Best Whirlpool Top Load Washer

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. Top load washers are a popular option for modern laundry rooms, thanks to their easy maintenance and increasingly large capacities.

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Their drums typically attract less mildew than a front-loading machine, since any excess water can evaporate through the top door, which will also leave your loads smelling super fresh. Most people shopping for the besttoploadwasher are looking for an effective, easy-to-operate machine that can handle large and small loads with ease.

It can handle comforters or underwear, and heavy-duty sportswear or delicate, thanks to its adaptive and intuitive load -sensing technology. Not to mention, this pick also features sanitize and self-cleaning settings that'll leave both the tub and your clothes cleaner than ever.

Notably, this top -loading washer also includes a built-in dual temperature faucet, pre-treat brush, and impeller plate in its drum. At a fairly decent price, it'll make your life easier, and be a true sidekick on laundry day.

Although the spin speed of this model can be weak in the face of wet, heavy items, it's certainly a great pick that gives you the basics and a little more. The machine has a capacity of 5.0 cubic feet, which can handle even large loads or bulky items with ease.

It utilizes an impeller plate, which is part of the secret to maximizing the interior space of this high-capacity, toploadwasher. Despite its small build, this model has nearly 3.0 cubic feet of interior space and a variety of features, which is quite rare in compact appliances.

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The power of this model resembles a full-size washer, as it's able to tackle blankets or bulky loads with total success. In addition, this compact washing machine includes dispensers for detergent, fabric softener, and bleach.

If you’re interested in adding the power of steam to your laundry routine, the Samsung WA54R7600AW is a great choice. In its 5.4-cubic-foot drum, it then uses the steam to sanitize your clothes without creating any extra wear or tear.

The use of steam to sanitize laundry and eliminate common allergens (like dust, dander, and mold) can be very beneficial for allergy-sufferers. You can take things to the next level by opting for additional rinse cycles that ensure your dirty laundry comes out without any lingering odors or residue.

With an expected annual operating cost of only about $13, it’s hard to beat the energy efficiency of the LG WT7300CV. This roomy model offers 5.0 cubic feet of space, but looks to maximize your utilities through top -notch cleaning cycles and conservative water usage.

This feature, in particular, helps to provide extra agitation and cleans clothes more thoroughly than other models on the market as a result. This model also includes Cold Wash technology, which combines many washing movements to deliver a deep clean, without incurring additional energy costs from the use of hot water.

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The spin cycle will leave your clothes with considerably less moisture, which shortens drying time and saves money, too. Whether you’re into smart home technology or just want your appliances to take your chores off your hands, check out the GE GTW840CPNDG.

This top -loading washer has built-in Wi-Fi to keep you productive on laundry day, and other smart features like an auto dispenser for detergent. This toploadwasher also has 5.2 cubic feet of room which can fit king-size sheet sets or comforters with total ease.

The model will take care of everything, including sensing the weight and fabric type of each load and adding the right amount of detergent, thanks to the SmartDispense function. Final Verdict an effective, easy-to-operate machine that can handle large and small loads with ease, go with the Whirlpool WTW8120HW (view at Best Buy).

A less expensive option is the Amanda NTW4516FW (view at Home Depot) which has a smaller drum, but is still reliable and has a rare auto-cleaning cycle. This article was edited and updated by Marisa Cassiano, who is our large appliance expert for The Spruce.

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The WTW7300DW lives up to their tradition of offering plenty of advanced technology and features in an affordable package. And with extra-large capacity, ENERGY STAR® certification, and precision dispenser options, this model will save you time and money guaranteed.

It even offers the same high capacity as higher-end models, which is why we had to include it in our Whirlpool washer reviews. In true Whirlpool fashion, the WFW85HEFW includes every imaginable feature from the brand’s long history.

Whether you’re looking for specialty wash cycles, energy efficiency, PRE and post-wash options, or overall cleaning power, nothing compares to the WFW85HEFW. The Whirlpool Swash might have unique appeal for habitual re-wearers of designer denim and fancy sweaters, but it's more economical for everyone else to wash, dry and iron their clothes, with the occasional trip to the dry-cleaners.

The best washing machines have solid stain removal abilities, do not damage your clothes, retain little water, and have short cycle times. Beyond these performance tests, we also assess the usability of each washing machine, based on our experience, both during testing and during more casual use (one perk of working at Reviewed is that there is plenty of laundry machines on premises!).

This involves cumulatively assessing the control panel, the door, the detergent dispenser, and any smart features that are included. By combining the performance data with our own observations, we can make solid recommendations for someone looking for any type of washing machine at any price point.

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You've probably heard people bragging about their beautiful front- load washing machines (and rightfully so); why would you want to buy a top -loader? With front- load washers, the wash drum is oriented horizontally: you put your dirty laundry in through a door located on the front of the machine.

Most toploadwasher have not changed in design since our Grandparents bought theirs 60 years ago. In this article, you will learn about the most reliable top load washers and our repair methodology.

What you will read is based on actual service calls, not predictive analysis or surveys. Have a look at just our techs, not including customer service agents, and warehouse parts personnel.

Most appliance stores, however, do not have a single technician yet have a book of 1-800 numbers to call for your issues. Speed Queen is the only washer dryer I could find without a motherboard.

I'm sure they have had some issues with some models(you mention a front load model), but to not acknowledge Speed Queen and their lack of a motherboard as MAJOR factor in reliability and overall life is suspect at best. The average rate of repair for top load washers is 18.58%.

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Service Shipped Service Radioman 01090.00% LG Electronics 1283.57% Whirlpool 152535.93% Maytag 4420421.57% Speed Queen 8317846.63% Grand Total14678618.58% In 2017 alone, we logged 30,761 service calls. We record the service calls and divide by sales for a percentage within the first year.

Service is free for the consumer in the first year, so the data is more accurate. Service Shipped Service Ratio Whirlpool 203505.71%GE Appliances1156.67%LG Electronics16122707.09%Samsung273497.74%Maytag25165938.09%Electrolux1313100.00%Grand Total473365612.94%For the first time since we started writing our reliability posts, front load washers are more dependable at 12.94% vs 18.58% for top load washers.

Front- load washers are much larger and use less water, electricity, and detergent than a top load. Although front load washers are more expensive, the payback is 2-3 years due to greater capacity and efficiency.

Speed Queen is the most repair-prone top load washers sold with a repair rate of 46.63% up substantially from 2018 and 2017. According to our service manager, the data suggests issues with a defective hose problem.

Speed Queen did fix the hose issue this year, so going forward, the washer should be far better. You also do have a 3 to 7-year full warranty depending on the machine, so you will be covered and not pay for service.

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Statistically, the simple Whirlpool is the most reliable, but front loaders, especially for families, are still the best overall machines with bigger sizes and better efficiency. No, they use more water and an agitator, but do not clean better than the front load washers.

The simple Whirlpool washer is statistically the most reliable top load washing machine. Read the Yale Washer Buying Guide with a full explanation of the best washer brands, features and models.

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