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To explain the tiers a little: the guns in S-Tier are highly popular and dominating most matches right now in Collar. Deadly at any range, laser-precise, and capable of erasing an enemy in milliseconds with a single three-shot-burst, the M16 is a terrifying force on any battlefield.

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The AK-47 was always going to be a popular choice for players of any Call Of Duty game, and it’s certainly warranted in Black Ops: Collar. Overall we prefer the lower recoil of the M16 as it increases our chances of one-burst-kills, but the AUG actually deals slightly higher damage per shot, at very nearly the same rate of fire.

Make sure you kit this gun out for accuracy and long-range potential, as this is where the Rig truly shines, rivaling even the mighty long-range warriors such as the Wellington and M16 in this regard. This familiar face in the Black Ops arsenal is an extremely reliable close-range weapon thanks to its high rate of fire and easy to manage recoil pattern.

The Wellington is by far the strongest and most popular Sniper Rifle in Collar, as it was in the game’s Beta events. All that matters is how quickly you can aim and pull the trigger, which is why our preferred Wellington loadout focuses on ADS and Sprint-To-Fire times, alongside higher damage and fire rate to help consistently one-shot your opponents.

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar is all about weapons and the next kill. We show you the best weapons for multiplayer, with tips for all weapon classes and powerful setups to try out.

Guns are a sensitive issue in Call of Duty because each player brings their own preferences and opinions. But in general there are always guns that are seen by a large group of players as “the best and that usually actually have an advantage over other weapons.

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OkayGotcha shows you the best weapons for the multiplayer of Black Ops Collar, which are currently considered strong in their weapon classes for many soldiers. We keep the article fresh for you on a regular basis and update it when there are major changes to the so-called meta weapons.

In addition, new alternatives have been added : the AK-47 and the Season 1 Group weapon for assault rifles. In order to offer you the best weapons by class, we have checked out many current videos on the subject, looked at animal lists and also incorporated our own experiences into the evaluation.

We link the most important sources for current changes or assessments at the bottom of the article, right at the end of the text. If you are looking for a strong weapon with good control, you will find the best weapons in Collar here.

If you want the full damage and are ready to forego other benefits, then look around at the alternatives. This assault rifle offers you a bit of everything and stands above average in terms of important values without outstripping the others.

The XM4 sits right in the middle, is easy to play, very portable, and a strong choice among assault rifles. This weapon class is very popular and the assault rifles are something of the all-rounder among the Cod ratchets.

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Except for the AK-74u, submachine guns have a very low bullet speed in Collar, which you should definitely compensate with the barrel. You lose a duel with the other primary weapon classes if the opponent starts to fire at the same time.

With the M16 you get a balanced 3-shot volley rifle that gives you an excellent time-to-kill and keeps it even at greater distances. In addition, the weapon is pleasantly stable, and it is often no problem to sink the 3 bullets directly into the opponent.

All weapons in this category are either volley or single shot rifles and none offer an automatic fire mode. The pure single-shot rifles offer a long range, while the volley-shot weapons convince with high damage.

Legs are particularly known for their large magazines and tend to lack a bit of liveliness. This weapon class can best be compared with assault rifles, but they are more sluggish, but offer significantly more bullets and a long range.

From the Legs at Collar, the Stoner 63 comes closest to an assault rifle in terms of feel and delights you with huge magazines to suppress a whole squad on the way to the mission goal or even to completely eliminate it. In particular, the good controllability of the recoil, coupled with a long range, make the Legs really strong in the Cod of 2020.

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A sniper in Call of Duty usually doesn't sit forever on one point and wait for his target to approach. Of the 3 sniper rifles when Collar was released, it is the fastest and easiest weapon, which makes it ideal for Quick scope operations.

Reduce your ammunition, but bring big bonuses to many other important values Do not sit down at a good point on the map and wait for your opponents, but actively look for enemies and knock them down with one shot.

This shotgun gives you powerful one-shot kills that can go as high as 10 meters with the right attachments. This gives you a strong melee weapon that can bring you lots of fun and satisfying kills, especially with a run & gun style.

Collar only offers 2 shotguns at release and in this class it depends a lot on your own preferences. If you play a match with a shotgun as your main weapon, the Bauer 77 is preferable.

Collar Setup Bauer 77 Finish: fire flash damper 12 GA Shotguns are the melee monsters in Collar and are terrifyingly powerful in that area.

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Magnum and 1911 are both strong replacements when your main weapon can no longer provide enough firepower for an intrusive enemy. The Magnum gives you 75 damage to your hand and can also kill enemies with full health with 2 shots.

The 1911 takes 3 shots, but can fire faster and is generally a bit livelier than the Magnum. When it comes to choosing the right weapons in Black Ops Collar, it's often about preferences and how you play.

Often times, the guns that get on your nerves the most in a match are also good choices for your loadout. The builds suggested here support the strengths of the weapons, but do not have to be the optimal solution for you.

Because you have to play the individual guns for a long time until you get the good essays. Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar is now available on all platforms and features a wide variety of weapons for players to use.

So you’ll want to make sure to continually experiment with your classes to find the perfect fit for your gameplay style. Leveling up weapons in Collar is a tedious process that requires patience and commitment.

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Surprisingly, several assault rifles in Collar are perfectly acceptable in most situations unless you are competing in a professional environment. Keep an XM4 class ready, if possible, to fall back on if you run into trouble while using the other assault rifles.

The MP5 was one of the most powerful guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the latest version in Collar is no different. But attachments that lower the reload time or increase the magazine’s capacity can resolve this problem.

Aggressive play styles are perfect for the MP5, so make sure to take advantage of the strong weapon and not be afraid to challenge enemies. This makes the AUG a powerful weapon as Collar has a slightly longer time-to-kill than its predecessor.

The AUG features a default scope that is suitable for most engagements but can be changed based on player preference. It is possible to use the AUG in close-quarter combat, but fully automatic SMS like the MP5 will typically win engagements.

LEG’s are the heavier, more powerful versions of assault rifles that deal massive damage but are typically slower and bulky. The gun has incredible accuracy that allows players to deliver precise damage from a distance.

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This is not a suitable weapon for mobility and aggressive play styles and is best used to cover lanes or specific areas. It is best to use a suppressor to avoid being an easy target for enemies and prevent them from honing in on your location.

The Stoner 63’s recoil and reload time can also be reduced with attachments, and there are several combinations to make the gun a deadlier weapon. The LW3 can kill in a single shot to the head, chest, or shoulders, while the Wellington is slightly less powerful.

Players can also add a magazine attachment for ammo, which prevents the need to reload as often. Snipers in Collar feel slower than most players are likely used to, so it is best to experiment with the LW3 and find your preferred setup.

The Hair 77 is capable of killing enemies in one shot at close ranges, which makes it a more reliable shotgun than the Gallo SA 12. However, the Hair will not kill enemies in one shot at long ranges, so pick your battles wisely.

The hip fire accuracy can also be boosted with various attachments that make the Hair even deadlier at close ranges. Many players prefer a shotgun or launcher as their secondary weapon, but the 1911 is a powerful handgun perfect for emergencies.

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It is important to remember that's witching to your pistol is almost always faster than reloading, and the 1911 is more than capable of killing injured enemies in a pinch. It is not recommended using the 1911 as your primary weapon in core modes as it will leave you at a significant disadvantage.

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