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Soldiers equip weapons based on their class, which can be seen in the Barracks or while selecting a squad for a mission. While weapons can be captured from aliens which have been stunned by the Arc Thrower or had the difficulty turned down to a point where their health value becomes 0, they cannot be used until the associated research project has been completed.

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On occasion a class ability (such as the Sniper's Headshot or a Heavy's Mayhem) is related to the weapon's technology level. Unlike other weapons, the accuracy of a sniper rifle decreases the closer the target is.

Sniper rifles have the highest critical hit chance available to COM. Shotguns have the smallest effective range of all primary weapon types, being subjected to an Aim penalty over long distances.

Heavy weapons have the second lowest ammo capacity in the game, permitting only three shots per reload. The Ammo Conservation Foundry upgrade allows three additional shots per reload.

Legs have the lowest critical hit chance of all primary weapon types. Legs have the highest terrain damage to all primary weapon types.

Ammo count, damage area and special effects can be changed or added via abilities. Electron Pulse stuns Robotic enemies for one turn in addition to inflicting damage.

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The Kinetic Strike Module can be increased to 18 base damage and can be used twice per turn with the MEC Close Combat Foundry upgrade. Needle Grenades have a large blast radius, but the projectiles do not pass through cover.

WeaponSpeciesBase DamageCrit Chance Chrysalis Claw Chrysalis 61120% Mutton Blade Berserker 91333% Zombie Fist Zombie 8 N/AN/A Encountered EXALT armaments can be on par with up to XCOM's laser weaponry. The Aim bonuses and penalties above are based on straight-line distances and cardinal unit positioning.

Angled positioning with a Shotgun or Sniper Rifle can result in an Aim bonus/penalty corresponding to values within ±1 tile of the straight-line distance (calculated using Pythagorean theorem). Critical hit damage may vary from what is listed in a weapon's Tactical Info due to a calculation bug.

Weapons (COM : Enemy Unknown) Template:Weapons EU I don't know how big a deal reduced range is, nor how much the rate of fire affects the overall DPS of each weapon.

All aircraft armaments manufactured in Engineering are immediately produced upon purchase and will benefit from any discounts available there. When viewing the Ship List and highlighting an available interceptor, selecting 'Details' will bring up a report specific to that aircraft.

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Research Required: Plasma Cannon Production Cost:§100, 20 Delirium, 20 Alloys, 20 Engineers Hit Chance:85% Range:Long Fire Rate:Medium Damage:Medium Armor Penetration:High Research Required: Fusion Lance Production Cost:§150, 20 Delirium, 30 Alloys, 35 Engineers Hit Chance:90% Range:Long Fire Rate:Slow Damage:High Armor Penetration:High Aircraft modules provide temporary combat bonuses for an interceptor pursuing a UFO ; only one of each module can be used per aerial engagement.

The first thing to know about the MEC trooper is that he must be promoted from a squad die, can't be a psychic and will lose any gene modifications he already has. However, you will get a new ability that will resemble his original class, and you will need to build a MEC to put him in.

MEC troopers can be pretty costly in MELD to produce, but they should deliver the punch you're looking for on the battlefield. It will also set terrain elements on fire, potentially destroying cover that your opponent might be hiding behind.

A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Medicine require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies.

This is an excellent choice as you can heal more than one soldier at a time if they are positioned properly. Proximity mines can be deployed at medium range, and will await nearby enemy movement before triggering their explosive charges.

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Mess can stun organic enemies and damage robotic ones with this area of effect electric shock device. True to the Assault class, this ability reduces damage from all the baddies that you are up close and personal with.

The MEC will still have trouble taking damage from enemies while out in the open, so don't get too confident with this ability. The nearest visible enemy suffers -20 Aim and cannot critically hit this unit.

He will likely run or choose a better target, but you will still be pushing the enemy from his desired position. It's not likely that your MEC will stay in the same place for long, but if you're entrenched in battle, every bit of Aim and CRT count.

Just like any other class, you will get an ability each time your MEC soldier gains a rank. Area of effect attack that destroys most cover and hits all eligible targets for 34% damage.

This attack is another skill good at taking out difficult enemy positions, and it has a better range than the Kinetic Strike Module. Another excellent way to start reducing damage to your MEC and make him the thank you need him to be.

When activated, confers the ability to jump to the normally inaccessible heights for the rest of the turn. Moving or using an arm based weapon will return the MEC to standard posture.

If you turn this on and then use Overwatch, you could free up any soldiers using him as cover, making them dangerously susceptible to enemy fire. This is excellent for delivering an Assault soldier to the front lines more safely.

Increasing the ammo on the Rail Gun that the MEC trooper starts with is the best part of this ability. Firing the MEC's primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.

Just like the Heavy's ability to fire first and take a second action, this becomes a force multiplier by allowing a shoot and Overwatch or reload. Any hit that does more damage than 33% of the MEC's maximum health is reduced to that number.

It's unlikely that all the enemies you are facing will have enough firepower to break this limit, but it will make sure even the big baddies will have trouble with your MEC. The fact that your MEC trooper can't carry items or use armor is quickly negated by all the options you have.

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