Best Wheel Of Fortune Fails

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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One of the great genres of unintentional comedy is game show fails. And no game show produces more spectacular fails than Wheel of Fortune.

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The game show institution's unique combination of high pressure and low skill leads to some hilarious bloopers. The newest one is making the rounds today, in which a guy said “A Streetcar Naked Desire” when the answer was (quite obviously) A Streetcar Named Desire.

The greatest Wheel of Fortune fail is when the answer was clearly “self-portrait” and a woman named Lolita's brain shorted out for a second, and she said “self-potato, sorry.” I think she saw “PO T” and thought “POTATO” even though there was already a T at the end of the word.

To be fair, they're Marines, so they're probably busy in the morning when Kelly IPA is on TV. He said “Magic And” because he was so stuck on the “and” sound and apparently forgot the letter W.

This one is great because it seems like an extraordinary fail at first, but the truth is that she was giving wrong answers on purpose to help out the other contestants. She was going to win, and she wanted her fellow vets (it was veterans' week) to go home with some cash.

Wheel of Fortune took the L on this one, because Aura gamed the system. I can't wait to see how this list will change as Wheel of Fortune continues and more fails happen.

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This man, who guessed miners and hoes instead of “fingers and toes” clearly has some unfounded ideas about how mining work is done. While “stars in the night sky” seems like the obvious answer here, this woman seemed to believe that “start in the right way” was an equally popular turn of phrase.

He thinks the dance mentioned in this puzzle is called “the flamingo” instead of “the flamenco,” thus losing the round. “The Pointed Desert” is a good way to lose yourself a lot of money on Wheel of Fortune.

When referring to Girl Scouts, the usual terminology is “troop,” not “group,” something this Wheel of Fortune contestant found out the hard way. This woman, who guessed “boozing my shore excursion” instead of “booking” seems to have a good handle on how to enjoy a vacation.

To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! So it's a fail for “wood-burning microwave,” but a win for Pat Kayak's method of letting a few more letters pop up.

Mia sharing the camera with her bother! Shaw, 26, of Bangor, Maine, was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune during an episode that was taped back in October.

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When her episode finally aired on Thursday, her strange mistake quickly became a viral news story. Shaw said her Facebook page was flooded with supportive messages from many viewers who felt she had been robbed.

Whale, one of the directors of Adventure works, a Nashville-based tourism company, had decided to make things right. After discovering the technicality had erased Shaw's vacation to Nashville, Whale recruited local hospitality companies to give her a new prize.

“Our hospitality community is so close-knit, and we’d love to show Ms. Shaw and the nation that we’re a lot more than boot stomping and beer drinking. Shaw plans to visit Nashville with her mother soon, but they haven't picked a date yet.

“There is a lot of negativity in this world, but this shows me we are all human, we make mistakes, and for someone to want to give me a second chance, it just blew me away.” Brett Kalman is the health care reporter for The Tennessean.

Anna White, the longtime Wheel of Fortune mainstay, was shown Monday hosting her first entire episode of the popular game show sans Pat Speak. The episodes were filmed in November while Speak, 73, was recovering from emergency surgery for a blocked intestine.

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He's since thanked fans for their support, announcing the “worst has passed” and he expects to return to work shortly. Meanwhile, while White crossed over to stand with contestants, another entertainment icon filled in for her: Minnie Mouse, dressed in her holiday best.

White remarked as she gave the wheel a final spin, before worrying she had read the wrong number. White will also host a third week of Wheel in early January, after the show announced on Nov. 8 that a taping had been canceled due to Speak's illness.

“I’ll fill in the blanks until you return,” White tweeted at the time, alongside a picture of the duo. In each round, contests spin the wheel and take guesses at letters in order to fill in the blank word puzzle.

The 40 days includes all aspects of the show such as filming on location, commercials and special promos. In an interview with ESPN2, Speak admitted that he and Anna White would knock back a few margaritas at a Mexican restaurant across from the studio before filming the show in the early days.

He also confessed that there were times when they could barely recognize the letters of the alphabet, but since nobody’s ever called them on it, he figures the shows were probably decent. As a child, the show’s creator Mere Griffin used to play Hangman with his sister in the backseat of his parents’ car on long road trips.

