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James Lee
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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Pat Speak shocked by amazing guess on 'Wheel of Fortune'Read full article Wheel of Fortune contestant Jessie Reagan had quite the daunting task ahead of her to solve Thursday night's bonus puzzle. Jessie ended up only needing half her time as she correctly guessed “BUYING A JUICER” almost immediately.

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PINHOLE, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area contestant on Wheel of Fortune definitely folded “Under Pressure” when it came time to solve the puzzle. On an episode that aired on Nov. 26, Jacquelyn Rios from Pinhole confidently stated she was ready to guess the phrase on the board. With the letters already on display, you could see the song title “Under Pressure” fully filled out.

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When going in for the win, Rios guessed, “'Under Pressure' by Queen and David Louie. When interviewed by David Louie, she said, “I was just under so much pressure, and I thought of you and ABC7 since I grew up watching you guys, and that's the first thing that came to my mind.

Participating as a part of Canada Week, the competitor landed on the million-dollar spot, successfully guessed Around the House answer of “Leaky Faucet,” and finished the night on Wheel with the best prize of all: a hug from Anna White. In November 2010, contestant Caitlin Burke made one of the most impressive solves in Wheel of Fortune's history.

He guessed “Port & Starboard” off of just the final “D” in the second word, “Oh What a Night” off of just three letters, and solved “Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag,” with only Ts, HS, and Es revealed on the board. In March 2014, contestant Emil De Leon stunned viewers and even Speak when he correctly solved the final puzzle, despite only getting two letters on the three-word Thing answer.

In January 2013, Wheel of Fortune contestant Natasha Holly revealed she was hardly a Johnny Cash fan when attempting to solve a Song/Artist puzzle. Every so often, a Twitter account pops up on our radar that makes us laugh so hard, we wish we'd thought to create it first.

The Wheel of Fortune Answers” Twitter feed (@wofanswers) is one of those creations. This parody account is perfect for those of us who like to shout out our Wheel of Fortune answers before the contestants have a chance to solve the puzzle.

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Except, instead of shouting out the correct answer, this Twitter feed provides the most hilariously incorrect puzzle solutions possible. While some answers contain curse words or other slightly dirty words, the best false answers always manage to toe the line between clean and raunchy humor.

And no, the false answers do not have to make any sort of sense, in any way. Kind of like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but without the turkey, floats, and joy.

These cheerful couples must be in the midst of an existential crisis of sorts. Not sure where “The Mouth of Janice” is on a map, but we hear it's spectacular in the autumn.

Tweet at @wofanswers with a complaint about using the wrong number of letters? Naturally, this anonymous user follows only three other pages on Twitter: Wheel of Fortune, Anna White, and Pat Speak.

Whoever is behind this account is a true blue Wheel of Fortune fan, and thanks to their great sense of humor, we're joining the fandom, too. Since it hit the air in 1975, Wheel of Fortune has become one of the most beloved game shows of all time.

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One of the most common ways Wheel of Fortune contestants mess up is by forgetting to read what's on the board, as was the case with this man, who guessed that the solve here was, “It's make believe.” This man, who guessed miners and hoes instead of “fingers and toes” clearly has some unfounded ideas about how mining work is done.

While “stars in the night sky” seems like the obvious answer here, this woman seemed to believe that “start in the right way” was an equally popular turn of phrase. He thinks the dance mentioned in this puzzle is called “the flamingo” instead of “the flamenco,” thus losing the round.

“The Pointed Desert” is a good way to lose yourself a lot of money on Wheel of Fortune. When referring to Girl Scouts, the usual terminology is “troop,” not “group,” something this Wheel of Fortune contestant found out the hard way.

This is partly because the show lets me exercise my brain while simultaneously yelling at the television. But it's the rare but rewarding, unbelievably absurd solution guesses that make the show really worthwhile.

Last week, one contestant fulfilled all of my wildest Wheel dreams with an incorrect solution to rival them all. 'I Have the Wine' Last week, Natasha Holly from Green Acres, Fla., reminded us that not everybody is familiar with the musical genius that is Johnny Cash.

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You could not have asked for an easier Bonus Round puzzle, and Zach Barron from Reed College in Oregon could not for the life of him think of the right answer. When her fellow contestant then guessed the right answer, “self-portrait,” McCauley laughed out loud, as did everyone watching at home.

Name that talk show host Pronunciation is key, people. Three contestants found that out the hard way when none of them, after numerous attempts, and even when the all the letters in the puzzle were revealed, could correctly pronounce the names of talk show hosts Aegis Phil bin and Kelly IPA.

Superhero fail For what it's worth, there is actually a Spider-Woman, but she wasn't part of the solution to the puzzle that sank a couple's shot at an $8,800 jackpot. Rufus was given the category “Event” and was working with just one T on a 17-letter puzzle when he came through with this guess worthy of a total champion.

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