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Soldiers equip weapons based on their class, which can be seen in the Barracks or while selecting a squad for a mission. While weapons can be captured from aliens which have been stunned by the Arc Thrower or had the difficulty turned down to a point where their health value becomes 0, they cannot be used until the associated research project has been completed.

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On occasion a class ability (such as the Sniper's Headshot or a Heavy's Mayhem) is related to the weapon's technology level. Unlike other weapons, the accuracy of a sniper rifle decreases the closer the target is.

Sniper rifles have the highest critical hit chance available to COM. Shotguns have the smallest effective range of all primary weapon types, being subjected to an Aim penalty over long distances.

Heavy weapons have the second lowest ammo capacity in the game, permitting only three shots per reload. The Ammo Conservation Foundry upgrade allows three additional shots per reload.

Legs have the lowest critical hit chance of all primary weapon types. Legs have the highest terrain damage to all primary weapon types.

Ammo count, damage area and special effects can be changed or added via abilities. Electron Pulse stuns Robotic enemies for one turn in addition to inflicting damage.

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The Kinetic Strike Module can be increased to 18 base damage and can be used twice per turn with the MEC Close Combat Foundry upgrade. Needle Grenades have a large blast radius, but the projectiles do not pass through cover.

WeaponSpeciesBase DamageCrit Chance Chrysalis Claw Chrysalis 61120% Mutton Blade Berserker 91333% Zombie Fist Zombie 8 N/AN/A Encountered EXALT armaments can be on par with up to XCOM's laser weaponry. The Aim bonuses and penalties above are based on straight-line distances and cardinal unit positioning.

Angled positioning with a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle can result in an Aim bonus/penalty corresponding to values within ±1 tile of the straight-line distance (calculated using Pythagorean theorem). Critical hit damage may vary from what is listed in a weapon's Tactical Info due to a calculation bug.

For the COM : EnemyUnknown (2012) version, see Weapons (EU2012) For the version that appears in The Bureau, see Weapons (Bureau) New X-COM commanders are given access to a small but diverse range of small to heavy firearms. Many of these weapons will quickly become obsolete as technology progresses, while some can remain useful for the entire duration.

Standard firearms are sold on the market and are limited only by how much a commander is willing to spend and how much storage space is remaining. Laser weapons improve over conventional non-explosive firearms by being more powerful and faster at the cost of some accuracy.

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The majority of all alien weaponry will be captured, but when necessary the weapons and ammunition can also be reproduced in the workshops once researched. Despite the name, they do not in fact pierce armor very well, and work best on soft targets or enemies with low AP damage multipliers.

A bonus of this form of ammunition is its secondary effect, the lingering flames that remain on terrain or stick to enemy targets. Laser weapons use internal batteries that last the duration of the battle, and therefore have no clip requirements, leaving more room on the transport for other items.

Plasma ammunition contain a power source of Alien origin, which can be researched and replicated for your own use. Stun damage comes in several forms: melee, area of effect, and smoke inhalation.

Additionally, a small amount of stun is also inflicted as a bonus effect from standard damage caused by non-stun weapons. You're browsing the Game FAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I'm still ATL laser and plasma for my peoplePlasma for weapons and then either Archangel for mobility, or Titan for poison/fire immunity.

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Basically, the two guns are as good as each other, and which is better will depend on the particular soldier's needs. High-ranking soldiers have high Aim stats and so are better off with regular plasma rifles, but low-ranking replacements really need that +10.

Plasma/Alloy weapons are the top tier for normal guns, but there are also a few specialized ones like the Blaster launcher. Personally I think Ghost is the best overall, but all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, and my final 6-man squad had at least one of each type.

In the airspace you do have satellites and interceptors however, you'll be able to detect any intrusion and send airships to deal with them accordingly. Depending on their launch station, they will have a short time to reach the UFO. And engage in combat with it.

There are a variety of different stats in these kinds of battles, and you will need to seriously re-haul your air-fighting capabilities If you hope to be able to deal with the bigger UFO's. After shooting down that UFO, my team had the possibility to fly over onto the crash-site, wipe out any remaining aliens and Savage the rest of the ship for research and profits alike.

Even after short periods of time, the UFO's, given enough luck on their end, will kick your interceptors ass If not upgraded soon and letting them get away could ruin your satellites, and in turn, your income. Building a solid and thoroughly thought-through base with adjacent facilities that are identical to grant themselves bonuses in efficiency is absolute key.

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One of the most brutally difficult, back in the day, was the COM series. It was such a tough game that I have a friend who has simply never beaten it.

EnemyUnknown, as opposed to the COM shooter due out in the near future, is a turn-based isometric strategy game. Ostensibly, you command a squad of soldiers on battlefields of varying sizes and scope.

And your job is to 1) defeat the enemy then 2) recover alien tech then 3) upgrade your/Earth’s defensive and offensive capabilities. You’ve got at most six people (men & women) you can outfit and bring into the field.

So you dump resources, money, time and materials into him. Now you’ve got a squad of people who really look like they could stomp some aliens flat.

And in turn, you get fewer resources to outfit your guys and your base. Then, out of nowhere, an alien Cyberdisc appears along with some drones.

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And a Rookie compared to a Colonel is almost a joke. As if you didn’t feel bad enough about losing your awesome sniper, there’s a memorial inside your base.

You can head over to it and read the names of all the people who died fighting the aliens. You’ll need to meet certain power requirements.

But the name of the game here is: Stay on the cutting edge. Because if you don’t, you’re going to get your butt handed to you.

Which is a one-on-one strategic duel where each player can use a mix of alien & human characters in order to build a squad. But, it’s very clear that COM is about the lush, deep single-player campaign.

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