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If you’ve been playing HyruleWarriors : Age of Calamity all weekend, then you’re probably ready to mop up the ancient evils of the land, if you haven’t done so already. Some weapons in this game will even change up move sets and play styles with familiar characters, so it’s good to experiment.

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Here you’ll find out which weapon is best for each character, so you can focus on the fight and not bog yourself down thinking about the tools you’ve brought. You should note that, unless you’ve cleared through the story of HyruleWarriors : Age of Calamity, you might find spoilers in the guide below.

Link has three different weapon styles to choose from, and each comes with a unique move set inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Two-handed sword: The most powerful heavy weapon for Link to wield is the Royal Guard’s Claymore, a large black sword with huge damage potential.

Miff just uses a single weapon type and combines acrobatics with weird water orb trickery that I can only assume is a native ability of Zora. Real flies above the stage in his aerial state and let's loose dozens of arrows.

Like his sister Miff, Simon uses spears and fancy water attacks. Simon’s best weapon is the Ceremonial Trident, although he uses it more like a baseball bat a lot of the time.

Master Kong, the Yoga clan leader, is a complete buffoon and even decides to eat food during his combos. The Great Fairies wear precious bangles on their wrists as weapons to slap away enemies.

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The ancient Shaka Monk May Bosnia also enters the battle, and like the Great Fairies, his weapon is a bracelet for his wrist. Calamity Canon is so powerful and evil that he doesn’t even need a weapon to fight with.

About The Author Dave Aubrey (167 Articles Published) Theater Guides Editor. This is a guide to the Best Weapons and Builds of all 18 playable characters in HyruleWarriors : Age of Calamity for the Nintendo Switch.

LinkImpaZeldaMiphaDarukUrbosaRevaliHestuGreat Fairies Monk May KoshiaSidonYunoboRijuTebaMaster Kayaking RhoamTerrako Calamity Canon -- Weapon Best seal Master Sword Damage at Full Hearts Take note that this weapon skill is only recommended once you unlock the Master Sword's second hidden seal. You can use either Attack Speed or Regular-Attack Damage for the meantime then just remove it later once you've maxed out the weapon.

Weapon Best seal Savage Line Sword Attack Speed ExplanationAfter you unlock the combo upgrade where he can force weak-points on enemies, Attack Speed seals will be the best choice of weapon skill to st unlock strong enemies.

Weapon Best seal Savage Line Crusher Damage at 30% Hearts or Less This technique is quite dangerous so don't forget to heal self-inflicted damage with X or his special attack.

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Weapon Best seal Savage Line Spear Regular-Attack Damage Mix in a couple of Attack Speed seals if you need a faster combo execution.

ExplanationImpa can basically spam special attacks, thanks to her shadow clones. Stack Special-Attack Damage seals on her weapon to make the most of this ability.

Weapon Best seal Ancient Overclock Unit Strong-Attack Damage Explanation Shaka Slate's combo upgrades focuses on extending Zelda's strong attacks so Strong-Attack Damage seals are the best choice for this weapon.

ExplanationDaruk needs Attack Speed seals so he can st unlock strong enemies and perform well against mobs inside outposts. You can add Attack Speed seals for faster lightning gauge charges.

Weapon Best seal Great Eagle Bow Midair-Attack Damage ExplanationRevali is much better in aerial combat since most of his upgrades are for his midair combo tree.

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Weapon Best seal Bands of Truth Attack Speed Explanation Attack Speed seals are important for his combos, so he can create more relics to absorb for his unique ability.

ExplanationSidon's unique ability specializes on his strong attacks. Put in Strong-Attack Damage seals in his weapon to supplement the boost from his ability.

Weapon Best seal Rock Roast Flambé Attack Speed Add in Regular-Attack Damage seals to increase her effectiveness on both types of enemies.

ExplanationIncrease his attack speed, so he can perform more combos, produce more Malice, and enter Calamity from much faster. Check out this Best Weapons & Seals guide for HyruleWarriors : Age of Calamity (Switch).

Check Out All Weapons & Seals List Here This article is a work in progress. Where To Geiger automatically from Chapter 3: Freeing Kook Forsythe Master Sword, obtained as a part of the main story of AOC, is one of the better choices for a weapon for Link.

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Where To Geiger automatically from Chapter 6: Each Step Like Underwater in the story, Zelda will gain access to bows as an alternate weapon, making her even more powerful. Where To Geiger as a random drop from:chapter 5: Water and FireChapter 6: Relentless as a WaterfallChapter 6: Each Step Like ThunderChapter 7: The Great PlateauChapter 7: All Rule, UnitedImpa's regular attack and special attack are extremely powerful after she applies 3 marks on her targets, so we've added seals to further accentuate her strong points.

We felt she didn't need a longer range and thus opted for Attack Speed as the final seal. Where To Geiger as a random drop from:chapter 6: Relentless as a WaterfallChapter 7: The Great PlateauChapter 7: The Future of Rule Rosa's basic and special attacks deal high damage, so this build seeks to buff them both up, while at the same time trying to improve her rather short weapon range.

By ensuring that you have a high level weapon with optimal seals (secondary stat attributes), you can maximize how much damage your character does. Check Out The Weapon Upgrades Guide Here Back To Top Page Nintendo Co., Ltd. 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

It should come as no surprise that Link himself has the largest selection of weapons in Age of Calamity. Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

One-handed swords are Link's bread and butter, so most players will probably want to pick this weapon style for him. It emits light beams every time Link swings it when he is at full health, which makes it capable of dealing large amounts of damage to all enemies.

Players are able to throw the weapon at their enemies, and it has a higher damage rating than even the Master Sword. Spears are a fascinating choice for Link to use, mostly because they give him a ridiculous reach in combat.

The Silver scale Spear and Ceremonial Trident are decent options for the player to pick, but by far the best weapon available to Link is the Royal Halberd. Similar to the spears though there really aren't any weapons with special abilities, so players will want to seek out those with the highest damage outputs.

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