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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Next month, From Software's Lovecraft masterpiece Blood borne will turn five years old, and fans have continuously flooded the streets of Harm searching for a means to “transcend the Hunt” over the course of that half-decade. Just like Dark Souls, Blood borne is brutally difficult and will chew timid players alive.

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So keep your favorite play style in mind as you search for your worth in the waking world. Updated by Caleb Bailey on March 7th, 2020: Blood borne features a staggering 30+ Trick Weapons and Firearms for players to use on The Hunt.

Today, we decided to dive back in to dig up a few more of the best weapons from Bloodborne's base game as well as The Old Hunters DLC. It's essentially an upgraded version of the Hunter Blunderbuss, with a tighter spread that works wonders at medium-to-long-range.

Many of the weapons in Blood borne are extremely nuanced and take hours to understand, let alone master. Then, you cackle like a maniac as you send even the largest foes in Blood borne flying around like rag dolls.

Once there, head inside the dilapidated windmill, and climb up a few ladders until you find this thing tucked away up top. Due to its relatively high Strength and Blood tinge requirements, we recommend pairing the Cannon with the Blood letter.

About one minute and three seconds into this trailer, viewers beheld the ungodly power of the Boom Hammer for the first time. This crude weapon is a distant relative to the Citrus who's damage also scales off of Strength and Arcane.

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While Citrus excels at shocking foes to death, the Boom Hammer gives Arcane Hunters an explosive Trick Weapon that doubles as a bludgeoning tool. Snag this baby from The Hunter's Nightmare, pump up Strength and Arcane as you can, then drop the hammer on any foes you encounter on The Hunt.

For several months, Pure Skill Hunters didn't have very many End-Game weapons to choose from; they'd either have to stick with the Threaded Canes or Saw Cleavers that they've wielded for most of their runs, or they'd have to bend over backward to get the Blades of Mercy. Shortly after defeating Lady Maria, Hunters can journey to the Fishing Hamlet and obtain her weapon for themselves.

Like the Beast Claw, players receive a brand new move set and a monstrous makeover. Possibly the biggest drawback to this weapon is its means of acquisition, and you'll have to get the Parasite from KOS himself.

Deemed 'the Pizza Cutter of Justice' by the Blood borne faithful, the community fell in love with this weapon when the first Old Hunters' trailer dropped. Read the comments from any of those videos, and you'll see fans frothing at the mouth over this stylish trick-weapon.

LHB has plenty of pros; both of its forms are great, it does decent damage, and it can receive all the buffs! The Holy Moonlight Sword is LHB's older, sexier sibling that lives in the Hollywood Hills and works a seven-figure job.

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The fact that it's a DLC weapon and drains utterly Quicksilver bullets are the MRS's only real downsides. Unlike almost every other NPC in the game, Simon is level-headed, friendly, and sane.

FromSoftware intentionally designed Blood borne to discourage overly defensive play; shields suck, healing options are limited, and firearms do piddling amounts of damage. Should a player commit to a Blood tinge build and stock up on Bone marrow Ash, firearms can be quite devastating.

Despite the eager calls from fans, the rumors and supposed teases, we're no closer to a sequel announcement. As such, players are left to periodically hop back into Harm and experience the game all over again, enjoying the Dark Souls spiritual successor's unique familiarity yet difference from the original series.

To keep things fresh, it's always fun to try out a completely new character build, or a weapon you never really gave a fair shake before. It’s not found during the course of the main story, for one thing, and isn’t really very well renowned in terms of attack speed or power.

With a build that takes advantage of its strengths, it’s both very powerful and a lot of fun, though perhaps isn’t as practical as the weapons we’ve ranked higher. While the Saw Cleaver may not be the strongest of the bunch, it’s reliably and safely usable for the entire game, even the DLC.

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A common theme that most of Bloodborne’s best weapons share is their ability to properly crowd control. The Beast Cutter also scales with Strength, making it almost a beefier version of the Threaded Cane, one of the starting weapons.

Like the Chicago, its tricked mode costs the player some HP, but just one chunk of it on each transformation rather than a constant drain. It scales with Strength in its regular mode and primarily Blood tinge when tricked, making it quite awkward in terms of the character build required.

Still, the transformed mode has huge range and is very strong, with a potent AOE attack (though the Frenzy this move causes has to be carefully played around). A standard powerful curved sword in its regular form, it transforms into a bow that can deal devastating damage if the player has leveled up their Blood tinge.

It can decimate a lot of enemies from relative safety, only held back by being a little slow to use and unwieldy to aim (yep, ‘Monocular sniping’ is a thing). That said, the Church Pick’s transformed state also allows the player to make use of very reliable st unlocks.

The transformed Church Pick’s amazing range also ensures that st unlocking an enemy isn’t particularly difficult. For starters, a charged L2 attack has arguably the best reach in the game, encompassing pretty much everything in its path while doing incredibly good damage.

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In terms of damage, the KOS Parasite may not hit as hard as it could, but it has amazing stagger potential. While Skill-based weapons don’t boast the damage-per-hit that their huge, cumbersome counterparts do, they make up for it with swift, graceful attacks.

The Blade of Mercy ties in perfectly with the game’s evasive combat style, dealing boosted damage from quickstep attacks and allowing the player to dodge through foes’ onslaughts while piling on the pressure. That said, it isn’t entirely identical to the Chicago and the Bakugo actually has its own set of strengths and weaknesses to balance things out.

The Bakugo is technically a dual wielded weapon, changing up the control scheme on the player. At the same time, mastering this control scheme leads to Bakugo turning into a beast of a weapon.

The Holy Moonlight Sword is basically a Dark Souls weapon slapped into Blood borne. The Wooden Shield is very much the same concept, but From knew that fans needed a recognizable sword for The Old Hunters DLC.

The end result is the coolest version of the series signature weapon: the Holy Moonlight Sword. It’s fast, hits hard, has an incredibly fun move set, and fundamentally changes how Bloodborne’s gameplay loop feels.

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The Holy Moonlight Sword scales evenly with Strength and Dexterity, so it’s a good weapon for any Melee/Arcane hybrid. Perfect availability, great scaling, amazing range, useful both Tricked or otherwise, and one of the more powerful weapons in the game in terms of pure damage, there’s no reason not to use the Hunter Axe.

It can be a great one-on-one weapon, it can crowd control easily, it’s insanely useful for pretty much every boss fight, and players will never feel like they’re doing chip damage. Again, though, you’ll have to brave the DLC to grab it, as it’s located on a small incline on the path surrounding the Nightmare Church.

Its move set is also super reliable, chaining into a hard to avoid combo. While its availability certainly isn’t as good as the starting weapons, Ludwig’s Holy Blade can be obtained alarmingly early if players know what they’re doing.

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