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Below you’ll find our tried and tested War zone weapon tier list, along with detailed explanations and tips on the very bestWarzone guns. The Finn would be an impressive weapon even without its range of Adverse barrel attachments, which increase the fire rate to near unmatched levels (over 1000 RPM, in fact) without really doing that much to counterbalance this buff.

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Its ability to absolutely wreck shop at mid to long range has forced it to be nerfed, but that hasn’t stopped people using the DMR for its huge damage and minimal recoil. The SP-R 208, one of two new weapons added in Season 1 of War zone, is a powerful Marksman Rifle that has quickly cemented itself as a top-tier gun.

Superseding the Kar98k in almost every way, the SP-R’s various unique attachment options (improving damage and fire rate among other things) gives players perhaps the first DMR that can truly match the top sniper rifles in terms of lethality. With the nerf-into-oblivion of the previously dominant LEG (the Brien), the venerable KM was more than ready to step up and become the sleeper hit of Season 5 (at least until the Finn arrived and stole all its thunder).

Unbelievable damage and range stats couple with fantastic handling and clean iron sights to become one of the clear strongest weapons in War zone at the moment. The one caveat is that it’s big and bulky and takes ages to reload, so be sure to check out our best KM loadout above if you want to see how best to ready yourself for battle with this superb gun.

Now, it’s right up there with the Gray and Brien, rounding off the holy trinity at the top of Warzone’s weapons meta at the moment. If you’re using the Group, kit it out to be a hyper-accurate laser beam type rifle, with a huge amount of firepower and reliability across lots of ranges in Verdant.

Toss on the GRU Suppressor, 60 Round Mags, and the 16.7” HDV Reinforced barrel, and you’ll have a monster in the War zone. The AX-50 may have it marginally beat in terms of handling, but the HDR’s immense bullet velocity is about the closest you can get to hit scan in this game.

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But in recent times, the meta has subtly shifted, and if you’re looking to specialize, this gun’s rivals will probably do a better job (the Gray, the Group, and the Kilo 141). War zone guns behave very differently than they do in core multiplayer modes, so the knowledge base doesn’t transfer.

Besides, with the largest map in Call of Duty history, 149 other players to outlast, and new mechanics like an armor plate system, your needs are very different from in a match on Rust or Crash. Naturally, personal preference does play a huge role here, so if you disagree with some of our picks then there’s nothing wrong with you racking up headshots and team wipes with a different gun in War zone.

Its range isn’t great, and you’ll need to get used to arcing your shots if you want to drop players at mid-range, but it’s a one-hit kill to fully-armoured enemies and can be spammed. The max magazine capacity of 45-rounds is practically the only drawback to this SMG as you won’t find many weapons that can match its time-to-kill stats.

Coupled alongside long ranged weapons like a sniper or tactical rifle, you should be able to handle any encounter no matter how far the enemy is. The Rig 6 is far and away the most accurate assault rifle in War zone, largely due to the incredibly high bullet velocity.

The Type 63 has been overshadowed by the stronger DMR 14, but this tactical rifle shouldn’t be ignored thanks to its short to medium range dominance. Compared to the DMR 14, the Type 63 features higher accuracy when hip firing, as well as more bullets per magazine and a faster reload time.

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However, if your aim isn’t perfect then you’ll find the Gray 5.56 is one of the easiest to use and most reliable weapons in its class for mid to long-range full-auto fire. A recent nerf means it’s no longer the very best weapon in its class, but if you’re looking for ease of use and a very quick time to kill then you can’t go wrong with the Gray.

The new marksman rifle simply outshines the Car in practically every category, but it’s the improved damage range and bullet velocity that makes it so effective in War zone. You can use our War zone SP-R 208 loadouts if you want a snappy one-hit kill rifle for medium and long range, but you can also build this into an extremely long-range sniper.

The caveat is you’ll need to hit heads as body shots are significantly weaker, but that’s true of sniping in War zone anyway. The reason is it has a lot of visual noise when firing, and with some pretty unpleasant iron sights, spotting and tracking targets in a fight is no mean feat.

Sure, you can use an optic, but this means sacrificing some crucial aim down sight speed, muzzle velocity, or damage range depending on which attachment you replace it with. While the M4A1 dominates in core multiplayer, the RAM-7 is also a top option in War zone for a fast-firing, accurate, and versatile assault rifle.

We also have a lot of love for the MG34 in War zone, but our bestWarzone KM loadout is the way to go if you want to use a proper LEG in battle royale. Set it up with a heavy barrel and some attachments to minimize recoil, and you’ll find you’re able to destroy enemies crossing open ground, even if they’re at sniper range.

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The R9-0 with Dragon’s Breath rounds is a two-shot down in close-quarters scenarios, and thanks to its unique double pump mechanic, you can fire the first two shells almost simultaneously. The issue with the Kilo 141 is that it remains very mediocre while several other assault rifles offer either better time-to-kill stats, performance over range, or accuracy.

However, rapid reloads, decent mobility, superior ranged performances, and easy recoil mean it remains one of the bestWarzone guns around. Although it handles like the AK-47 and Scar (and fires pretty slowly, too), the CR-56 MAX can be transformed with the right attachments to create a heavy-hitting, relatively manageable AR.

If you know you can hit your shots then the R9-0 will definitely drop an opponent a little faster, but mistakes are easy to make in this fast-paced mode, so our bestWarzone Origin 12 loadout is still a great pick. The best M13 War zone build has been increasingly popular as players look for alternatives to the Gray and M4A1 meta, but while it has its strengths, it remains the weaker option for long distance fights.

