted her in 2002 to tell her there was a warrant out for her arrest after skipping bail in Calgary. The Toronto woman says she explained to police there had to be some mistake, and the officers realized someone had likely impersonated Based.

Investigators then asked her to take a look at the photo of the woman who was arrested and charged with credit card fraud using her name. In practical terms, that meant that for roughly 18 years a EPIC search on Based would show that she was also known as Maya, and that she'd been charged with, but not convicted of, several criminal and immigration offenses.

But that fact isn't of much comfort to Based, who believes the EPIC record affected her family's ability to visit her in Canada. Shock, embarrassment and pain Based tried to bring her sisters and mother to Toronto to visit from Nigeria multiple times, but the visitor visas were always denied.

She found out about the EPIC record just before she was supposed to be interviewed as a witness in an immigration appeal hearing for her sister, whose husband was trying to sponsor her to come to Canada. CBC News has reviewed a copy of the results of a EPIC search an immigration official did on Based in February 2020.

In one of those transcripts, an immigration official references Based's “issues with respect to fraudulent credit cards in Calgary.” In November, Based received a report from the RCMP confirming that the fingerprints she submitted to them do not match “any immigration-related file or existing criminal record” in the police service's national database.

In a statement to CBC News, RCMP spokesperson Robin Percival said the service is “pleased that the matter was resolved.” Percival also explained that individual police services are responsible for verifying a person's identity before submitting biographic information to the EPIC database.

Unless there's a fingerprint match to an existing record in the database, the RCMP says it can't confirm the identity of the individual. Calgary police told CBC News the service issued a warrant for Maya's arrest for impersonating Based in 2002.

On Wednesday night, the Vancouver School Board's student learning and well-being committee heard from parents. Parent Nancy Small told the committee she feels her children are being short-changed and doesn't understand how the situation could be considered acceptable.

“Our Vancouver secondary students are receiving one-third of the amount of in-class time that other districts have,” pointed out Small. Those concerns are in addition to opinions from parents collected during a survey conducted by the school district from Nov. 25 to Dec. 6, 2020.

Small said she doesn't understand why the situation has gone on so long in Vancouver when other districts are providing more education during the pandemic. “Kids across the board like mine are struggling academically with motivation, there is no social interaction, lack of direction, and too much screen time.

Earlier this week, Education Minister Jennifer White side said a review of Vancouver's instructional model, involving parents, students, Indigenous representatives and unions, was underway. On Wednesday, associate superintendent with the Vancouver School District, Rob Schindler, announced that beginning on Feb. 4, there will be more instruction and more opportunities for interactive learning.

The VSB says the changes will allow all Grade 8 students to attend their remote class in person twice a week. Schindler said, “These changes ensure that health and safety remain our top priority for students and staff.

Coal mining is already having an impact in Alberta's Rocky Mountains even as debate intensifies over the industry's presence in one of the province's most beloved landscapes. “They've been very active up there,” said Kevin Van Life, who lives near one of the areas now heavily leased for coal exploration.

The United Conservative government's decision to revoke a policy that had protected the eastern slopes of the Rockies from open-pit coal mining since 1976 has convulsed the province. Popular Alberta entertainment figures have come out against it and area ranchers and First Nations are trying to force a judicial review of the decision.

Documents from the Alberta Energy Regulator show that permission has already been granted for hundreds of drill sites and kilometers of roads threading through critical wildlife habitat and land previously untouched by mining. “The day after the coal policy was rescinded we started seeing applications for exploration,” said Katie Morrison of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

Monte Resources, active south of Coleman, has the OK for 71 drill sites with an unspecified length of “new and existing access.” Company plans detail how environmental impacts are to be reduced by careful construction and timing work for when it will cause the least disruption.

Morrison points out that at least twice since the coal policy was revoked, companies have asked for exemptions to rules that prevented them from operating during sensitive times for wildlife. Peter Trotsky, spokesman for Energy Minister Sonya Savage, said the government takes public concern seriously.

This week, it paused all lease sales on formerly protected land and cancelled a few them, refunding $80,000. “The department will be working with Alberta Environment to determine next steps to best address the concerns that have been raised,” he said in an email.

“You would have thought consultation would have happened before you start opening up the country and creating that kind of disturbance.” The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a growing list of music industry professionals to monetize their older work by selling valuable tracks and albums as the global health crisis has all but shut down earnings from live concerts.

London-listed investment firm Diagnosis announced a discounted placement offering of its ordinary shares on Thursday along with the deal, which is at least the fifth for the company this month after agreements with Shakira and Neil Young. Please note that Newfoundland, P.E.I., Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the territories typically do not report on a daily basis.

Nova Scotia is reporting 5,344 new vaccinations administered over the past seven days for a total of 9,175 doses given. This report was automatically generated by The Canadian Press Digital Data Desk and was first published Jan. 21, 2021.

The Canucks captain put a shot between the legs of Montreal goalie Carey Price to seal the win in Vancouver’s home opener. Border forced overtime 16:51 into the third period, blasting a snapshot past Price for his second goal of the game.

Tools had put the Canadians up by one 32 seconds earlier, deflecting in a shot by Jeff Poetry. Tools spent the end of last season in Vancouver after the Canucks acquired him from the L.A. Kings at the trade deadline.

He had 10 points (six goals, four assists) in 10 regular-season appearances for Vancouver, then signed a four-year deal, at US$4.25-million per season with Montreal in free agency. Miller sent the Canucks captain a slick pass from below the goal line and Format snapped a shot past Price from the slot.

After struggling through the first four games of the season and failing to convert on 15 opportunities with the man advantage, Vancouver's power play found its groove Wednesday The Canucks opened the scoring with a power-play marker 11:07 into the game after Montreal's Ben Chart was called for holding. Miller slid a short pass to Format who riffled it in past Price for the Canucks' first power-play goal of the season.

