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Maria Garcia
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
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Thus, after the 1983 movie and the 80s and 00s reboots, The TwilightZone returned to the zeitgeist in the form of CBS All Access’ JordanPeele -hosted resurrection, perhaps the most loyal to Serving’s original vision in terms of both technical execution and narrative tone. Peele, whose two features as a writer/director, Get Out and Us, already promised him as Serving’s successor thanks to his distinct ability to boldly examine society’s ills through the prism of pure genre spectacle.

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But he’s also the perfect host for the new TwilightZone, as his Springlike Stoic demeanor is balanced with a twisted sense of humor, thanks to his time as a sketch show veteran. The premise is intriguing, but unfortunately the metaphor around obsessive gun culture is too obvious, and the morally murky ending flat lines by trying to appease both sides of the debate.

This claustrophobic and paranoid thriller, about the officers of a remote Alaska police station at a loss about how to deal with a mysterious tourist (Steven Yen) who magically appears in a holding cell, starts off promisingly as a slight send-off to original series episode “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.” Essentially, the tourist seems to know every secret of the officers as well as the town’s tiny population, and uses it to turn them against one another during an especially secluded Christmas party. While “Maple Street” opened broad and then tightened its focus to deliver a poignant message, “A Traveler” takes the opposite route and becomes more unnecessarily convoluted as it moves along, to the point where it’s hard to even gauge what the tourist’s motivations and plans were from the start.

The 2019 TwilightZone has a handful of general issues, but its biggest failure is ignoring the clear lesson to be taken from the original series’ misguided fourth season, which doubled the length of the 25-minute format, resulting in pointless filler that turned most of the episodes into chores. Peele and Co. have a lot of fun skewering parallels from the 2016 election, with the electorate defending the “freshness and passion” of the kid while touting his lack of experience as a desperately needed change of pace.

The problem is that once the initial premise is introduced, we know exactly where the story’s heading, and the episode eventually lacks that cynical Serving bite it desperately needs. “The Wunderkind” seems to be a non-supernatural take on the original series’ episode that perfectly exemplifies our current situation: “It’s a Good Life,” about a tyrant child (Bill Mummy) who uses his telekinetic powers to force adults into worshiping him.

This tense chamber mystery about a crew of astronauts on the first manned mission to Mars, who become stuck in space after Earth is destroyed by nuclear holocaust, contains some of the tightest pacing and buildup of the season. This tense nod to the original series’ many apocalyptic tales does such a good job of establishing its many mysteries, it’s almost a shame that we get an underwhelming explanation that also seems to have been influenced by “Maple Street.” This is one TwilightZone that should have done away with the twist.

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As Eve finds out her true identity, she relies on her friends and even her immediate family to look over this revelation, but she’s in for a rude awakening as she gradually faces what it truly means to now be “the other.” With an exciting prison break sequence at its center, this morally pointed episode exemplifies the saying, “Check your privilege.” Annie’s understandably shaken by the experience, but Dylan’s behavior is about to spread into an apocalyptic nightmare, as mysterious pieces of a fallen meteor seem to hypnotize men into acting like monsters.

The IMDB user reviews of the episode shows a heavy load of #notable dude bros bitching about the brilliant final twist, not realizing that their criticism proves its point. This haunting tale, made all the more despairing and socially immediate due to its bitter connection to real life, takes the premise of the original series’ episode “The Hitchhiker” and deftly applies the ongoing tragedy of police brutality against people of color.

This is an especially vital episode for those who find any excuse for abhorrent behavior, and blame the victim for not complying with the police, completely ignoring this country’s ingrained systemic racism in the process. It tells the fourth wall-breaking tale of a TV writer (Marie Beet) being haunted by a hostile blurry figure with telekinetic powers as she struggles with capturing the appropriate tone of the show she’s writing for.

From time-traveling video cameras to podcasts that tell the future, evil child presidents to mysterious funny men, we're ranking every entry of The TwilightZone reboot right here! Although it's definitely one of the simpler entries in this season conceptually, it's very effective as a searingly scathing little takedown on the potential harm of true-crime podcast culture.

O'Down is infinitely watchable here and although the final twist offers up a happy ending for Jeff, it leaves no easy answers for us as an audience. When a young writer discovers a mysterious figure named the Blurry Man, she also realizes that she's become the protagonist of the episode of The TwilightZone that she's writing.

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Swinging for the fences, there's a lot of fun to be had here and a satisfying Easter egg-filled twist that will please fan of the new and classic series alike. Ties Farming stars as a young woman who has to fight for her life against the men she loves when a meteor hits her town.

When Eve agrees to lie in order for her housekeeper's son to attend a good school, it feels like the right thing to do. Harking back to some of the best classic TwilightZone entries, “Six Degrees of Freedom” is all about finding humanity in the face of incomprehensible loss.

A smart and bleak twist on the Faustian bargain, Morgan shines here with a season- the best performance, and Nanjing proves once again that he's a stellar leading man. In the small town of Izaak, Alaska, local cop Yuma is driving her drunk brother to the station to cool down.

This timely and terrifying story centers on a mother who sees her son murdered by a racist cop and is given the chance to save him thanks to a magical video camera. Although she can rewind time she can't seem to escape fate, making this a story about the power of changing our lives as it ponders whether anyone can truly alter their destiny.

Written and directed by Osgood Perkins (The Black coat’s Daughter), the first creator to play both roles for this incarnation of The TwilightZone, it’s a dark satire with mournful undertones, thanks largely to a deft performance from Gretchen MOL as a well-to-do housewife who comes to realize that something’s not quite right in her world. There’s an even deeper sense of loss at the center of “A Human Face,” in which Christopher Melon and Jenna Elf man play parents still mourning the death of their daughter (Taxi Levinson) as they prepare to move out of the house they shared with her.

