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As long as you have devices that require plugging into wall sockets in your home, you should consider getting a surge protector. Having a surge protector can help you keep your devices safe, especially when there’s a sudden ‘ surge of voltage coming into your home.

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Plugging your electronics directly to electrical power can be problematic for your devices, and this is why you need to invest in a quality surge protector. While they both tend to look alike, power strips or extension blocks are just for expanding the number of outlets (from a single wall socket) you can plug your devices to.

A surge protector on the other hand not only helps you expand power outlets for your devices but also, majorly provides a sort of barrier that shields them from excess electric charge. Simply put, a surge protector is an inexpensive method of keeping those pricey electronics safe, especially if you’re staying in a location with frequent surges in the electric current or unreliable power supply.

This is an important section for readers who will prefer to skim the content of the text and still make an informed buying decision. If you are an adept reader who will prefer to read minute details of these highly-rated surge protectors, please proceed to the review section just down below.

Best for Office Use: Welkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector “12 ports (4 fixed 8 rotating), 8 feet heavy-duty cord, 4,320 Joules rating, $300k CE guarantee, works for heavy-duty home office and kitchen equipment.” Best for Lightning Strikes: APC 11-port Surge Protector “11 ports, 6 feet cord with space-saving flat end, lifetime warranty plus CE $250K protection policy, 2880 joules rating.” Best Budget: AmazonBasics 8-port Surge Protector “8 ports, 4500 joules rating, sliding covers for cord protection, can be mounted on a wall, 6 feet cord, LED indicators.” Best Wall -Mount: Echo gear 8-Port Surge Protector “8 ports, 3,420 joules rating, EMI noise filtering, fireproof MOVE, 6 feet power cord, in-built circuit breaker, can be mounted on a wall.” The Best Appliance: Power Strip 6-port with 5 USB Ports “6 regular ports plus 5 USB ports, 1,700 joules rating, light indicator, an extender for wall mounting, 6 feet heavy-duty cord.” Best for Gaming PC: Trip Lite ISOBAR2 “Solid metal casing, durable design, 1,410 joules rating, noise filtration, 6 feet power cord (additional 12ft AC cord extension), 2 power outlets.” Best with USB: Power trip 6 USB, 6-Port Surge Protector “6 USB ports and 6 regular power ports, 6 feet heavy-duty cord, fire retardant shell, 125V energy with up to 1400 joules rating, UL approved.” Best for All-round Protection: HOS LEM 12-Ports, 3 USB Ports Surge Protector “12 regular power cuts plus 3 USB ports, flameproof material, 6 feet power cord, 4000 joules, has a keyhole for wall mounting.” The Welkin Pivot-Plug has a cord clip to organize the cables alongside a rotating outlet that allows you some space to use bigger AC adapters.

Watch video: Welkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug SurgeProtector with 8 Foot Cord Unboxing & Set Up Besides the lifetime warranty and CE (connected equipment) guarantee of $250,000, the P11U2 comes with two USB ports that provide full charging voltage for your tablets and phones.

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With 8-ports and having a total energy rating of 4,500J, the AmazonBasics can protect all your electronic devices from power spike including computers, TVs and more. It is equipped with a LED indicator that tells if your devices are protected and a fireproof MOVE for added safety.

Pros Provides dependable protection against power surge An LED indicates when devices and wiring are protected and grounded respectively Can be hung on the wall to minimize space Well-spaced ports for large adaptors Portable design It doesn’t just economize available space, it provides efficient protection against surge and has an energy rating of 3,420 joules.

Your home is completely safe with the additional fireproof Move plus the efficiency of the Echo gear 8-port lasts for a long time. To eliminate any lurking fears, the manufacturers have tested this product for safety, and it is UL certified.

Built with 8-ports Has a high energy rating of 3,420 joules Fireproof MOVE for extra protection 6ft power cord and built-in circuit breaker switch RFI/EMI noise filtering Power Strip markets this surge protector as being ‘lightning-proof’ and able to protect against overload, thereby saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement of your home or office appliances.

Pros Portable and compact Has a durable build Well-spaced ports avoid clogging of adapters This surge protector is built to minimize any noise between the plugged appliances via its 4 filter banks.

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Pros Made of fire-proof material and built to last The sleek design makes it easy to hide surge protector in-between furniture and keep messy cords organized Can provide fast charging for as much as six smart devices at a time Multiple certifications mean the product quality is top-notch On/off switch plus low heat efficiency The body is built with a flame-resistant material and a 6ft heavy-duty power cord (UL Listed), that is suitable for home or professional use.

