Best Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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This section of the guide will show you the best weapons to find and use as you explore Night City. Henri is an absolute powerhouse that can be nabbed early on by visiting a monk near the northern docks area of Watson.

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After helping him save his brother, you'll be able to grab this iconic weapon from the Maelstrom gang. Not only is Skippy an incredibly powerful and unique smart pistol that scales with the user's level, it also talks and has a full personality.

This weapon can be found in the Heywood area as part of an optional side mission where you must collect it off of someone's dead body in an alleyway. Afterwards, you can loot Widow Maker off Nash's body, adding this powerful weapon to your arsenal.

Panama's trusty sniper rifle can be yours after completing the Riders on the Storm Side Job. This power sniper rifle deals high damage, has a faster-than-average reload speed and is very accurate.

This iconic Smart Submachine Gun can be found during the Gimme Danger mission in Act 2. Cyberpunk2077 lets you mod your attributes and your body to your liking, so deciding on the type of weapons you use in-game is another major consideration for any player looking to dominate in Night City.

Having played over 50 hours of the game ahead of launch, we’ve already encountered some special weapons in Night City that are worth seeking out if you want to keep your character, V, safe and add some variety to your arsenal. Some unique weapons have special ammo effects in Cyberpunk2077, such as the ability to ricochet bullets on walls to hit other enemies, commit charged power shots or dole out smart, homing bullets that forego aiming and let you take out enemies from cover.

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You have to complete a special quest called Stadium Love in the 6th Street area in Santo Domingo to unlock this smart weapon in Cyberpunk2077. Arriving in the area, you should see a number of broken buildings as part of an estate flooded with American flag-toting gun nuts.

Once you meet them, if you make careful dialogue choices you’ll be tasked with shooting multiple sets of targets with great accuracy, drinking a shot of alcohol between each round. It is very handy for neutralizing tricky mini-bosses and making short work of Night City’s goon gangs.

You can find it in an unusual spot, as part of the quest line where you attempt to reunite Johnny Silver hand’s old band, Samurai. The plot of this part of the mission is that Henry has poured cement in Denny's’ pool, and you have to choose who to side with.

You’ll get a taste of the Malaria during the flashback sequences between acts, but if you want to actually use the weapon yourself, you need to make choices to become friends with Johnny and indulge his quest line where he asks to lend your body for a while. If you keep helping him out you’ll eventually pick up a mission called Chipping In’ where you work with Rogue Amenities to dig some more dirt on Adam Smasher and his associates.

During the mission, you’ll fight through a cargo ship until you find a lone gunman called Grayson at the end who is connected to Silver hand’s killer. Follow Panama Palmer’s quest line after you meet her in Act 2, and you’ll eventually receive a mission called Riders on the Storm.

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You’ll find Skippy as part of a quest in the Vista Del Rey area of Heywood. Search the local Side Job markers, and you’ll stumble into an alley with this friendly little critter of a gun.

There are a lot of guns to pick and choose from during your time in Night City and the surrounding Badlands. (Image credit: CD Project Red) Type: Smart Pistol Where: In Act 2, head to an alley in Vista Del Rey.

The two modes are Stone Cold Killer, which means Skippy will automatically go for headshots, and Puppy Pacifist, which aims for non-lethal body shots. (Image credit: CD Project Red) Type: Tech Pistol Where: Inside Lizzie's Bar during the main story mission, Automatic Love.

And if you want to pack a bit more punch, charge up a shot to increase its power and unleash a burst of bullets into your target. If you're keen to get your hands on this pink pistol, you'll find it in Act 2, during the Automatic Love main story mission.

Providing you don't mind looking like some kind of grotesque mechanical insect, these blades will slash through enemies with ease. As an added bonus, you'll also be able to unlock an ability that lets you leap to your target to deal devastating damage.

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Type: Smart Assault Rifle Where: Win the shooting competition during the Stadium Love side job. It's high critical hit chance and headshot multiplier make this is a solid choice for one of your weapon slots.

To get Divided We Stand, you need to pick up the side job Stadium Love, located in Rancho Coronado, and win the shooting competition. In order to access this side quest, you'll first need to complete the Playing for Time main story mission.

