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Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Perks will help you make the most of the weapons in HorizonZeroDawn, as will modifiers that target different elemental weaknesses. At the most basic level, purple means good, but some weapons from the Frozen Wilds expansion (which is included with the PC version of HorizonZeroDawn) and the Hunter's Lodge Trials are good enough that you might want to be a little careful about what you spend shards on upgrading.

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The Tear blaster is a weapon designed with a clear purpose: It rips armor off your enemies. The Improved Storms linger is the most powerful weapon in the game in terms of raw damage, and is especially deadly when up against foes which are weak to electricity.

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)You earn this bow by completing the Hunters Lodge trials, so while it’s a great weapon, bear in mind that you’ll need other great weapons in order to unlock it. (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)As you've already seen, the Frozen Wilds contains some best weapons in Horizon, so it should be no surprise to see another one make this list.

The Improved Ice rail is an ice cannon, able to freeze enemies as well as damage them, and has a hell of a kick to it. Devastating at close range, but you'll probably want to keep your distance for most of the game, which stops the Improved Ice rail from being a truly essential weapon in Ally's arsenal.

It can launch vials and proximity bombs towards enemies, and can be great for dealing big damage in one go, although it's nowhere near as accurate as a bow and arrow. (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)Much like the Improved Ice rail, the Shadow Rattler’s effectiveness is hindered by the fact that it’s most effective at close quarters, and Ally (and the game) is built more for ranged fighting.

It clearly isn't as showy or as powerful as the other weapons, but Ally would be pretty damn lost without it. Don’t rush in and try and club a Thunder jaw to death, but don't completely underestimate Ally's melee skills either.

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The contents of this article are entirely independent and solely reflect the editorial opinion of PC Gamer. To tackle the great challenges presented in this game, it's important to have the best weapons at your disposal.

Whether you're traversing the Sunday or headed through Bank territory, it might be best to stock up on the 10 best weapons in the entire game. Updated by Madison Lennon on March 1st, 2020: It has been several years since HorizonZeroDawn was released and yet the game remains extremely popular.

The Tear blaster is especially helpful for the bigger machines since it can remove their powerful cannons and weapons. Like the majority of weapons in the game, the Rope caster has several variations that make it more powerful.

The ranged weapon is particularly helpful when you encounter machines that can fly, such as Storm birds and Glint hawks, as it easily allows you to tie them to the ground, so they can't take flight. If you like using arrows most of the time when fighting machines, the Striker Bow will come in handy for you.

Similar to the Ice rail and the Storms linger, the Forge fire is another weapon you can get in The Cut during the Frozen Wilds DLC. Instead of ice or electricity, the Forge fire can unleash a wave of fire, akin to that of the Bellow back's fireball attack.

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It's super helpful when you encounter the Frost claws in Frozen Wild who are very hard to beat. While the Spear is a worthy melee weapon for the majority of the game, it's nice that you can finally get a complete upgrade with the addition of the Lance which is an excellent aid to Ally during many of the fights.

It is also helpful since it can potentially inflict shock damage to the machines or enemies you're fighting against. Combine that with the precision aiming maneuver, and the Shadow Hunter Bow becomes one of the best tools in the game.

However, the Shadow Trip caster maintains its usefulness by giving Ally three different traps to throw down. It provides an extra method for dispatching machines and humans as well as gives Ally a bit more breathing room when tackling multiple opponents at once.

The Precision Arrows deal a lot of damage and can take out enemy humans with a single headshot. Tear blast Arrows can rip annoying parts of machines, giving Ally the edge against Thunder jaws and Ravagers.

Where most weapons are variations of primitive equipment, the Rattler is something that feels a bit more modern. It deals a lot of damage, can penetrate armor quite well, and the status effects can make any fight a cinch when used properly.

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However, HorizonZeroDawn ensures that using a slingshot has its own advantages, the greatest of which being its impressive blast damage. Slingshots can be used to attach bombs to machines, which deal massive damage and can cause them to stagger.

