Best Wheel Of Fortune Mistakes

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 7 min read

One of the great genres of unintentional comedy is game show fails. And no game show produces more spectacular fails than Wheel of Fortune.

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The game show institution's unique combination of high pressure and low skill leads to some hilarious bloopers. The newest one is making the rounds today, in which a guy said “A Streetcar Naked Desire” when the answer was (quite obviously) A Streetcar Named Desire.

I think she saw “PO T” and thought “POTATO” even though there was already a T at the end of the word. To be fair, they're Marines, so they're probably busy in the morning when Kelly IPA is on TV.

He said “Magic And” because he was so stuck on the “and” sound and apparently forgot the letter W. College guys are awful at Wheel of Fortune.

This guy probably thinks back on this with regret every day of his life. This one is great because it seems like an extraordinary fail at first, but the truth is that she was giving wrong answers on purpose to help out the other contestants.

She was going to win, and she wanted her fellow vets (it was veterans' week) to go home with some cash. I can't wait to see how this list will change as Wheel of Fortune continues and more fails happen.

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Every so often, a Twitter account pops up on our radar that makes us laugh so hard, we wish we'd thought to create it first. The Wheel of Fortune Answers” Twitter feed (@wofanswers) is one of those creations.

This parody account is perfect for those of us who like to shout out our Wheel of Fortune answers before the contestants have a chance to solve the puzzle. Except, instead of shouting out the correct answer, this Twitter feed provides the most hilariously incorrect puzzle solutions possible.

While some answers contain curse words or other slightly dirty words, the best false answers always manage to toe the line between clean and raunchy humor. And no, the false answers do not have to make any sort of sense, in any way.

Or perhaps a new term for a chopping device meant to make coleslaw? These cheerful couples must be in the midst of an existential crisis of sorts.

Naturally, this anonymous user follows only three other pages on Twitter: Wheel of Fortune, Anna White, and Pat Speak. Whoever is behind this account is a true blue Wheel of Fortune fan, and thanks to their great sense of humor, we're joining the fandom, too.

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Thursday’s Wheel of Fortune episode had fans livid when Pat Speak appeared to make a mistake that led a contestant to winning a round. According to Yahoo, when U.S. Marine Corps vet Angela Evans took the stage for the special “Veteran Week” celebration of the show, she guessed a letter that wasn’t present in the puzzle she was attempting to solve.

“ Wheel of Fortune aficionados and their angry thumbs took to Twitter immediately following the episode to voice their frustrations. Evans did not solve the bonus puzzle, but did go home with $19,800 worth of prizes.

However, Kevin can take some comfort in knowing that Wheel of Fortune host Pat Speak could be a fan of his rendition of the famous play. If you have natural-born enthusiasm, strong puzzle-solving skills, and consider yourself a super fan of the show, you just might be chosen as a contestant on America's Game.

“ Wheel of Fortune hosts, Pat Speak and Anna White told us that genuine game players make it farthest in the competition. “The trick is, just treat it as a fun experience and, you know, it doesn't hurt to watch a show occasionally because there are strategies involved,” said Pat Speak.

Now, you'll get to spin the world-famous wheel on live TV to win cash and prizes that may change your life forever. Tuesday’s episode of the popular TV show Wheel of Fortune got off to a cheeky start.

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Contestant Kevin had to guess the final letter in the statement, and it should have been a hole-in-one: The last letter, as most of you will know (because you're a) cultured people or b) you learned about it in school) is Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize winning play A Streetcar Named Desire.

' Wheel of Fortune is celebrating 6,000 episodes, and the game show has seen a lot of blunders and epic solves during its run. Gillian Perceivable (@GillianWithaG) shows you some of the best and the worst.

On Monday’s show, contestant Alex basically had a win in the bag for the final group puzzle. After guessing a “Y,” and smiling at host Pat Speak as the letter showed up on the board, all he had to do was say the answer out loud.

Contestant Amanda answered correctly without the “I’m,” and Alex stood stunned until Speak explained it to him after the puzzle. Some Wheel of Fortune fails may defy the laws of physics, but they don’t get more ironic than this.

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