(Image credit: CD Project Red) Type: Power Pistol Where: In Act 2 during the Chipping' In side mission The Malaria Arms 3516 might not immediately strike you as being one of the best weapons, but with its headshot damage multiplier, it's one of the more deadly additions you can make to your arsenal.

(Image credit: CD Project Red) Type: Tech Precision Rifle Where: In Act 2 during the Ghost Town main story mission. Handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, bananas, baseball bats, and more inhabit the coffers of Night City in Cyberpunk2077.

The stats and perks of these weapons vary with each play through, though, the typical assortment of buffs and other bonuses remain relatively static. During their travels, players may be on the lookout for the best weapons in the game and, depending on their character’s build and the gamer’s play style, there is a devastating weapon that fits into each archetypical category.

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However, the weapon can be upgraded to epic quality, which adds a mod slot and increases its overall stats. After players complete the mission titled The Space in Between, the tech pistol can be found on the table near Judy’s room.

However, they cost over 100,000 eddies, which is a ridiculous sum when considering players can pick them up for free in the game world. Instead of buying them, gamers should make their way to the Corps Plaza section of Night City, near the Halsey & MLK fast travel marker.

If they are quick, gamers can loot the chest off to the right near some boxes after going down the alley that contains Cyberpunk2077’s legendary Mantis Blades, and they can get out before the cyberpsycho attacks them. Whether focusing on a build featuring Blades or utilizing a ranged setup, Satori is a crazy addition to V’s collection.

The legendary Katina will be waiting for fans in an AV (transport shuttle) after taking out a few guards. The weapon fires additional rounds when players pull the trigger and has an increased chance to poison enemies.

When fully charged, the weapon’s bullet spread is reduced, making the shots more accurate and deadly. Players can find this iconic tech precision rifle during the mission with Panama to get back her car.

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After finishing the Rocky Ridge section of the mission and given the option to assist Panama with killing Nash, players should take her up on the offer. If gamers choose not to help Panama exact her revenge on Nash, they can find Widow Maker during the final battle against the Rafters after V gets out of the Basilisk.

This weapon is easy to obtain and only requires players to complete a side quest involving Panama. For players looking for some medium-to-close-range gun play, the legendary D5 Copperhead Power Assault Rifle is a phenomenal choice.

When helping the Adelardo Nomads after being introduced to Panama, players can acquire this legendary power assault rifle from a vendor in the crew’s camp. About The Author Dylan Barman (270 Articles Published) As a video game journalist with experience authoring previews, reviews, news, interviews, and opinion pieces, Dylan has a proclivity for offering analyses of the gaming industry's most trendy topics.

Alongside his literary endeavors, Dylan enjoys reading, practicing martial arts, trying new foods, and playing everything from RPG's and looter shooters to fighting games and racers. Some examples include fire piercing rounds, different kinds of elemental damage or a higher chance to dismember enemies.

Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view. It may not look like much, but Skippy is the unique weapon in the entire game thanks to it's Clippy the Paperclip-like AI.

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Skippy also has the unique ability to level up with the player, making it a decent weapon when melee just won't cut it. Skippy can be found at a point of interest in Vista Del Ray, Heywood, down an alley way where V will come across a corpse with a small pistol nearby.

It has a high reload speed, which is great for a weapon with low ammo clips. Overwatch isn't obtained easily; V must complete Panama's quest line, “Riders On The Storm” and save Saul of the Aldecaldos.

This is a Katina with decent damage, but it's true power ties in a particular implant: Cerenkov. It's already a way to perform some cool moves, but when combined with this iconic weapon, it ups its CRT chance by 100 percent, and the last strike deals double the damage in combos.

Not only does it have ricochet bullets, but it causes thermal damage with a huge chance to burn enemies. The Psalm 11:6 must be crafted, which means V will need to grab the blueprint off Maelstrom member Tom Layer.

The weapon starts off as a Rare crafting item, but it can be upgraded too legendary to become deadly. It does a good chunk of bonus electrical damage with a chance to stun enemies.

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The Archangel is a gift from Kerry during the quest “A Like Supreme” and can be upgraded from rare up to legendary. It can become one of the best revolvers in the game, and shares a similarity to Johnny Silverhand's gun, the Malaria Arms.

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