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Many years later, the TV mogul decided to take that idea and develop it into a televised game show. Bazaar still had a mechanical wheel but stopped at the push of a button, had no bankrupts, and $0.00 spaces which meant the contestant didn’t get any money.

Long story short, neither Mere Griffin nor the audience, nor the Vice President of NBC daytime particularly liked the show, so back to the drawing board they went! Every game show has stories about hilarious contestant fails, and Anna White’s favorite was a rather raunchy guess.

In the entire history of Wheel of Fortune, three lucky people have won the million-dollar prize. Chuck Foolery, the original host of Wheel of Fortune, had a habit of hugging female contestants after they solved a puzzle, but many viewers apparently did not appreciate the gesture and wrote him about it.

After a second failed pilot, NBC Vice President Daytime Lin Colin still believed that the show could work, and she made a risky deal with the network. Producers of The Price is Right once asked Wheel of Fortune hostess Susan Stafford to become a model on their show.

In the end, her name in lights was more important than money, and she turned down a larger paycheck when she learned that she would receive no billing on Price is Right. For the first 13 seasons of Wheel of Fortune, taping of the show took almost an hour due to the time-consuming and laborious process of manually pulling and setting up letters for each puzzle.

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Pat Speak and Anna White love getting into the spirit of April Fools’ Day, and once as a gag they pretended to be married. When Wheel of Fortune started to beat Family Feud in the ratings, host Chuck Foolery approached Mere Griffin about being paid the same as Richard Dawson.

Griffin wasn’t totally unreasonable and offered to raise Foolery’s salary to $400K, but that was still 100K less than what he wanted. When Foolery refused to compromise on his salary demands, Griffin fired him and replaced him with Pat Speak.

Before hosting Wheel of Fortune, Pat Speak was a weatherman for a local NBC station in Los Angeles. When Griffin floated him as a possible replacement for Foolery, the network refused, due to his being a relatively unknown local weatherman.

Once again, Griffin proved that it does no good arguing with him and refused to tape any more episodes of the show until Speak was given the job. Not surprisingly, Anna White holds the world record for most frequent television clapper, having clapped close to 4 million times.

Unfortunately for him, he proved no match for Johnny Carson or Arsenic Hall, and the show was eventually canceled due to poor ratings. For a period of about five months back in 1997, Wheel expanded into a Saturday morning children’s edition.

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Ironically, the show still fared better than most of CBS’ lineup that season, but that didn’t save it from the chopping block. The game board on Wheel of Fortune has 52 slots, and the longest puzzle to date “SHE JUST WON A SEVENTH U.S.

One year for a special April Fools episode, viewers were shocked to find Jeopardy! She signs pictures, answers letters from fans, and takes time for crocheting which is her favorite hobby.

White even has her own line of yarn called Anna’s Choice, and she generously donates a portion of the profits to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Among the victims that season was Family Feud, but, like a cat, it seems to have nine lives and is back on TV again.

If you watched the show prior to 1989, you might remember the gallery with prizes like the tacky Dalmatian statue and witch-shaped cookie jar. In a move to speed up the pacing of the game and lower the amount of taxes that contestants were paying on their winnings, the producers scrapped the shopping round and switched to cash.

To make sure that Anna turns the appropriate letters, producers give her the answers to the puzzles ahead of time. Even with the heads up, Anna has been known to make a mistake, and she admitted to once turning the wrong letter, causing the puzzle to be tossed.

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In the mid-80s when the show transitioned to airing in prime time, Anna White’s popularity grew so much, people began to use the term Annamaria to describe it. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, she capitalized on Annamaria and appeared on the covers of popular magazines, wrote an autobiography, produced a line for a home shopping channel, and had her own fragrance.

On home versions of the game produced prior to 2010, Pat Speak’s face does not appear. In the original bonus round, contestants had to select five consonants and a vowel to help them solve the puzzle.

In 1988, the show automatically gave players R, S, T, L, N, and E, leaving them to select three more consonants and an additional vowel.

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