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I’ve seen a lot of very impressive Wheel of Fortune contestants over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite as good as Robert Santos, a recent Wheel contestant who started the game by solving an entire puzzle with only one letter and then went on to crush any and all opposition on his way to victory. In case you’re wondering just how Santos managed to pull this off, he apparently spent days preparing for this competition and made lists of possible puzzle solutions.

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In particular, he noted that this particular episode was being sponsored by Carnival Cruise Line, which led him to believe there would be at least one kind of boat-related puzzle that he’d have to solve. “Some I came up with in my head right away, like ‘PORT AND STARBOARD’ and ‘POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN.’ I opened up MS Word and began typing anything that came to mind.

Then, I went to this extensive OF episode guide and did a Ctrl-F search for ‘Cruise,’ ‘Fish’ and ‘Sea’ and made note of the dates. Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World.

Energetic ‘Wheel of Fortune’ player celebrated as ‘greatest contestant ever’ by fans Diana Hawkins was extremely excited to compete on Tuesday’s Wheel of Fortune, ” and viewers found her smile and happiness to be infectious.

So the story goes that while on the road in Chicago, the Wheel of Fortune game show had a contestant drop out at the last minute. The producers found some guy named Raymond Taylor on the street, gave him a suit, and propped him on the stage.

Raymond ended up winning over 80k in cash and prizes, and actually began to stalk the Wheel of Fortune studios looking for a job. It’s a bizarre end to a hilarious and peculiar story, but check Raymond out yourself in his best moments on his unreal Wheel of Fortune run.

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Participating as a part of Canada Week, the competitor landed on the million-dollar spot, successfully guessed Around the House answer of “Leaky Faucet,” and finished the night on Wheel with the best prize of all: a hug from Anna White. In November 2010, contestant Caitlin Burke made one of the most impressive solves in Wheel of Fortune's history.

He guessed “Port & Starboard” off of just the final “D” in the second word, “Oh What a Night” off of just three letters, and solved “Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag,” with only Ts, HS, and Es revealed on the board. In March 2014, contestant Emil De Leon stunned viewers and even Speak when he correctly solved the final puzzle, despite only getting two letters on the three-word Thing answer.

In January 2013, Wheel of Fortune contestant Natasha Holly revealed she was hardly a Johnny Cash fan when attempting to solve a Song/Artist puzzle. If you’ve ever sat down to watch an episode of Wheel of Fortune, then you’ll know who Anna White is.

Anna hosts the show alongside Pat Speak, where she reveals the letters guessed by the contestants. To some people at home, it may look like an easy job, but it requires a lot of personality and an amazing amount of patience.

There aren’t many people that could do the job quite like Anna, and that’s why the nation has fallen in love with her. Part of the reason for that is because she’s not the type of celebrity you usually see plastered on the cover of magazines.

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If you thought you knew the Wheel of Fortune hostess pretty well, what you’re about to read may surprise you. Anna White has been on our screens for years as an essential part of Wheel of Fortune.

Thankfully, in 1982, Anna was chosen as a replacement for Susan Stafford on the game show Wheel of Fortune. Anna’s love life may not be talked about as much as some people in the spotlight, but it’s been pretty eventful.

One of her most high-profile romances was with the soap opera star and Chippendale's dancer John Gibson. The pair were due to marry, but in 1986, tragedy struck when Gibson was involved in a plane crash.

Anna was devastated that the man she planned to spend the rest of her life with was so cruelly taken from her. Anna White has developed a wholesome image after decades on Wheel of Fortune.

Anna took several risqué pictures that found their way into Playboy magazine following her casting on the show. She’d never felt good about the photo shoot, and would have been horrified if it had cost her the job.

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It turns out that the star has always had an affinity for game shows, as she once appeared on an episode of The Price is Right. In fact, the host Bob Barker even accused Anna of repeatedly checking herself out in the monitors.

She enjoys doing crossword puzzles when she’s not working, which has been a big help behind the scenes. She enjoys creating handmade gifts, and even made her children blankets to take them home in when they were born.

Her love of crocheting has led Anna to make her own line of yarn, proceeds from which go to a children’s charity at St. Jude’s Research Hospital. The star has revealed that she enjoys buying houses, renovating them, and then selling them on for a profit.

It’s so popular that Anna is struggling to find new houses to “flip.” We’re sure that she’s not in desperate need of money, especially given she’s been working on TV for over 35 years. Actually, we know that Anna isn’t low on funds, because she earns $8 million a year just from appearing on Wheel of Fortune.

