Best Whirlwind Axe Enchant

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
• 13 min read

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axe whirlwind stone
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Any other suggestions? People fear what they don't understand, hate what they can't conquer. If money is no issue, crusader is a great option.

I planned on getting crusader yesterday, so I farmed the orbs myself on my mage. The large brilliants go for like 8g a piece, not a big deal.

Weapon stats vary depending on its rarity, base power and enchantments. Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly.

Check Out the Level Environment Guide ItemEvalEffect Leeching GreatDefeating a mob heals you a small portion of the mob's max health Committed Greater increased damage against already wounded enemies. Gravity Goods effect pulls mobs in range toward's the weapon's impact point.

Radiance Goods a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it. Rampaging Guidance defeating a mob, there is a 10% chance to increase your attack speed by +50% for a short time.

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The new Creeping Winter DLC for Minecraft Dungeons comes with new weapons, armor, and artifacts! “Minecraft” is a trademark of Moving Synergies AB ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

It maintains a WoW add-on called the Towhead Looter, which collects data as you play the game! I recently dinged 30, and I finally have my beloved Whirlwind, which BTW slices through mobs like their butter.

I predict I will have this axe for many levels forward, since it makes me a killing machine. My question is what weapon should I aim for next? I recently dinged 30, and I finally have my beloved Whirlwind, which BTW slices through mobs like their butter.

Extension Senior Sergeant by St0rfan Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:43 pm I recently dinged 30, and I finally have my beloved Whirlwind, which BTW slices through mobs like their butter.

Kuurtzen Senior Sergeant by St0rfan Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:20 pm When it comes to fury, BT is based of AP so weapon speed doesn't matter.

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Mom oh Sergeant Major by Plank Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:19 pm I recently dinged 30, and I finally have my beloved Whirlwind, which BTW slices through mobs like their butter.

I predict I will have this axe for many levels forward, since it makes me a killing machine. My question is what weapon should I aim for next? At 48, you can also do Maraud on and get thrash blade which can replace the RFD sword so being fury is viable 38-51 pretty much.

Side sprang wrote: Def cap is overrated at current state of the game. In this article, we have shared complete information about Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items.

Each item has its unique location; some of them have a chance to drop from blacksmiths on the way of your journey too. Firebrand: A fire enchanted one-handed Axe, making it a perfect weapon to burn all the mobs coming in your way.

Fangs of Frost: A Dragged fulfilled with ice-cold blades with the ability to freeze enemies making them slower with. Fighter’s Bindings: These maroon-colored gauntlets fulfilled with rapid attack speed is best to encounter enemies with turbo punches.

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These Maulers will help you to encounter enemies with rapid attack speed with each steady punch with the relentless combo. Soul Fists: These special golden punches will help you to boost your critical hits.

Grave Bane: This golden grieve will provide extra damage to undead mobs with a combo of rapid longer hits. Storm lander: This glowing hammer has a special ability to summon lighting to strike all the enemies with each deathly swing.

Flail: This weapon is fulfilled with the ability to bind chains with every devastating swing gathering all the enemies together. Sun’s Grace: This golden yellow glowed mace will help you to deal with a close team powered with double damage and healing.

It is essential for sidetrack things like resource collection and gaining emeralds. Nightmare’s Bite: This green shaded sickle has a special ability to summon poison clouds dwelled with life-stealing type’s enchantments.

SWORD ESPECIAL ABILITIESDancer’s Swordfish attack speed and reliable comboDiamond SwordIncreased damaged KatanaIncreased damage especially to undead mobsNameless Platemaker enemy weak fulfilled with reliable comboBroadswordIncreased attack damage and knockbackEternal KnifeIncreased soul gain and thrust attackHawkbrandIncreased chances of the critical hitHeartstealerGains health from mobs with increased knockbackTruth SeekerIncreased damage to wounded mob fulfilled with thrust attack and increased soul gathering. Master’s KatanaBetter chances of the critical hit. Minecraft dungeon is fulfilled with most insane bows dealing with unique enchantments.