Watch video: HOL SEM 12 Outlets SurgeProtector with 3 USB Charging Ports Review Black, sturdy and sleek, this Trip Lite power surge protector has attachments (RJ11 jacks coaxial connectors) for protecting data lines including faxes, telephones, analog modems, cable modems and more.

Trip Lite allows for noise filtering and has a whopping 4,320 joules for maximum protection of appliances. You can also use the mounting slots to secure your device onto a wall, workbench, desk or media cabinet.

2 USB charging ports and 12-power ports 4,320 joules energy rating Advanced noise protection Illuminated switch to check the power status Diagnostic LED Mounting Keyholes at the back of the device The Rose will power surge suppressor provides premium protection from electrical fluctuations and spikes that might harm your appliances at home or in the office.

This Rose will device is ruggedly built, with a high 4,320 joules rating and a rotatable power strip for convenience. It also features noise filtering, with RJ11 and coaxial connectors for cables, telephones, antennae and satellite protection.

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You might want to consider the UL seal (it should be certified by Underwriters Laboratories), also be sure it passes as a transient voltage surge suppressor. Be sure to check the type of warranty that’s applicable and exactly how you can file a claim in case your surge protector is or becomes defective.

If you plan to connect media devices like a video game or gaming PC, you should consider a surge protector ideal for such devices and robust enough to take on their connectivity requirements in contrast to smaller items like phone chargers or a portable fan. If you have gears like power tools, routers, and general office types of equipment like copiers and printers, you should be looking towards a surge protector that can take up to 1000 to 2000 joules for maximum protection.

If the surge protector is used in an environment with frequent surges, the protecting component will wear off over time. While many surge protectors make this bold claim, they cannot withstand a lightning strike’s direct burst of electric current.

The ETL listed Hosted surge has keyhole slots (for easy wall mounting). Wall mount surge protector is a great device to provide protection to the electronic equipment in the household.

However, these devices, unlike the single outlet surge protectors, aren’t easily portable and hence cannot be used for travel purposes. But, if you want a permanent solution to all your surge protection needs, then a wall mount surge protector is meant for you.

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These devices easily get mounted over your AC outlet and save a lot of space for other activities. Moreover, these surge protectors are cordless and hence provide tangle-free protection to all your devices.

Here we have handpicked the best wall mount surge protectors for you to help choose the best one easily. Also, a cradle is provided at the top of it that holds your phone while charging.

It is a very compact and greatly designed surge protector that can be plugged and mounted on any 2- outlet configuration irrespective of where it is located. Just above the LED indicators at the center, there is a screw that allows you to mount it on the wall.

Also, this APC surge protector provides you with 1080 joules of protection which makes it suitable for most of the home electronic gadgets. Also, there is a touch sensor on the top with which you can adjust the brightness of the nightlight up to 3 levels.

It has been given a space-saving design that makes it compact, yet you can use all the 6 outlets and 2 USB ports at the same time. And not to forget that you can easily mount it to the wall using the center screw without anyone’s help.

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So overall it can be a great buy for you if you are looking for something unique in wall mount surge protectors. Talking of the design, it has 6 pivot-plug outlets that can rotate and provide enhanced flexibility.

But, with its high energy ratings of 1080 joules, it makes sure that all the devices connected to it are safe during electrical power surges. The next product on this list is Power wall mount surge protector.

It has also got a phone holder on the top where you can put the device while charging it. Also, they provide a 30-day return and 12-month replacement warranty on it, so you can buy it without any hassle.

This surge protector has 6 power outlets where you can connect multiple home appliances and devices. The installation of the device is very easy and does not require the help of a handyman or a complex tool.

There are two indicators to inform you if the surge protector is doing its work or the source is not grounded. Welkin wall -mount surge protector can handle up to 900 joules of energy.

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You can charge your phone, tablet, and other devices without risking them to high voltage. The metal oxide variety present in the surge protector absorbs the excess electricity and loses it in the form of heat.

Because of its usability, durability, and affordability, it has sky-high ratings by the users on Amazon. If your work involves more with USB cables, and you are looking to protect your phones and tablets from voltage spikes, here is a better option for you.

You can rest assured about the stability and faster speed here, in comparison to the Welkin wall -mount surge protector. You don’t have to clutter your space with so many wires and adaptors after installing this on your wall over your AC outlet.

The design is pretty compact and different from usual surge protectors. As you get the holders, you can carry them on your travel, and you don’t have to screw them in every hotel.

The surge protector offers 300 joules protection ratings which is comparatively much lower than the last one but still good enough. Having a surge protector at your home assures you about the safety of all your electronic components.

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However, there are different kinds of surge protectors for different purposes like you can get one for traveling, for your office, etc. Similarly, if you are looking for surge protection for your home electronic equipment then a wall mount surge protector is the best choice.

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