The best of the bunch is the Lodge Blast Sling, which offers three different bomb types and excellent stats. However, this sling can only be obtained if Ally makes herself known by conquering all 15 of the Hunting Grounds in the game.

To compensate for this difficulty spike, the game introduces some new weapons that give players an advantage is this new location. Bank weapons are some of the best in the game, as they were released to account for the increased difficulty of The Frozen Wilds.

Considering that The Frozen Wilds also offers a lot of powerful modifications, it's easy to turn this into the strongest weapon in the game. Each of its three arrow types sports a different element, which is used to stun or give players the right opening they need to secure a critical hit.

While it might seem like a difficult task, there's no denying that the Lodge War Bow is worth the effort. Fully charged shots can dismantle machines quicker than most other weapons in its class.

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Its standard form is strong and sturdy, but complete the side quest for Vargas, and you get rewarded with the Improved Storms linger. Horizon : Zero Dawn is a beautiful game with a rich world full of seemingly endless places and challenges exploring.

As Ally ventures into the dangerous territories, it’s important to keep the best weapons equipped to be ready to take on any adversary. Whether you’re aiming into the skies battling a storm bird attack, or locked into an epic duel against Thunder jaw, it is vital to know which weapons will give you the best advantages for anything.

These 15 weapons are my top picks, and they’re sure to provide a wide variety of benefits that will give Ally the edge in just about any combat situation. This is not the most versatile or customizable weapon, but it is effective in a pinch to quickly create a vulnerable spot to deal damage.

The regular war bow is used to fire elemental shots at enemies dealing different effects based on the selected mods and arrows. And while the war bows do not deal high amounts of damage, they are great weapons to have because you can switch between different elemental effects while still playing a ranged battle.

With 80 handling and three different mod slots, this bow is well-equipped to become a necessary item for just about any battle due to the versatility. The trade off for the accuracy is the ability to fire multiple shots dealing quick bursts of damage.

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The Shadow Rattler has 100 handling and three mod slots with an additional freeze ammo added on top of previous electric shots. Despite having low accuracy, if this weapon is used properly it can be very effective at saving Ally or dealing quick damage to multiple enemies in close combat.

The Frozen Wilds is DLC that can be added onto the base game providing you with additional areas to explore, missions to complete, and even more challenging machines to battle. The Bank Champion Bow comes with a unique “overdraw” mechanic that allows you to hold aim for longer without sacrificing any integrity of the shot.

Also, these Bank variants do have higher base stats than the other bows, making them strong contenders in the list of best weapons to acquire despite their rarity. Original shortstop bows are weapons that deal high amounts of damage at a long range with a slow draw time and low ammo count.

The Shadow Blast Sling is one of the best weapons in the game because it can carry up to two different grenade types plus additional proximity mines that detonate when an enemy is within range, making them perfect for setting up traps or defenses. But the Bank Power shot Bow is a stronger weapon that deals high amounts of damage at a range, with a long draw time and low ammo count.

The Bank Power shot Bow can only be acquired through the Frozen Wilds DLC, so it is quite rare and difficult to obtain. As another introduction here: the trip caster is a useful tool that can set traps for unsuspecting enemies, allowing Ally to have a clear advantage in any combat.

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If you can get your hands on this weapon you’ll find it has 70 handling and has three additional mod slots for added effects. Having this tool on hand can make much larger enemies more accessible, allowing you to deal damage effectively without the same risk.

This small difference gives the Lodge Blast Sling the definitive edge and a very useful weapon for disrupting enemies with high amounts of focused damage. Note this is a close range weapon, but it is well-equipped to contend in this list, and it’s certainly worth your time to track it down in-game.

The only difference is that the lodge war bow does slightly higher amounts of elemental damage with each arrow. Both war bows are impressive, but the slight benefit of added damage boost is enough to hand over second spot to our Lodge variation.

This weapon is given to Ally from a shaman, and it lets you shoot out damaging bolts of electricity at any machines that cross your path.

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