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BOW ESPECIAL ABILITIESBonebowIt Provides a longer range due to arrow growing size. Bow of Lost SoulsIncreased chances of multi shot with increased chances of soul gathering. Elite Power Increased damage range fulfilled with strong attack chargeGuardian Increased damage range fulfilled with super and strong charged arrows. Hunter’s PromiseDesigned to deal with pet targeted mobs with the ability to regain arrows. Master’s Bowie’s the same as hunter’s bow with extra damage capability however it cannot regain arrows. Mechanical ShortbowFulfilled with accelerated fire rate. Nocturnal Notability to steal speed with increased soul gathering. Purple StormIncreased damage and fire catered SnakeD welled with strong charged attacks and explosive arrows. SabrewingStrong charged attacks with the ability to heal the allies in a particular area. The Green Manageability to summon poison clouds and can hit multiple targets at the same time. The Pink ScoundrelFulfilled with a chance to enlarge mobs and hit multiple targets. Twin Notability to shoot two enemies at once. Referred to as traditional bows used by pillagers in vanilla Minecraft… they are fulfilled with unique accuracy and timing in Minecraft Dungeons with special abilities and enchantments.

A double- axe wielding, Dev gritting, Weapon Master with bane of enemies and a lot to prove. Doing a search through the new and old databases I saw that some folks used the same or very similar level layouts, but with some different choices in feats or concept.

Hit points: 480 Skill points: 265 Saving Throws (Fortitude/Will/Reflex): 24/16/21 BAD: 30 AB (max, naked): 44 (melee) AC (naked/padded armor/studded leather): 16/17/19 Spell Casting: None Alignment Changes: 0 Generally speaking I max out Animal Empathy for the chance at removing an enemy from the fight and gaining an ally, and previously I dumped into Discipline as well, but after reading Grizzled's viewpoint on it, I may change that in the future.

The general Ranger skill options are all their if you decide to use them, Hide, Move Silently, Set Trap, Spot, Search and listen depending on your preference. Generally speaking the types that are immune to critical are safe bets (Undead, Constructs, Elementals etc), but it really is personal preference.

I usually throw a Dragon in there because the giant lizards deserve the extra damage IMO. With the gear I usually encounter getting +12 strength and a +8 weapons isn't unheard of, and Keen is easy enough to secure either through enchant, or a wild wizard.

Admittedly the build is not the best at taking hits, 480 HP for a front line fighter isn't phenomenal, and his AC is going to be sub-par at best being restricted to light armor and never using a shield. I also don't generally run solo when playing past early epic levels, as the build functions best in a squad with both a dedicated buffer and a tank.

I find that the build functions well Frederic and can handle most areas solo if played intelligently and cautiously. The mid-epic levels where enemies hit harder and more frequently make it more difficult to survive due to lower AC.

Once he hits the late-epic levels though it really starts to just smoke enemies through sheer damage output. I have played this character 1-40 on Among, and am I going to attempt it on Wog, and had great success and a lot of fun getting all the way to epic levels.

This is not the BEST build, but it's a different way of playing an older trope, and an absolute blast at a party setting. To me, it looks like a powerful killer with 6-7 APR / round, dev CRT weapon master.

With a x4 multiplier I would expect some big critical hit numbers to be appearing, which is always enjoyable to see. If a teammate casts Flame Weapon on you, your damage output accelerates even further with all those attacks / round.

There are weaknesses (i.e. AC/saves/inability to self-buff) that I can see which appear difficult to remedy, and you are well aware of, but you can compensate for these by playing at a party setting. As your build has 25 ranger levels, this will allow you to have unspellable buffs, with some spell penetration.

Spells such as Entangle/Grease/Ultravision, Cats Grace, Freedom of Movement, Aid, Resist Elements/Protection from Elements could be valuable in your build. I don't have any great suggestions to do this, at present the best I see is dropping Blind Fight for Knockdown, but this is never really desirable, being able to reroll against concealed enemies is always very valuable.

One could drop one Great Strength and swap another for Armor Skin, it does lower the Dev CRT DC, but Knockdown is obtained pretty late and this seems less desirable to me. I think I might take an approach like this to net Level 4 Ranger Spells.