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Both the premise and Levinson’s spooky performance owe a little to Jonathan Glazer’s great 2013 film Under the Skin, but the episode finds different ways to approach the question of what it means to be human. And while Rubens’s The Comedian got the series off to a rocky start last season, he scores two of this year’s highlights, aided here by Christina Chose’s unnerving direction.

Written by Heather Anne Campbell, who penned the first-season highlight Not All Men, ” “Among the Untrod den” looks like it’s going to be the second sort of episode then cleverly morphs into the first in its final scene. Director Trisha Poe explored the power struggles of a boarding school with her recent film Salah and the Spades and returns to familiar turf here via the story of a misfit (Sophia Macy, daughter of Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy) who helps a popular bully (Abbie Her) understand her psychic abilities.

In “Downtime,” Moreno Bavaria plays a hotel manager who earns a big promotion just in time to watch everyone freeze around her as a giant orb appears in the sky. An unsettling but ultimately sweet exploration of the nature of identity, it occasionally feels like an idea for a feature film that’s been repurposed as a TwilightZone installment.

Rubens’s other contribution lets Topper Grace and Kylie Bunbury (Pitch) play out a sweet romantic comedy that takes a disturbing turn. Bunbury plays Claudia, a grad student whose museum outing begins with a meet-cute when a stranger named Marc (Grace) saves her from getting hit by a truck, then keeps bumping into her during her visit.

Damon Mayans Jr. plays a man mourning the death of his wife, the mayor of a small town that’s fallen on hard times since her passing. You’ll spot the film noir-inspired twist a mile away in this episode starring Jimmy Simpson as a lonely man who falls in love with a woman with whom he develops an unexpected psychic connection.

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Ethan Embryo plays a down-on-his-luck actor who decides to rob a bank, then finds he’s inexplicably jumped into the body of the teller behind the counter. Then he keeps jumping, a premise that allows Embryo and other guest stars (including Billy Porter and Mel Rodriguez) to play personalities stuck in bodies to which they don’t belong.

They can’t all be winners, but the filmmaking team of Aaron Muirhead and Justin Benson (Spring) bring some claustrophobic atmosphere to an extremely X-Files fish Glenn Morgan script, and horehounds will appreciate some Grady effects, including an injury-to-eye scene that would make Lucio Full proud. JordanPeele (the genius behind Get Out and Us) created a revival of the show, keeping the same creepiness and crazy twists while adding a modern spin.

In Replay a woman finds out that her camcorder can turn back time, and tries desperately to save her son from being killed by a racist police officer. The episode takes an older concept, one used in the classic TwilightZone, but applies a very real issue to it.

This combination creates a very creepy and interesting episode, sure to make people think. Photo: CBS.nightmare at 20,000 was always one of my favorite classic TwilightZone episodes, so I was very excited to see how the revival would handle it.

In a smart move on the writer’s part, they kept the basic idea but changed a lot of the plot. By comparison, the revival’s episode, Justin, a journalist with PTSD travels for work.

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As Justin tries to convince the rest of the passengers that the flight is doomed, he is met with skepticism at every turn. Nightmare at 30,000 feet provides a pretty good twist, but what really makes this episode one of my favorites is what intrigued me the first time, the protagonist being put into a position where he must convince everyone they are doomed and no one believing him.

Sophie, a writer for The TwilightZone, is plagued by a mysterious figure referred to as the Blurry man. As the line between real and fantasy is blurred for Sophie, Blurry man starts to appear to her in a typical ghost haunting.

(We’re still withholding judgment on indie auteur Jim Baruch supposedly making a super goofy zombie comedy, for instance.) She calls it “an enjoyably twisty tale that keeps its intentions hidden and its action suspenseful until the last moments, finishing with a combination of clever visual and narrative touches that fit perfectly with the serie’s sense of disturbing mystery.” The episode, written by Key & Peele and Community writer Alex Rubens and directed by Black Mirror’s Owen Harris, may not be available online permanently, so curious viewers should catch it while they can.

The signpost ahead reads The TwilightZone, ” ushering viewers to a realm that at once feels familiar and yet is almost entirely new. Executive producers JordanPeele and Simon Kin berg have reimagined Rod Serving’s classic horror/science-fiction/fantasy series from the ‘60s for a whole new generation.

Kin berg also said that the vision Peele and CBS All Access had meshed with how to tell stories while pushing it to the limits. “We would do what Rod’s instinct and impulse was, which was to break barriers, to tell new kinds of stories, to create something that was so outrageous and noisy and dangerous that it wouldn’t fit into sort of the standard way of storytelling,” he said.

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Release Date: April 1 Director: Greg iTunes (“Castle Rock,” “Lost,” “House”) Writer: Glen Morgan and Marco Ramirez; Story by Simon Kin berg, JordanPeele, and Marco Ramirez. Based on the teleplay and short story “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” written by Richard Matheson.

“I don’t even think this was their intention, but I felt it had tones of one of my favorite episodes, which is, ‘The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.’” I don’t know if that’s just solely my age and being part of this millennial generation, but I feel like this episode is definitely going to have a lot of people talking.

It’s interesting because I got the offer, and I was surprised I hadn’t played this role because there’s an aspect and element of my background that fits directly.” It was also announced that Seth Rogen would star in one of the episodes listed above, written by Alex Rubens.

“It’s a Good Life” (Season 3, Episode 8): Little Anthony Fremont controls an entire town with his ability to read minds and make people do as he wishes. “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” (Season 5, Episode 3): Mr. Wilson (William Shatter) believes he sees a gremlin on the wing of a commercial aircraft he is a passenger on.

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