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• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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Let’s just say I’ve spent a lot more money on movie-theater popcorn this year than your average American. Before testing, I wanted to know which method and device produced the crispiest, fluffiest kernels without burning (or requiring a ton of effort), and I suffered through smelling like popcorn for days to find out.

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I followed all manual directions regarding time and temperature, and I used the same amount of kernels (one-half cup) for each batch. I added salt to one batch per product to see how it faired (okay, and because I wanted salty popcorn).

While air poppers can be great for those trying to snack healthier, they’re often loud and cumbersome devices, and the kernels they produce are light and fluffy, lacking the crisp outer crunch that comes from contact with hot metal and oil in other methods. There are electric popcorn poppers that do work with oil, but they’re the most difficult to clean and store of all the options.

Most of the microwavable poppers we tested are made of near-identical collapsible silicone bowls with venting lids that rise as the popcorn pops within. These can be used with or without oil, depending on your desired outcome, and while they tend to leave more unpopped kernels than the other methods, the popcorn it makes comes out crisp.

The risk of burning is high if you don’t set your microwave timer correctly, just like it is with the bagged stuff. Because stove top poppers require oil to operate safely, the kernels they produce are crisp and flavorful but clean up and storage can be a pain if you don’t have time and room to spare.

If you want to feel like you’re popping popcorn for a Christmas market in 19th-century Paris or a camping trip through the great American wilderness, these are the products for you. We recommend you melt butter in the microwave or on the stove top and toss it with finished kernels, or alternatively, cook with a different flavorful fat like coconut oil.

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We spent a lot of time reviewing bestwhirley popcorn maker to come up with the Ten that we think stand apart from the pack in style, functionality, and value. Below is a review of some bestwhirley popcorn maker together with their extra features and functions.

Cook N Home 02626 6 Quart Aluminum Stove top Popcorn Popper Silver Buy Now Franklin’s Original Shirley Pop Stove top Popcorn Machine Popper.

Cook N Home 02626 6 Quart Aluminum Stove top Popcorn Popper Silver Buy Now Franklin’s Original Shirley Pop Stove top Popcorn Machine Popper.

Time for Treats Stovepipe Stove-Top Popcorn Popper, 6 Quarts, Stainless Steel Buy Now Just spin the handle to make up to 6 quarts of flawless popcorn in just 3 minutes.

Franklin’s Original Shirley Pop Stove top Popcorn Machine Popper. Durable construction: The Original stove top popper is made with a sturdy, aluminum pan complete with a clip-on lid and wooden handles that stay cool to the touch to make popping easy.

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Ready to use: the set ensures that your gift recipient won’t have to stop at the store for a single thing. Plus, the Kit comes with an instruction booklet and a link to our website with hundreds of recipes you can try.

Keep handy for movie night: make perfect popcorn in just 3 minutes and clean up in the same amount of time. The Whirl Pop stove top popcorn popper can be easily wiped with a paper towel and stored until the next movie night.

Guaranteed quality: The aluminum pan and clip on lid all together measure 10×17x8 inches for use on your standard stove top. Features Made with stainless steel with an encapsulated aluminum bottom to make up to 6 qt of popcorn Aluminum layer bottom for even heat distribution and prevents hot spots; metal gears for stirring Lid has steam vents to keep popcorn crisp; wooden handle and knob stays cool and is comfortable Makes popcorn in a few minutes and is easy to pour; mixes kernels, so they do not stick or burn Induction compatible and works on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, etc.

Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Pre-packaged microwave popcorn can be loaded with fat, salt, and additives, which turn this otherwise nutritious whole-grain snack into an unhealthy one.

Whether you prefer your popcorn with or without oil, our kitchen pros at the Good Housekeeping Institute vetted microwave, electric, stove top, and air popper styles at various price points, sizes, and yield capacities that appeal to different preferences. Popcorn makers use different methods to heat the kernels, whether microwave, direct stove-top heat, or electric power to blow very hot air onto the kernels.

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They can make a single serving of popcorn in plastic microwavable poppers that cost less than $10, or from commercial-sized machine enough for a large gathering at home. Stainless steel, aluminum, and glass popcorn makers last longer than plastic or silicone ones, and popcorn makers should be made of safe and easy-to-clean materials like BPA and melamine-free plastic or silicone, stainless steel or aluminum with heat-proof handles and temperature-safe glass.

It is the healthiest way to make popcorn (no oil or butter is needed). Air poppers are available in fun colors that look great in your kitchen, and they are easy to use and clean.

Once the popping sound slows and the spinner becomes more difficult to turn as the pot fills up with popcorn, you can remove it from the heat and enjoy! The popcorn jumps through the plastic chute, which is removable and dishwasher-safe, and into your bowl.

It features a collapsible silicone bowl that is perfect for storing and is dishwasher-safe. It yields up to 10 cups of popcorn that stays crisp thanks to the steam vents on the lid that prevent moisture from accumulating.

Type : Microwave popcorn maker Capacity : 10 cups Microwave Corn Popper Nordic Walmart.Comte Nordic Ware brand is known to make sturdy and long-lasting kitchen products since the 1940s and its microwave popcorn popper is no different.

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Stove top Popcorn PopperWhirley -Popbedbathandbeyond.technically you could make popcorn in a lidded pot that you already own, but it would require you to shake it while blistering hot oil and kernels hop around in the pot. It features a hand-cranked mechanism on the handle that stirs the kernels and oil in the bottom of the pan so that they don’t burn.

The cover is top-rack dishwasher safe and the stirring rod is removable for hand-washing. Storage is also a breeze: Simply nest the base inside the cover to make it more compact.

We recommend allowing the steam to escape as soon as the popcorn is done popping. Small enough to comfortably fit on your kitchen counter (it’s not that much bigger than the Cuisinart Easy), the stainless steel kettle makes 16 cups of popcorn at a time using an automatic heating and stirring mechanism.

The unique feature of the Great Northern Popcorn Foundation is that it can hold about 45 quarts (about 180 cups!) This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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