St rends up 2 points lower but is exchanged for Epic Prowess (+1AB) and Armor skin (increasing AC, which is a weakness of this build. So +2 AC for the cost of -1 Damage but also providing a +1 AB that is universal for weapon swapping/ranged/sword and board.

Disable Trap 1(2), Discipline 43(51), Hide 42(43), Intimidate 4(3), Listen 43(45), Move Silently 41(42), Open Lock 1(2), Tumble 20(21), remaining skill points 7 It will be interesting to see how this character fares in a PW like Wog with mid magic equipment.

I personally love the Ranger class, but one should really be aware of the huge challenges in building and playing one. Some points made so far I've thought about in the months of theory crafting/play testing, and I'd like to offer my thoughts on some of them, and see if my reasoning is flawed or if I'm just undervaluing certain aspects of the classes (specifically ranger spells). Thank you personally for encouraging me to post the build, I've already enjoyed the process of creating the character, and am I enjoying the chance to talk about it with masters of the craft more than I can express.

As far as your points go, I had originally played around with stats that allowed me to get Ranger spells, but found them to be lackluster, and all around outclassed by magic items/potions. From what I can gather, and using the stat spread put forward by Another (my original stat spread for the build in fact), going for Ranger spells gets the obvious LVL 4 spells, and +2 base will save.

Doing so however, loses 1 from max hit, 1 from Dev CRT DC, 1 AB (if not factoring Aid), 40 skill points, and an AC point. Lastly the build is extremely feat starved, going for dev CRT and weapon master limits the ability to take knockdown.

Trading blind fight makes it all the more susceptible to invisible creatures, and I just don't see how that can really be worthwhile on a character already lacking in the defense department. Losing the STR point but adding epic prowess results in a +/-0 AB, but a -1 to damage values, and the Dev CRT DC.

Granted the one DC might not make a huge difference, but still having any negatives in the trade leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Armor skin runs into the same issue, only worse in some ways, with the odd Ex score it results in a +/-0 AC but -1 to Reflex saves.

The bonuses from Aid can be useful, and are actually the only thing you actually gain from the trade, resulting in +/-0 reflex, +3 will and +1 Fort and AB for 25 rounds. But the same thing can be gained from a party members Aid which will likely last longer, or even from a scroll or potion even if for a much shorter duration.

If so that might sway me more towards wanting the spells, but ATM I'd really only consider it if I was going to run solo for extended periods of time. I also didn't mention the loss of a favored enemy in the epic prowess pickup, personally it just weighs the argument further towards it being irrelevant and not useful for the build.

The extra favored enemy just gives more chances for bane to pro and an even higher bonus than the one granted by epic prowess. The lack of Uncanny Dodge is regrettable, but at least against Invisible creatures blind fight and listen can reduce the odds of being flat-footed.

The AC and saves are abysmal for most of the builds' life until decent magic items are obtained to round them out. As stated previously, AC is a big issue for the build, but one that can be worked around if played correctly.

Lack of Uncanny Dodge is again a hindrance, but again one I feel can be worked around with intelligent play. Free Double Axe Prof replaces the human bonus feat, again a net +/-0.

The only thing the half orc gets is Dark vision in exchange for 40 skill points, which personally I don't think is worth. I feel like I've definitely undervalued the ranger spells since it's be a point from each commenter, but the trades you have outlined don't match the builds goals at all.

Dropping Ex lowers reflex by 2, an arguably harder save to comp for than will. Wearing full plate negated all the TWF feats, resulting in a huge AB loss and an entire APR.

Key questions: Are the ranger spells worth as much at a party setting vs. solo? As for the Animal Companion, you will find out very fast on Wog that it will last about...1~2 rounds, ATM.

It is basically a weaker (but still viable) version of Greater Magic Weapon (you are still better off with BMW). NOTE: we should not discuss Wog specific stuff here, which is why I did not, the admins get grumpy and Welshman should know better by now.

It can “situationally” apply its feat bonus to things that are Critical Immune (assuming it takes the appropriate Favored Enemy).

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