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With Jonathan Hickman set to take over the reins of Marvel’s mutants, a lot of fans have probably looked back at their collection of comics to see which issues of UncannyX-Men were worth the 12 to 25 cents they originally cost. After a run in with the local townspeople, Beast has a crisis of conscience and decides to leave the X-Men.

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After becoming a big-time professional wrestler (after only a week, the most far-fetched thing in this issue), he meets Onus the Untouchable. While this isn’t their first appearance (the distinction goes to Giant Size X-Men #1), this issue signifies the first regular series debut of the “New” X-Men.

Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird, Banshee, and Nightcrawler joined Cyclops as the new generation of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (and one old Canadian). Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attempt to recruit the Blob into their ranks, but the X-Men have other ideas.

Upon finding the Crimson Bands of Littoral, Marko became the Unstoppable Juggernaut, gaining immense strength and the ability to block Charles’ psychic attacks. The Juggernaut’s first appearance came in the last panel of this issue, after spending the rest of the story teasing his massive presence.

For years, Magneto has tried to create a world where the mutants are in control, rather than feared and hated. There were a few times when he decided to give Charles’ ideas a try, but for the most part, it was Mutants first, everyone else second.

Too much.” While making its first appearance here, Asteroid M would be the site of many battles over mutant kind for years to come. Issue #3 was also one of the first times Charles Xavier used his mental abilities to erase memories from a person’s mind.

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Issue #2 of UncannyX-Men saw the debut of the character and one of the few times during their first year they didn’t have an adventure involving Magneto. Magneto needed a team of his own if his plan for mutant control of the world was to take hold.

Featuring Mastermind, Toad, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch, this group sought to destroy the X-Men and help fulfill Magneto’s dream. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were always questioning Magneto’s motives, eventually leaving the team to become Avengers of all things.

Also, if Magneto doesn’t see himself the villain, calling his team “evil” certainly puts a dent in his argument. Born with special abilities, Beast, Cyclops, Angel, Marvel Girl, and Iceman were taught by Professor Charles Xavier to be superheroes, showing mutants and humans can live together peacefully.

Fighting their greatest foe, Magneto, in their first adventure, the X-Men proved they had the capability to stand among the Avengers and The Fantastic Four as a premier team in the Marvel Universe. About The Author Donnie Federer (6 Articles Published) I have been a freelance writer since 2015, covering any and all aspects of pop-culture and entertainment.

In UncannyX-Men (1963) #125 Chris Claremont-responsible for many classic X-Men stories-pits the X-Men against Proteus, an insane mutant who can jump into anyone's body and alter the very fabric of reality. In UncannyX-Men (1963) #129 Jean Grey, the mutant telepath and love of Cyclops' life, is consumed by a destructive cosmic entity and becomes the Dark Phoenix.

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To save the future, Kitty Pride must travel to the past to stop the murder of a U.S. senator. In UncannyX-Men (1963) #155 Dave Cock rum was a major force behind the look and feel of X-Men comics in the 70s, co-creating and designing characters like Storm and Colossus.

In UncannyX-Men (1963) #168 For this issue, Chris Claremont teams with acclaimed X-artist Paul Smith (working with inner Bob Wick) for a Kitty Pryde-centric story. In UncannyX-Men (1963) #186 Legendary artist Barry Windsor-Smith draws this Chris Claremont-penned story about Storm coming to grip with the loss of her powers and discovering that fellow X-Man Forge is responsible.

In UncannyX-Men (1963) #205 An injured Wolverine must team up with Katie Power to evade Lady Death strike during Christmas in New York City. Gambit exploded on the scene, aiding Storm, and would go on to become an important part of the UncannyX-Men for years to come.

Will three mutants teams be enough to defeat the entire island nation of Kenosha, led by the monstrous Cameron Hodge? This issue kicks off the legacy of the Gold Team led by Storm and featuring Jean Grey, Colossus, Archangel and Iceman.

One thing we discover when we began compiling the ballots for the vestrymen stories of all time, is that there is way less consensus regarding which are the vestrymen arcs aside from the perennial top 2 (which you’ll have to continue reading to find out). As for the methodology of this list; it was compiled very similarly to that of the aforementioned Spider-Man list, in that we scoured the web and its numerous lists regarding this topic and add them all together, giving a weighted vote to each arc mentioned according to the users’ ranking as well as giving out points for frequency of appearances.