What we will say in the M13’s favor is that its TT stats, rate of fire, and minimal recoil make it feel like fighting with a laser beam and if you’re an aggressive player then you’ll love it. It’s rate of fire and recoil mean you won’t struggle to meet its potential DPS, plus it can be equipped with a 60-round magazine, allowing you to take fights with multiple enemies without needing to reload several times.

These two are both essential War zone sniper rifles and are among the bestWarzone guns for one key reason: they are both capable of downing with a single headshot. However, the AX-50’s muzzle velocity is a little lower, meaning you’ll need to learn its bullet drop and travel time to get the most out of it.

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Long range battles generally aren’t worth it in War zone as you don’t get a chance to loot your victims and can lose a lot of armor and bullets in the process, but if that’s how you want to play then you’ll find this the best gun for the job. There are a few different ways to spec your War zone AS VAL loadout, but if you kit it out for mobility and close-range combat you’ll find it offers a phenomenal time-to-kill that scales up to mid-range better than most SMS.

The Season 4 SMG is an extremely popular pick in multiplayer and War zone, and it’s easy to see why: with the fastest rate of fire in the game this Vector-like gun can eliminate an enemy in the blink of an eye. The RPG-7 is oddly accurate over long distances in War zone, and landing a shot close to an enemy will either knock them of scrap their armor.

This LEG is picking up where the Brien left off, offering really strong damage over long distances, but with the mobility of and assault rifle. You’ll want a reflex sight, monolithic suppressor, FSS 24.0” Factory barrel, and a laser that improves ADS time to get the most out of this.

While the HDR and AX-50 both possess the ability to down an enemy with a single headshot, the Crossbow can achieve the same result with a body shot. However, if you’re like us, and just want more rounds at hand, then you’ll follow our War zone Bison loadout and attach 84-round mags to this SMG.

This entry comes with the caveat that you play the .357 with Akimbo and Snake Shot, which turns this ordinarily mediocre sidearm into a close-range destroyer. With the rest of your attachments set up to increase sprint to fire speed you’ll find these pistols are pretty much unstoppable in close-quarters.

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Expect to see top streamers like Nick ‘NICKERS’ Kalkhoff or Kristopher ‘Swag’ Lambertson adding these new Cold War guns to their loadouts for those big-money tournaments. Following the integration of Modern Warfare’s War zone and Black Ops Cold War, these are the guns that will define the meta in Verdant and Rebirth Island this season.

After keeping an eye on streamers’ loadouts and getting in some play time ourselves on both Verdant and Rebirth Island, we think there are a few Cold War weapons that could thrust themselves onto the top of anyone’s War zone tier list. The MAC-10’s lineup of attachments also mean it can be customized to be the ultimate close-range, hip fire, spray and pray gun for clearing out rooms, or can be built to be surprisingly precise for a rapid-fire SMG.

It’s quick fire rate and low damage drop off means you can two or three shot enemies from pretty much any distance. Black Ops Cold War’s Stoner 63 has shot right to the top of our list, beating the likes of the KM and Brien, as it has all the benefits of an LEG (heavy-hitting, lots of ammo) but with great maneuverability and reload times.

This means that as long as you've already unlocked them, you can use your best Cold War loadouts and blueprints in War zone. I've covered a variety of weapon classes that are viable in War zone, so whether you prefer to take on enemies in close quarters combat, or sit back with a sniper, there's a helpful recommendation for you in this list.

Similar to the DMR-14, you'll need to invest some time in War zone or Cold War before you can unlock this pistol, but there's a bundle in the store that gives you a blueprint to work with in the meantime. (Image credit: Activision, Infinity Ward) MAC-10 Unlocked at tier 15 in the Season 1 battle pass (free).

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If you prefer to get up close and personal with your opponents, the MAC-10 is a monstrous SMG that'll tear through enemy squads in no time. It has an impressive fire rate, so it's always worth slapping on an extended magazine to ensure you won't run out of ammo mid-firefight.

It's perfect for rushing down enemies in tight spaces, and it also performs really well as a secondary, particularly if you're planning on equipping a tactical or sniper rifle in your primary slot. It takes a while to unlock, but if you don't fancy grinding all the way to level 49, there are a couple of bundles with pre-installed attachments fitted that you can use for now.

It's recoil and fire rate are admittedly worse than the DMR-14, but with nerfs inbound it's worth exploring the other Cold War additions that you can begin unlocking attachments for. This is an accurate rifle that'll get the job done if you're good at spotting enemies and taking sensible shots at range.

It beats the AUG in almost every stat, offering a superior fire rate, and general handling. If you are switching from one of these weapons, just bear in mind that you'll need to account for the short delay between bursts with this rifle.

The beauty of the Rig 6 is that it doesn't take long to unlock, and it's a fully automatic assault rifle, which makes it comfortable and easy to adjust to. It sports impressive damage and accuracy without sacrificing control, so if your aim is on point expect pleasing results.

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Equipping a suppressor also ensures that it won't give away your position once you've set your sights on another squad. You'll need to grind all the way to level 40 to unlock this rifle, but it's worth the work you'll need to put in to make it a viable War zone AR.

This bolt-action sniper rifle has a respectable fire rate and mobility in comparison to other options in its class, and it's usually easier to control. If you're just warming up to the idea of using a sniper in the open stretches of War zone, this is a great starting weapon, one that you can begin unlocking more attachments for almost immediately.

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