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Earl Hamilton
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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Before you jump into Call of Duty: War zone, you’ll want to make sure your settings are adjusted correctly to fit your play style. In War zone, there are a slew of settings you can tinker with and, at times, it can get overwhelming.

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In this guide, we’ll list all the recommended settings for console and PC platforms. Your tastes might differ, so use our guide as a starting point and adjust if need be.

A huge portion of the War zone player base can be found on console, so let’s go through our recommended settings for those platforms. Many of these settings come down to personal taste, so if something doesn’t work for you, by all means, change it to better suit your needs.

This swaps the melee button with crouch/prone and allows you to “drop shot” enemies, which basically means you go prone as you shoot to throw off the other player. This is a highly effective tactic, but if you find yourself needing to melee more often, you should consider sticking to the default settings.

The higher sensitivity you can adjust to, the quicker you can line up a shot and turn. Finally, we highly suggest using the square mini map instead of the circle.

There are settings to adjust your frame rate and resolution and even nuanced options that you might not have considered. Below you’ll find our settings for a keyboard and mouse control scheme.

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In this guide, we’ll show you how to optimize your Call of Duty War zone for the Xbox Series X and play the game smoothly at 120 FPS. We'll start with the TV and Display option press on it.

If you can't allow auto low-latency mode then this option needs to be checked. If you have the option Allow Variable Refresh Rate, this is pretty much the free sync, it needs also to be checked.

After that presses ok and the secondary DNS, this is pretty much again a backup plan if you like I don't know something happened with the primary DNS you don't want to lose internet because of this, so you have a backup plan so this is and press ok so after that just go back, and you will see an image called everything is good. Now, we have a couple of options that we can change in the game itself, so we're going to open War zone.

For example, you're playing a game, and it's only 30 fps when you add blur it feels a little smoother less choppy. So that's why it's pretty much exists but when you play a competitive game remove this.

I know a lot of people is asking me the question and also you can set the keyboard and mouse on the Xbox 3x. So that's really cool you just plug and play like USB mouse and keyboard.

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I did a couple of tests with them and honestly it's running like a PC. I'm really impressed with it like I don't have any issue with my sense or even the configuration of my keyboard.

So that's good you have two different options that you can use your game pad or your keyboard and mouse. Call of Duty War zone is one of the most exciting new Battle Royales, and it has something particularly special to offer players on the latest console.

Consoles can’t output the game at the same speed and responsiveness of a PC. The latest gen of consoles are bringing a huge boost to the processing power available for games like War zone in a casual setting.

Using the bestWarzonesettings for Xbox Series X can help you make the best use out of that extra power. Equally, it was locked in to a lower FPS on the last gen consoles.

This means that WarzoneXbox Series X players will have a bit of advantage compared to other console players, being the only people who can get FPS approaching PC quality on a console. War zone Xbox Series X players should be able to run the game in 120 FPS if everything is set up for it.

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This isn’t really a reflection on the quality of a TV, film is still shot In 24 FPS. It is literally just competitive video games that need anything approaching this frame rate, so a lot of TVs aren’t produced for it.

Our other guides to the game can help you improve mechanically to take advantage of the increased frame rate: If you’re looking to up your game and earn some sweet victories, you’ll be wanting to pay attention to this Call of Duty: War zone best settings guide.

Motion Blur (or any kind of blur settings) Nvidia Highlights Shadows & Lighting Textures Resolution Anisotropic Filter Particle Quality Bullet Impact & Sprays Tessellation (set to Near) If you’re targeting higher FPS, alter your graphical settings to normal or lower.

Thanks to pro settings.net, we know that pro-gamer and streamer Shroud uses these settings on the Logitech G Pro Wireless Ghost: On consoles, you don’t have as many options as you do on PC, but you can still disable and reduce a few graphical settings.

You’ll want to disable all types of blur and film grain if you can, for a start. Just as when playing on PC, you get full sensitivity options on War zone for PS4 and Xbox One.

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War zone may only have been here a short time, but there are already numerous ways to gain the edge in battle. And as this game involves cross-play, it’s important to gain any and every edge in battle we can, especially if you’re a dirty casual like me, but you still want to be competitive.

These tips are designed for controller players and those playing on the console. So if you’re ready, here're 15 secrets and settings to gain the edge in Call of Duty War zone.

As a default setting, we must hold down “square” on PS4 and “x” on Xbox One to pick up any weapon. This slows us down and can make the first weapon you find impossible to pick up in time.

By the time you’ve held the button down long enough your momentum has gone too. Next, by default, our character is set to run after pressing the left thumb stick.

This is fine and all, but once again, the additional time it takes to press that down can be streamlined in your settings. So jump back into Controller Settings, and down to Movement Automatic Sprint.