The home team added another 12:13 into the second frame when Kotkaniemi was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after appearing to say something untoward to an official. Vancouver's power play looked strong from the start, with shots from Elias Patterson and Quinn Hughes missing the target before Border hammered in a rebound.

Motto also scored for the Canucks in the second period, patiently skating deep into Montreal territory and assessing his options before sending a wrist shot past Price. Vancouver suffered some breakdowns in the second frame, though, starting 1:37 in when the squad lost track of Tools during a Canadians change.

Kotkaniemi sent Tools the puck, and he waltzed deep into the Vancouver zone alone, putting a shot over Holt by's blocker. Tools struck again with a power-play goal 5:27 into the second period after Antoine Russell was called for interference.

Nick Suzuki sent the puck rocketing towards the Vancouver net and Tools tipped it in for his second goal of the game. Gallagher added to the Canadians goals to close out the period, deflecting a pass from Tomas Tatar into the net and ensuring the score was tied at 3-3 heading into the second intermission.

Without fans in the stands, players from both sides could be heard vocally disputing the officials' calls and cheering teammates on. Montreal won't have to wait long to seek revenge for the loss -- the Canadians and Canucks will face off again in Vancouver on Thursday.

Wester executives will hold a press conference after the morning flight between Calgary and Vancouver. The event is part of a campaign to reintroduce the Max to service while assuring the public that the plane's safety issues have been addressed.

Air Canada has already said it will offer passengers booked on a Max the option of changing their flight at no extra charge. It is too early to say when the national coronavirus lockdown in England will end, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday, as daily deaths from COVID-19 reach new highs and hospitals become increasingly stretched.

A freer market in India would help corporations and countries that see it as a destination to sell produce, said Hash Earth, an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia's institute for resources, environment and sustainability. India recently introduced three farm bills that constitute a step toward greater liberalization of her agricultural market.

But after two months of protests by farmers, the Supreme Court of India has temporarily put on hold their implementation and ordered the creation of an independent committee of experts to negotiate with opponents of the legislation. Among other things, the bills would allow farmers to sell their produce outside government-run market committees, and they would remove minimum support prices for certain products.

They have threatened to intensify the protest by organizing a massive tractor rally in New Delhi during Republic Day celebrations on Jan. 26. Data from Statistics Canada show India was the world's largest market for legumes, with imports valued at $1.4 billion in 2018.

Canada was the country's second largest supplier of pulses, such as lentils, dried peas, beans and chickpeas. AJI Cameraman, an associate professor at the University of Toronto's Punk school of global affairs and public policy, said Canadian exporters may benefit in the medium to long term, especially if there are further steps toward liberalizing agricultural markets in India.

“The farm bills don't directly affect tariffs on agricultural imports to India, so any effect is going to be indirect,” she said. “Ironically, this may help Canadian farmers who are able to sell their products to the Indian market more cheaply.” Greg Norther, Pulse Canada's vice-president of corporate affairs, said the organization is watching the developments in India closely and considering how they might affect farmers here.

“It's an important market for sure, one that we care about and one that we've had a long-standing relationship with, and one we want to continue to export to,” said Norther, whose organization represents growers, traders and processors. Most pulses in Canada are grown in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with bean production concentrated in southern Ontario and Quebec, its website says.

But they don’t have a good understanding yet and haven’t come across an analysis of how changes in India’s laws will affect imports and exports, Norther said. Cameraman said a lot of people are fearful about the liberalization of agricultural markets in India because it is a large employer.

“And so, anything that touches and reforms agricultural markets is going to have ramifications for subsistence livelihood for hundreds of millions of people,” she added. Cameraman also cautioned that the future of the Indian farm market is still unknown under the proposed laws.

Ottawa Public Health (MPH) is reporting 180 new COVID-19 cases Thursday and six more fatalities, marking the deadliest day of the pandemic since late May. Ontario says people must only leave home when it's essential to avoid more COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Places such as Kingston have started to take patients from other regions struggling with hospital capacity. WATCH | Ottawa parents react to the at-home learning extension: Child-care centers remain open.

In western Quebec, residents are also being asked to stay home unless it's essential and not see anyone they don't live with to ease the “very critical” load on hospitals and avoid more delayed surgeries. Distancing and isolating The novel coronavirus primarily spreads through droplets when an infected person speaks, coughs, sneezes, or breathes onto someone or something.

Health Canada recommends older adults and people with underlying medical conditions and/or weakened immune systems stay home as much as possible and get friends and family to help with errands. That, and Pfizer temporarily slowing its vaccine production to expand its factory, means some areas can't guarantee people will get a second dose three weeks after the first.

Ontario's campaign is still expected to expand to priority groups such as older adults and essential workers in March or April, with vaccines widely available to the public in August. Quebec is also giving a single dose to as many people as possible, starting with people in care homes and health-care workers, then remote communities, then older adults and essential workers and finally the public.

Ontario recommends only getting tested if you have symptoms, if you've been told to by your health unit or the province, or if you fit certain other criteria. People without symptoms but part of the province's targeted testing strategy can make an appointment at select pharmacies.

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has sites in Cornwall, Tewkesbury, Rockland and Winchester. People can arrange a test in Piston over the phone or Bancroft, Belleville and Trenton, where online booking is preferred.

The Leeds, Grenville and La nark health unit has permanent sites in Almost, Brookville, Kerrville and Smiths Falls and a mobile clinic. First Nations, Inuit and Métis: Aquitaine has had more than 130 residents test positive on the Canadian side of the border and five deaths.

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