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The PS5 remake of Demon's Souls is about as much of a faithful recreation of a game as you could hope for. While that means we can experience all the great memories of the older title with a fresh coat of, admittedly extremely gorgeous, paint, we will hit those same frustrations as the first time around.

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Or, if you're like the majority of people, these rough patches will be all new since the original title was somewhat of a cult hit only released on the PS3. Rather than waste levels trying to get the stats required to wield that awesome looking sword, only to find out it isn't up to snuff, check out this guide on the best weapons to use.

Even if you haven't played Demon's Souls before, odds are you have heard of the Crescent Fashion. This is a fantastic weapon to grab early, and you can realistically stick with it through most of the game.

It takes a minimum of ten dexterity and nine endurance to wield and can be picked up almost right away in the first level of the Shrine of Storms, Island's Edge. The only real threat to picking it up is the black skeleton guarding it, but if you're quick enough you can dodge around him and grab it without having to fight him.

For a somewhat higher level dexterity option, the Uchigatana is a fan favorite that has shown up in a number of Souls games. It takes 13 dexterity and 18 End, and you will have to beat the Vanguard Demon in the Shrine of Storms before you can reach it, so you'll have to be able to tackle that challenge before you can get your hands on it.

This giant hammer can crush through most enemies' guard and deal a ton of damage, assuming you can land that hit, of course. You'll need Blacksmith Ed to transform either a base level Club or Great Club, plus six Mace, Pickaxe, Morning Star, Iron knuckles, or Iran Hammer into the Cleaver along with the Swollen Demon Soul.

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You can get it as a quest reward from Mephistopheles for killing Strata or as a possible drop from Black Phantom Scurvier. Probably the least popular primary weapon to rock in any souls game, bows and crossbows generally serve as better backup options for fringe situations than as your bread and butter damage dealer.

You can pick this weapon up as a drop from, you guessed it, the Gargoyles in Upper Latvia. Not only does this sword take 20 strength, 14 dexterity, 12 magic, and 12 faith to hold, but scales with your world tendency instead of any stat.

You can catch him defending the plot of Kingdom Hearts and geeking out over awesome combo videos in character action games any day of the week. The Demon’s Souls remake is out on PlayStation 5 and is introducing a new generation of players back to the series’ roots.

Developer Bluepoint has kept the game very faithful to the original PlayStation 3 version. At first, they considered making an additional easy mode, but decided to keep the game true to From Software’s vision.

There are some minor updates to the game’s content, including DLC weapons, but they don’t have a huge impact. The Great Club is a super large hammer that can impact huge amounts of damage.

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The Great Club requires a lot of Strength to wield but has some fantastic scaling. The Great Club itself is in world 2-1, search for the crystal lizard scampering around the lower area.

As with other weapons, players should consider the Sharp, Mercury, or Crescent upgrades depending on their preferred play style. It is also possible to reach the area by heading through the underground secret passage through an illusionary wall.

For those looking to save a bit of souls, another option is to fight the Blue Eye Knights wandering around the early game. Players should consider the Sticky upgrade path, or the straight base +10 if using the bow as an emergency weapon.

While bows tend to be circumstantial weapons, a full archery build can be deadly in its own right. Still, players should have some sort of backup ranged attack just in case they get in a situation where distance is more important than power.

After defeating the Vanguard boss, head left and locate a staircase leading to the top of a tower. Wanderer classes start with the weapon, giving them a nice advantage.

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Other characters can depend on Grave Robber Beige, who will sell the weapon for 1,500 souls. Past the first fog gate, head left and rush to the skeleton wielding two blades.

The Crescent path scales with Magic instead of Dexterity, making it a better weapon for hybrid casters rather than pure fighters. It has slightly more damage than the Fashion, and an altered attack animation with a bit more reach.

After defeating this boss, head to the slight right side of the arena will sit the weapon next to a well. Another option is to fight the Golden Skeleton enemy just outside the boss encounter, although it can be fairly strong and doesn’t always drop the Kill when bested.

As a special weapon, it only as a straight base +5 upgrade path, though it also comes with some added fire resistance. If this requirement is met, head straight forward from the start and spot a crystal lizard.

If going the critical route one should consider the Fatal upgrade path, while Sharp has better base damage and scaling. Players can also farm the prisoner enemies in 3-1, but the drop rate isn’t a guarantee.

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It would be best if you chose to level up either Strength or stamina and find weapons that scale with your primary stat. Its scaling is a bit on the low side with only a B rating, but it makes up for it with it’s added fire defense.

Fire defense is insanely good in Demon’s Souls, as there are many of the hard bosses that are flame-based, such as the Flame lurker. © Provided by GamePurThe Uchigatana is an iconic sword in the Souls series, and there’s a good reason for that.

And if you are going a pure Dexterity build, you can upgrade the weapon with a Sharp modifier to set the Ex scaling to S. You can immediately enter this world after beating the first boss, Parallax, and heading back to the Nexus.

It scales fantastically with Dexterity and allows you to dish out massive damage in the late game. To find the Compound Long Bow touch the fourth Arch stone in The Nexus to go into World 4-1.

Follow the main path in the tunnel, and you will come across a dead body with the Compound Long Bow. Magic is still one of the most useful tools that any player can harness in Demon's Souls.

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While some are able to run through the game at blinding speed, others are left searching and wondering. One of the biggest problems when attempting to use magic for the first time is finding the right weapon.

What makes this weapon, so good is the damage bonus it gives to all spells. It is a great weapon to have on hand to dish out some extra damage to enemies.

To get this weapon players need to travel to the Smiting Grounds unless they have defeated the Armor Spider boss. To get this weapon, players will need to travel to the Swamp of Sorrow and kill Black Phantom Seen Vinland.

For players who like stabbing weapons, the Épée Rapier is great. This weapon can be found in Upper Latvia, though it takes some time to obtain.

Players will need to travel through the area and destroy the chains that are holding the heart in the large tower. Once the heart is destroyed, players can travel back to the tower and go down to the bottom.

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It can be a little difficult to obtain because it rests on a hard to reach the platform. Players who want this weapon should make their way to Upper Latvia.

This is another weapon that is found in Upper Latvia, though it is easier to obtain as long as players have good item discovery. Yet again, players will need to travel to Upper Latvia to retrieve this weapon as it drops from the Gargoyles in the area.

The best path to take this weapon when doing a magic build is to make it a Moon Uchigatana. It can be dropped by the Black Skeletons in Island's Edge, or it is sitting on the ground behind the Vanguard Demon in the same area.

Players can avoid fighting the Vanguard Demon by taking the underground pathway filled with illusory walls. The weapon does require points in the Magic stat to wield.

Players can grab this weapon at the end of the game after defeating the King Allan boss fight. Once they beat King Allan, players will need to travel back to the Nexus and fall down the hole that appears.

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While it doesn't have the best stats in the game, it has a bonus that trumps all the others, the ability to steal MP. Every hit that players deal to an enemy with this weapon will grant them 20MP.

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