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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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I’ve seen a lot of very impressive Wheel of Fortune contestants over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite as good as Robert Santos, a recent Wheel contestant who started the game by solving an entire puzzle with only one letter and then went on to crush any and all opposition on his way to victory. In case you’re wondering just how Santos managed to pull this off, he apparently spent days preparing for this competition and made lists of possible puzzle solutions.

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In particular, he noted that this particular episode was being sponsored by Carnival Cruise Line, which led him to believe there would be at least one kind of boat-related puzzle that he’d have to solve. “Some I came up with in my head right away, like ‘PORT AND STARBOARD’ and ‘POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN.’ I opened up MS Word and began typing anything that came to mind.

Then, I went to this extensive OF episode guide and did a Ctrl-F search for ‘Cruise,’ ‘Fish’ and ‘Sea’ and made note of the dates. Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World.

Compete to win real money, just like the contestants on the show! Lindsey started things off, guessing “The Pointed Dessert” for a Landmark answer after successfully filling in the “P” in the second word.

Aura, who was significantly ahead of her competitors at the time of the puzzle, guessed “Z” and then “X” for an answer that ended up reading, “Following Footprints.” Participating as a part of Canada Week, the competitor landed on the million-dollar spot, successfully guessed Around the House answer of “Leaky Faucet,” and finished the night on Wheel with the best prize of all: a hug from Anna White.

In November 2010, contestant Caitlin Burke made one of the most impressive solves in Wheel of Fortune's history. He guessed “Port & Starboard” off of just the final “D” in the second word, “Oh What a Night” off of just three letters, and solved “Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag,” with only Ts, HS, and Es revealed on the board.

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In March 2014, contestant Emil De Leon stunned viewers and even Speak when he correctly solved the final puzzle, despite only getting two letters on the three-word Thing answer. In January 2013, Wheel of Fortune contestant Natasha Holly revealed she was hardly a Johnny Cash fan when attempting to solve a Song/Artist puzzle.

That clip didn't show it, but here's how Blair's full conversation with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Speak played out: Blair Davis : I've been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last 12 years to an old battle-ax named Kim.

Since that clip and others like it went viral, some fans who didn't watch the full episode didn't realize Blair was joking -- even with Pat Speak and the (probably confused) audience laughing along. Blair's Wheel of Fortune intro made him briefly famous, and maybe after this we'll see even more game show contestants get creative with their intros to stand out.

A few months ago, Wheel of Fortune's Anna White said she and Pat Speak have only had one argument in 36 years -- and it was over something really stupid. For his part, Speak recently opened up on when he wants to leave the show.

We need our game show legends like Pat Speak and Alex Greek to stick around as long as possible. She currently lives in a small town in Maine, the kind Stephen King regularly sets terrible things in, so this may be the last you hear from her.

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Oct 8, 2021 Charm City Kings Rating TBD Sent Greek off with a moving montage that highlighted the personality many people came to know and love through their televisions.

The video, which aired ahead of the show's closing credits, is set to the tune of Peter's Allen's “Once Before I Go.” “I know you want to be generous with your family, your friends, your loved ones,” he said in an episode that aired Jan. 4.

Greek said we could “build a gentler, kinder society” if “we all pitch in just a little.” Contestant Burt Shakur tearfully thanked Greek for positively impacting his life after taking home $20,400 during an episode aired Nov. 6, just days before Greek died on Nov. 8.

Greek caused an uproar after unveiling a bearded look during the 35th season premiere, on Sept. 10, 2018. Greek's facial hair has long been a subject of global respect and fascination.

In 2014, for the 30th anniversary of the show, Greek shocked fans by returning to his famed mustache look for the first time in 13 years. Ultimate Tournament of Champions” episode, featuring Jennings, Brad Butter and Jerome Hard.

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Champion Brad Butter recalled to WOOL Radio that Greek ditched his pants to “cut the tension” after the contestants jokingly thought of ways to break the ice. “We were so nervous, we were just all pale as a ghost,” Butter told the Philadelphia radio station Thursday.

I’ll leave you to figure out why I’m here today,” Greek quipped. Net Worth:$70 Millionaire:63Born:February 18, 1957Country of Origin:United States of AmericaSource of Wealth:Professional Actresses Updated:2021 Anna White is an American film actress and television personality known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune.

At first, she was a beauty contestant in Miss Georgia and after that, she appeared in one episode of The Price Is Right. As of 2021, Anna White’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $70 million, and she is currently still working as a host.

Anna Marie Rich was born in Conway, South California on the 18th of February 1957. She attended North Myrtle Beach High School, and after her graduation, she moved to Atlanta.

She attended the Atlanta School of Fashion and started to work as a model. Her big success in her career started when she became the hostess of Wheel of Fortune.

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The film was panned worldwide by critics, with TV Guide joking that White’s acting was “wheel” bad. Guinness Book of World Records recognized White as “Television’s most frequent clapper”.

White has collaborated with celebrities including likes of, Amanda Bears, Richard Desert, Gerald Crane and Patch Mackenzie. Her work as a TV hostess has helped her build an astounding net worth.

She co-starred several movies and television shows, and she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wealthy Gorilla was founded in 2014, to serve as an inspiration to people from all ways of life.

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