Best Uncanny X-men Covers

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Teamwork is essential to being an X-Man, but these 10 comic covers let individuals take center stage! Comic book cover art is meant to catch the eye of a potential reader.

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X-Men Black was the last color-coded X-Men title to come out before Marvel started rebooting the line with Disassembled. Instead of telling X-Men team stories, its function was to re-establish status quo of several classic villains.

This cover by Salvador APROCA was all over Twitter when it debuted, funny enough it wasn’t Marvel’s first choice. Emma Frost holding up a jail booking plate and smirking in a defiantly sexy manner.

A version of the art with the numbers erased was created and fans were able to share their own takes. If her husband is the premier thief and ladies’ man of the X-Men, then Rogue is the franchise’s quintessential ‘tough chick.’ Often referred to as the Southern Brawler due to her ballroom brawling combat style of fighting- seeing her get down and dirty became commonplace over the decades.

I believe this gorgeous cover by Mark Brooks tells the reader everything to expect from Mrs. Le beau, bloody knuckles and all. When Marvel announced and premiered the cover for the 4th volume of Astonishing X-Men there was a collective cheer that could be heard reverberating across the country.

Thanks to her constant use in the last 4 or so X-Men movies, Mystique has made a pretty comfortable place for herself within the franchise. Annoyingly, depending on how much you enjoy the character, she was also a big part of this book.

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Characters depicted here are Rogue, Gambit, Fandom, Archangel, and Old Man Logan. His image inspires people to take home the book he’s gracing the cover of.

The 2012 James As mus’ Gambit series was treated as a new beginning of the character following several years of less than fair shakes. With him, came artist Clay Mann who’d previously worked with the X-Men franchise during Mike Carey’s Age of X crossover event.

For the most part, barring a handful of issues and covers, Mann was responsible for the title’s art. His pieces were less akin to comic book covers and more 1970-era movie posters throughout the title’s 17-issue run.

This may be the first time a younger reader has ever seen this cover by While Portico in its original form. I say this because it’s been reused, reinterpreted, recreated, and used for inspiration for other covers and trading cards several times over the years.

It’s both beautiful and fitting for the character as it illustrates how subtle her awesome powers can be, and at the same time puts her personality on display. The only character on this list to have two covers entered is none other than the king of chill himself, Iceman.

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During his tenure with the Astonishing X-Men, Iceman was infected with a Celestial Death Seed from an alternate reality similar to that of the Age of Apocalypse. Feeling himself quite a bit, he battled and defeated Thor and even stepped on Wolverine after growing a couple of dozen stories tall.

It also drove him to subconsciously stalk and abduct his past love interests including Mystique, Kitty Pride, and Polaris. The cover art for #62 and #63 by Phil Not are the best ways to describe Iceman’s descent into madness.

Quite possibly the only comic book cover ever drawn where I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that Cyclops looks gangsta. The issue was ok, but I think this badass cover by Salvador APROCA dripping in ruby quartz red, did most of the talking.

Other than being the definitive interpretation of the prince of the House of X, David Haller, best known as Legion, the series also gave us works of art with each issue. While the interior art was done by Tan Eng Heat and, in my opinion, was the worst aspect of the series, each cover was done by Mike Del Munro.

Each was an abstract masterpiece that fit in with the tone of the series and its splintered focus perfectly. His menacing smile and “come hither” gesturing while his claws are popped say a lot without the use any dialogue.

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In other words the perfect Wolverine cover by legendary artist Frank Miller. It’s like Chris Claremont decided to teach future generations how to properly plot out a comic book story arc.

Some may think that the Phoenix Saga was told over a handful of issues similar to how it was done in the animated series, but they’re wrong. Jean Grey (or the Phoenix aping her appearance) is front and center, triumphantly flying out of Jamaica Bay following the X-Men’s contentious descent back to earth.

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