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It’s automatically set quite low and does a great job of hiding the lack of textures in some areas when you’re moving around the map. So, by turning this off, your game will look a little less atmospheric, and you’ll notice things like Anti-Aliasing a little more, but while you’re losing visual film-like aesthetic, you will make up in visibility.

The Film Grain is a form of post-processing which actually causes a minute delay on your screen. So turn off all post-processing to gain the edge, which brings me to my next point, Motion Blur.

They want the bare bones of the game with no post-production or visual effects that don’t help them. So let us take a page out of their book and turn off our Motion Blur.

Well, in General Settings this can be switched to a square shape instead, and it so happens to be far bigger. Bigger surface area, more information on screen.

If you’re a player or in a team who uses North-South-East-West calls, this screen when locked in place is perfect: making north, always up on the screen, each door is right south down, and west left. We’ve already established why we don’t like to hold buttons down.

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So, under Controller Settings, go down to Movement and select Slide Behavior. In Controller > Button Layout Presets, change Default to Tactical.

The change is tiny so here’s the theory: your Crouch Button is now located on your right thumb stick Meaning, every time you use Crouch or Slide, your thumb will remain on the stick.

On a negative side, your Melee button is now location on circle or beyond and Xbox, I think. By the way, PlayStation gamers, I’m currently reviewing the PS4 back buttons, which are a super cheap alternative to a full-blown SCUM controller.

So far, e7 is quite an impressive piece of kit, allowing two paddles to be set underneath. In Call of Duty games, SCUM and other Paddle-based systems have a huge advantage over us as they can jump and shoot in the same motion.

I also recommend the Strike pack which is on PS4 and Xbox, if you don’t want to spend too much, but you want to experience paddle-based gaming. Here’s a super-secret thing you can do to gain a huge advantage, but it will take a bit of time to master switching aim and fire, to the shoulder buttons and off the triggers.

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It’s hidden in plain sight, simply press square on any layout you want and the shoulder buttons and triggers will switch places. But here’s the science: the triggers take a little longer to press down than the buttons do, so by switching these, you can gain a split-second edge in a gunfight.

Bumper Jumper Tactical Flipped: God Tier? There’s actually a version of this control system in Call of Duty War zone right now.

The closest setting to replicate both of these points are the Bumper Jumper Tactical Flipped presets. Aim and fire are moved forward to the front buttons whereas Jump is now matched to the left trigger, L2 and Crouch is on the thumb stick.

Let’s get back to the melee fights we were speaking of, especially in the gulag. Here’s a great quick tip: turn off your Controller Vibration.

The Rumble Function, yeah, it’s a great way to feel part of the game, but the problem is during that buzz in your hands, you are impacted, making aiming and shooting harder. You’re fighting uncontrollable movement, so get that switched off to regain your composure.

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And also the Rumble Function is being investigated as a contributor to Arm Vibration Syndrome. Just like in many games, Auto Move asks you to press in the direction you’d like to go twice in quick succession.

Call of Duty War zone can be a very dark game which is quite gray at times. Maybe I’ve been playing Fortnite for too long and prefer vibrant colors of a beige and gray.

At this point I had planned to give you a definitive answer on the audio settings you should use in War zone, but I’ll be straight to it: I can’t decide which is best yet. It’s not great when you compare it to something like Apex Legends, so don’t expect the same clarity and directional intel here.

Low frequency is superior for hearing footsteps, if you’re the kind of player who prioritizes that above all else. And the Boost High Setting will give you a superior mix in general, as well as keeping those footsteps pretty loud in the audio mix.

But unlike many other games, War zone has a crazy amount of differentiation. Here’s a note though: if I only played War zone, and nothing else, I’m sure my setting would be 7-7 or maybe higher by now, because muscle memory kicks in and the finesse of your thumbs is increased the more you play a certain type of game.

It’s primarily for heavy-handed people, or if you play in a very cold room, Low Sensitivity is for you. It’s extremely easy to track anyone at range, with a low sensitivity.

But here’s the negative point: you’ll be very easy to hit when you’re trying to maneuver around the level. But when you move left and right and try to weave and duck, you won’t do it at the same speed as a High sense player.

These guys use tiny thumb movements to make huge changes on screen. On the plus side, they can dodge bullets, they can move that quickly, snaking around.

When it comes to distance, though, people on High senses usually struggle to hit shots at distance, which leads me to ADS sense. Regardless if you play Low, Medium, or High sense, you can micromanage your sensitivity when aiming.

For example, you regularly see a High Sense player with an incredibly ADS sense to combat their ranged issues, and they’ll tend to hip-fire when close up. The pros definitely outweigh the cons, so adjust yourself over time if you can.

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