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• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Infernal Arm : Stygian Blade Titan Blood : 15 Aura Damage Reduction : +40% This weapon is also called the Holy Excalibur, a unique type of sword that has its own alternate move set.

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Infernal Arm : Eternal Spear Titan Blood : 16 Punishing Bonus Damage : +150% This spear has a massive spin attack radius and absolutely devastating damage bonus.

The Punishing Sweep special attack may last up to 10 seconds, which deals up to 250 points of damage at maximum charge. Spear of Hades can also deal with targets that are far away using the Extending Jab upgrade that increases the damage by 40% for all distant enemies.

But other than that, Aspect of Chaos is till an amazing weapon, and with the help of the Charged Shot upgrade your Bull Rush attacks will not only deal exactly 80 points of damage, but also become unlockable. The Sniper Shot upgrade is a must in this case, as it increases all your damage output by 200% to all distant targets.

Infernal Arm : Twin Fists Titan Blood : 15 Magnetic Attack & Cast Bonus : +40% The second upgrade adds 30 points of damage to each strike, while your Magnetic Cutter deals an additional 20 at each pull.

Infernal Arm : Adamant Rail Titan Blood : 15 Hellfire Blast Damage : 100 Igneous Eden or Aspect of Lucifer is the newest rail gun in Hades, which has its own unique move set.

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The best one is called Hellfire, which serves as a Special attack that bombards enemies with a detonation damage to 50-100 on a radius of 400. The best upgrade for your rail gun would be Infinity Chamber, which literally gives your weapon an infinite amount of ammo.

This might help give players an idea of which piece of gear might be best for them even before starting the game. Updated January 19th, 2021 by Gene Cole: Hades has been out for quite a while now, and many players have begun unlocking more of the Aspects that come with each weapon.

While the Spear itself is one of the stronger weapons in the game, the Aspect of Rama requires a massive amount of effort to make work. This isn’t inherently bad, but it comes at the cost of your maximum health, and this attack hardly heals you for an amount that makes this nerf worthwhile.

Rather than a wide Special, it shoots a thinner pair of arrows that grant additional damage for hitting targets marked with the ability. It’s also not helped by the main attack being much slower, which forces you to alternate between the two in a relatively slow combo where you’re stuck standing in place.

Those who want a pair of fists that deal much more damage in more creative ways are better off trying the Aspect of Gilgamesh, a pair of beastly claws that punch slightly slower to trade with several great boons, including some refreshingly high and wide damage strikes that put it on the level of a sword. If you have a good combo of Boons to put two status conditions on your foes using your Dash and Attack, you’ll easily be able to sprint your way between enemies and quickly break free from the underworld.

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It’s a good weapon for beginners in order to attack from a distance and learn the ropes as it were. The melee attack has a good, medium amount of strength and the special, while not ranged, has a devastating area effect.

It keeps the area effect while adding range to it almost like a Dragoon’s Jump attack from the Final Fantasy series. There is actually a good Titan’s Blood upgrade to that can turn the special from a ranged weapon to an area devastator that will follow the player around until it is called back, functioning more like a spinning blade of death and despair.

If you’re a fan of the Hera Aspect for your bow and arrow set, you might want to try something else that lets you cast spells easier than ever. The Aspect of Beowulf for your shield is exactly what you’re looking for, as your charge attack now detonates your Cast on impact.

This is an easy way to get instantaneous bursts of damage, as you can easily go between blocking to diving forward into an explosion of whatever Cast you get with your boons. Many players might be turned off of your remarkably slow attack speed, but it’s a wonderful twist if your other Cast and Shield builds feel stale.

There is actually a good Titan’s Blood upgrade to that can turn the special from a ranged weapon to an area devastator that will follow the player around until it is called back, functioning more like a spinning blade of death and despair. So there’s a lot of luck involved in order to make this the best, but life is a gamble so take a chance.

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Much of the play styles surrounding the Sword rely on fast, rapid strikes while you zoom around the map. This not only has a slower and heavier strike, but its Special will create an area that slows projectiles and weakens damage dealt to you while inside.

If you found the Adamant Rail to be powerful, you’ll only be more pleased when trying out the Aspect of Lucifer. This ray gun ramps up in damage as you hold the Attack button, dealing a ridiculous amount of damage each second that takes great advantage of Critical Hit chances and Boons that inflict stacking Status Ailments like Chill or Rupture.

As an additional power boost, the Special replaces the rocket launcher with an orb that deals damage each second. Shooting it with your gun, or any Dash effects, will immediately cause it to explode, and certain rare Boons and Daedalus Hammer boosts can help this move deal some of the highest damage bursts in the game.