The star’s total net worth is an eye-watering $140 million, which is a staggering amount for someone whose main job is working as a game show host. Since being cast on the game show, the star has managed to find small roles on other TV series.

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She featured in episodes of sitcoms like Married… with Children, Give me a Break! Just last year, Anna also had a minor role on comedy Fresh Off the Boat where she played a fictionalized version of herself.

While more than 35 years on Wheel of Fortune is Anna’s biggest achievement, there are other accolades that the star has received during her lengthy career. Anna was awarded the title of “Television’s most frequent clapper,” a record which now stands at more than 3.9 million claps.

She loves taking photos of any cats she sees on her travels, although her pet Stella will always hold the biggest place in her heart. Anna’s co-star Pat Speak has teased her about her love of animals, but she pays him no mind.

The star didn’t appreciate them using her fame to sell their products, and she ended up suing the company. Anna has experienced immense popularity thanks to her role on Wheel of Fortune.

Nelly and Weird Al Markovic both referenced her in their respective songs, “Ride Wit Me” and “Stuck in a Closet with Anna White.” We can’t imagine anyone else ever taking Anna’s spot, so we’re glad she’s stayed loyal to the show for so long.

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Multiple episodes of the show are taped in one day, and that can take its toll on the hosts. Whenever they had some downtime, Anna and Pat used to allegedly escape to a Mexican restaurant near the studio for a drink or two.

Although it didn’t often happen, the two would sometimes apparently drink too much and return to filming a little happier than normal. Their departure could potentially spell the end for Wheel of Fortune, but hopefully, that day is a long way off yet.

Anna has done a great job of not messing up, but there was one incident where she turned around the wrong letter. The updated technology means that a whole week’s worth of shows is filmed in one day.

When Anna was a child, her biological father (Miguel Angel Rich) left the family. In an amusing coincidence, her episode (#3575D) was scheduled for and aired on June 20, 1980, considered by some fans to have been a sad day on another network.

According to White, she and Vicki McCarty did a week each, and Mere Griffin chose her due to her chemistry with Pat Speak. In a 1987 interview, Susan stated that she taught Anna how to turn the letters and told her that “she should be grateful for this opportunity”.

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In November 2019, White hosted the show for the first time, due to Pat recovering from intestinal surgery; as the first two taping weeks happened to fall during the Secret Santa Sweepstakes, they could not be rescheduled. For the third week taped with Anna as host, the show intentionally withheld who would take her place, only indicating that the person would be a “surprise”.

She also spun on the November 14, 1989, nighttime episode, where she played a round for charity while Pat turned the letters. Anna did the Final Spin on a Bob Gone daytime episode after he became frustrated over repeatedly hitting Bankrupt.

She spun on April Fool's Day 1997, where she and Pat competed for charity while Alex Greek and Lesley Speak hosted. Alex mentioned on this episode that Anna spun the Wheel once before, although it is unknown which of the above incidents he was referring to (if any).

Pat referenced the film on a December 2011 episode, but Anna's reaction suggests that she does not think highly of this role. One memorable appearance was an episode of Full House (“The Test”, aired January 14, 1994) where she first played herself in a nightmare DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Sure) had about taking the SAT, then a teacher named Mrs. Moat when DJ took the test for real.

Anna also appeared on a seventh season episode of Married... With Children (“The Proposition”, aired May 16, 1993) playing an old high school girlfriend of Al's. One of these included a montage of aired Wheel clips (including Anna's audition, Pat's first day, and various bloopers), which were removed from the episode's June 19 repeat because Mere Griffin Enterprises claimed the clips were used without permission; unfortunately, only the repeat copy of the episode appears to circulate.

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Her autobiography, Anna Speaks, was published in 1987 and also released as part of Warner Audio's “Books on Tape” line. On April 22, 2002, Anna appeared in a segment of the ABC special Contact: Talking To The Dead, which also had segments with wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart, actress MacKenzie Phillips, and relatives of murder victim Bonnie Lee Bailey.

In January 1991, White was unavailable because of her wedding to George San Pietro, so Tricia Gist (then-girlfriend and now wife of Mere Griffin's son, Tony) filled in for her during the two weeks Anna was away on her honeymoon. In 1993, Anna sued Samsung Electronics, claiming her rights were violated after the company used a parody of her in its ads.

The company countered, saying their use of the parody of her was protected under the 1st Amendment right to free speech, but the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Anna.

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