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Our first entry into the list of the vestrymen stories of all time comes from the legendary run of John Byrne and Chris Claremont on UncannyX-Men. These issues feature Proteus (also known as Mutant X), who was Moira MacTaggert’s son.

While seldom heard of after these events, many of the mythos established here lived on, such as the introduction of Maddox and Muir Island. Although short-lived, Paul Smith’s run as pencilled on UncannyX-Men along with scribe Claremont is one of the best partnerships in X-Men history, and could have equalled that of Byrne/Claremont had it lasted that much longer.

Surprisingly few repercussions from the event, though it did bring many of the offshoot titles together again after a few years of being isolated from one another. No, this list is not moving in chronological order, but for now, here’s Executioner’s Song, a very hyped crossover that was supposed to feature many of the creators who jumped ship to form Image Comics.

Great art, fun alternate universes and a game changing plot make this one of the most essential and vestrymen stories in recent years. Enter Grant Morrison, with one of his first arcs on the newly renamed “New X-Men ”.

Among one of the three most important creator runs that compose much of the vestrymen stories of all time. Add in a touch of Grant Morrison, and yet instantly get a fan favorite story arc.

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Though it might be cheating to include what is essentially four different storylines that are only relatively loosely associated by the fact that Mutants are being hunted by Sentinels. The Wolverine and X-Men stories are the better ones, and show how a crossover, or “event”, can be done while not being too convoluted.

Also collected in : X-Men by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont Vol. This one is a bit off the beaten path, as it brought to you by Chris Bachelor and Mike Carey, quite outside the popular eras of When, Claremont and Grant, but considered for many of the vestrymen stories in recent memory.

As we inch into the top 15 vestrymen stories and arcs, we finally get our first Joss When entry. This is the second arc of his Astonishing X-Men series, and is actually considered the weakest of the bunch, while still maintaining a strong ranking nonetheless.

The continuation of the storyline set in motion after the decimation event after “House of M”, Messiah Complex is a traditional crossover weaving linearly through each X-title. Fatal Attractions, featuring the return of Magneto, makes it into the top 10 vestrymen stories of all time.

Frank Quietly once again perfectly translates Grant Morrison’s plot into images, making this duo one of the best creator teams on X-Men since Byrne and Claremont. Another Joss When arc makes it into the vestrymen stories list.

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We keep things rolling with another, final, arc by Joss When. Stepping back in time to a classic X-Men story which features a great number of essential villain/hero match-ups, chief among them Wolverine versus Sabre tooth making this one of the vestrymen stories in terms of impact, fun and overall enjoyment.

Also collected in : X-Men : God Loves, Man Kills Hardcover (BUY) It could be the juxtaposition of a new setting that make the true star of the series, “The Dream of Coexistence”, all the more clearer.

It could also just be that the vestrymen stories thrive when the ensemble casts interrelations shine when the alternate universe versions shake things up. Generation Next, Astonishing X-Men, Weapon X and the bookend issues are the most exhilarating.

Joss When’s inaugural story arc on the new Astonishing X-Men series is also considered his best. The elements introduced in Gifted are pure X-Men, such as the introduction of the cure, and When plays up the characters personalities perfectly.

In retrospect, after having read his entire run, you really see the beauty into how he sets up the many plot lines that come together in the end, still while leaving them subtle as to not have the story feel to heavy. Another inaugural run, Grant Morrison’s first New X-Men run is one of the vestrymen stories out there, as pens the perfect X-Men story with great help from Frank Quietly, arguably his best collaborator.

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The consequences of this arc are extremely important, as the destruction of Kenosha is a major event for years to come. The top two-story arcs appear on nearly everyone’s list and demonstrate why Byrne/Claremont X-Men is still the most essential reading for any newcomer.

It’s no surprise to many that the Dark Phoenix Saga is considered the best of the vestrymen stories ever. Not only does it establish many of the X-Men’s mythos, it also features one of the best Wolverine issues ever, the introduction of Emma Frost and Kitty Pride and the death of Jean Grey.

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