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If you’re playing the wonderful new RPG Hades, you’re going to want to learn everything you can about the various Hades weapon types, so you can know which weapons you want to focus on leveling up with your Titan Blood. Even the zaniness unlocked by other weapon types’ best aspects like Gun You among spears or Chaos among shields struggle to come close in damage potential and safety to even a completely non-upgraded default bow, not to mention the ease-of-use the bow play style (especially the Aspect of Chiron) offers to less seasoned players.

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This is in stark contrast to most other weapons which have a handful of boons that work well on them and, if they don’t happen to appear, you’re going to have a bad time. That alone makes swords worth of a spot in A-Tier, but when you combine that with how fun Agrees, Nemesis and Arthur are, the deal is clenched.

Later aspects have a little more focus on dash attacks, like Gilgamesh and Demeter, but at least when you’re first using fists, spamming specials is probably the way to go. What I think puts fists a little behind the weapons higher on this tier lists is its lack of build versatility.

There are only a handful of special flourishes that really feel strong on fists, like Poseidon and, potentially, Artemis. The amount of in- game knowledge and skill required for fists to perform on par with bows is pretty significant.

To really make Gilgamesh or Demeter sing, you’re going to have specific duo boons in mind and have the tools to manipulate the RNG via Fated Authority/Persuasion to achieve those builds reliably. Talks is a little more user-friendly and is essentially a straight upgrade of the base fist (which only has an almost useless dodge bonus), and even that will require some extra skill and knowledge about casting boons, duo boons and enemy attack patterns, whereas with the bow you can pretty much just go ham from start to finish.

Rails are great, but the reloading mechanic takes from getting used to, and they lack some of the mobility that other weapons have. For that reason, Adamant Rail might be difficult for inexperienced players, even though you’d think the long range would make them one of the safer weapon options.

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At a high heat level, that also means you have to equip Zeus’s keepsake all the time instead of the Pom Blossom or the Distant Memory. Like spears, shields have multiple different attack options, so you can generally make a good build out of whatever boons you find.

The real problem with the shield is that even if you get great boons, its damage output tends to be lower than what you can achieve with most of the other weapon types. Now, at a high level of play with a variety of maxed out weapon aspects change the story a little.

The Aspect of Chaos with Dionysus special/Ares attack can melt rooms and bosses easily, Beowulf with Trippe Shot and the Zeus duo can wreck bosses, and Aspect of Zeus can also be built to be pretty strong. The problem then changes: each of these aspects has basically one very specific build that’s incredibly good, and if you don’t get it, you’re going to feel weak.

There’s also the problem that it takes a lot of blood to get to the point where shields start feeling powerful. Aspects of Chaos and Beowulf, probably generally considered to be the best shields, aren’t good almost at all until they’re at least level 4 or 5.

Compare that to bows which don’t require any blood investment at all to turn the game into easy mode. I don’t want you to think the shield is bad, because it’s certainly not and, like I said at the beginning of the post, personal preference is a big part of weapon selection and Hades is pretty balanced overall, so the difference between C Tier and A Tier is not huge, but even if you love shields, they’re not going to feel terribly strong until at the very least you’ve maxed out one of the aspects completely.

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Be sure to check out more Advergame Guides, check out the Main Page for everything the site has to offer and click here to subscribe to my new Bright Rock Media YouTube channel where I’m posting game reviews, site updates and occasionally some other types of content. There’s an awful lot to learn about each one, with different move sets, upgrades, and aspects to unlock for each Infernal Arm throughout your journeys.

To unlock the other weapons in Hades, you have to spend the Catholic Keys you find throughout your runs. But having said that, there are a couple of weapons which I find give you a better chance of creating a game -winning build, and an easier ride through the Underworld in general.

Mastery of this powerful bow relies on good timing, because you’ll need to get used to its power-shot with and without dash-striking (more on this shortly), but once you’ve got that down, this weapon allows you to deal massive and consistent damage from a safe distance, which will help an awful lot in the later realms (particularly Styx) when you’re almost guaranteed to take damage getting into melee range with certain enemies. A close second is Aegis the Shield, whose block can be a literal life-saver when you’ve no other way to avoid taking damage.

Once unlocked, each Aspect can also be upgraded to a maximum level of 5 with subsequent spending of Titan Blood. Below you’ll find a full list of all Daedalus Hammer upgrades for each weapon.

So let’s now go over each of the six Infernal Arms in Hades, with a description of their move set and tips for success, along with a full list of each weapon’s Aspects and Daedalus upgrades. Stylus is built for balance between strength and speed (which is why it makes for a good starting weapon).

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Holy Excalibur features different attacks which deal increased damage but no longer knock back; and your Special creates an aura around its detonation point which provides damage reduction, disables traps, and dramatically slows enemy projectiles. Once you get used to dash-striking and releasing your arrow at the right moment for a power-shot, you’ll quickly realize just how insanely strong this bow can be.

AspectEffectZagreusBonus CRT Chance (+2/4/6/8/10%)ChironYour Special automatically seeks the foe last struck by your Attack. Ammo drop time: (10/8/6.67/6.15/5s)Mayor have Celestial Sharing, which can cause Shared Suffering damage (30/38/45/53/60%).

UpgradeEffectBreaching RushY our Bull Rush deals +400% damage to Armor. Charged Knighthood Special to charge your throw for up to +200% damage. Charged Shootout Bull Rush instead fires a piercing shot that deals 80 damage. Dashing FlightWhile you Dash, your Special is faster and deals +100% damage. Dashing WallopYour Dash Attack deals +50% damage in a larger area. Dread FlightY our Special can strike up to 4 additional foes before returning. Empowering Flightier your Special hits, your next 2 Attacks deal +80% damage. Explosive Returner Special deals 50 damage to nearby foes when you catch it. Ferocious Guarantee blocking a foe, gain +20% damage and move speed for 10 Sec. Minotaur RushY our Bull Rush gains a Power Rush that does +500% damage. Pulverizing BlowY our Attack hits twice, but does not knock foes away. Sudden RushY our Bull Rush charges much faster. Unyielding DefenceAfter using your Angling's Board Cast, you are Sturdy for 3 Sec (Aspect of Beowulf). Hold attack to charge it up, then release to deal massive damage in a large area around you.

Aside from this, you have a fairly normal and underwhelming attack and throw special, both of which can be upgraded to become powerful but neither of which are particularly impressive until then. Punishing Sweep is a larger AOE which increases damage dealt on every hit foe for 10s.

Bonus damage post-Punishing Sweep: (+30/60/90/120/150%). Guan You have the Frost Fair Blade, but your Health and Healing are reduced (-70/65/60/55/50%). With Frost Fair Blade, your attacks deal bonus damage, and you can charge your attack for a Serpent Slash, which sends out a spinning blade that deals damage and heals Agrees per hit.

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Flurry Reinhold Attack to strike rapidly, but you cannot Spin Attack. Massive SpinY our Spin Attack deals +125% damage and hits a larger area. Quick SpinY our Spin Attack charges and recovers much faster. Serrated PointY our Dash-Strike hits 3 times, but your dash has -20% range. Vicious SkewerYour Special deals +50% damage; +50% Critical chance on recovery. Winged SerpentYour Serpent Slash ability travels longer (Aspect of Gun You). Malfoy boasts the highest attack rate of any melee weapon, which increases its potential when upgraded.

AspectEffectZagreusBonus Dodge Chance (+5/8/10/13/15%)TalosYour Special becomes Magnetic Cutter; its pull deals 20 damage. Epigraph is probably the hardest weapon in Hades to master, but its potential is unlimited, whether you choose to focus on its regular high-fire-rate attack or its powerful special, which fires a slow-moving Bombard into the air to land and deal high damage in an area.

UpgradeEffectCluster Bomber Special fires a spread of 5 bombs, but each deals -30% damage. Concentrated Firepower Attack deals +1 damage for each uninterrupted hit to a foe. Delta Chambersburg Attack is a 3-round burst; you never have to Reload. Explosive Firepower Attack deals damage in an area and briefly slows foes. Flash Firepower Igneous Eden Attack starts firing and fires +50% faster with +15% range (Aspect of Lucifer). Flurry Firepower Attack is faster and more accurate; gain +6 ammo capacity. Hazard Bomber Special deals +150% damage in a large area, but can hurt you. Infinity Chambersburg Igneous Eden has ammo, but its damage no longer ramps (Aspect of Lucifer). Piercing Firepower Attack pierces foes and deals +50% damage to Armor. Rocket Bomber Special is replaced with a rocket that deals 80 base damage. Seeking Firepower Attack seeks the nearest foe and deals +10% damage. Spread Firepower Attack becomes a short spread that deals 50 base damage. Targeting Systemizes targeted by your Special move slower and take +30% damage. Triple Seymour Igneous Eden Attack fires 3 beams in a spread pattern (Aspect of Lucifer). Triple Bomb can use your Special 3 times in rapid succession. That wraps up our Hades weapons guide.

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