Best Whirlwind Barbarian Build

James Lee
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 10 min read

This is a guide for players new to Diablo III or playing Barbarian, it is not perfect, but should give players struggling to cope with the volume of items and builds some direction. This guide is essentially a list of items season 19 Whirlwind Barbarians should acquire, and stat priorities for them.

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There are 56 items the player needs to acquire, not including normal gems and Ramayana's Gift's. With these items you should be able to play most variations of Whirlwind builds for both pushing Greater Rifts, and Speed Farming.

Because this is a guide for new players, I have chosen no to use any abbreviations, except “GR” meaning “Greater Rifts”, and “Speed” meaning “Speed Farming” as in Ephraim Rifts or Bounties. The gear section lists the items you want to acquire and equip to yourself broken down by slot.

The cube section lists all the items whose legendary power you need to extract. If one of these items is also listed under the gear section, you should wait until you have two of them, and extract the weaker one.

Your follower is mostly only useful for pushing solo GR, they do minimal damage regardless of gear, instead they are there for buffing and rebuffing. Even then, do not stress about getting the best gear for them, maxing rolls, sockets, enchants, gems, etcetera.

Main Hand Weapon: Thunder fury, Blessed Blade of the Windbreaker The damage type of physical, lightning, ECT dose not matter, you simply want the highest range possible.

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That means you will only be able to get 3 of the 4 priority stats listed, this is because you want to add your socket with a “Ramayana's Gift”. A good weapon would preferably be ancient, and come without a socket, so you are not rolling that away, as well as have a damage range in to top 30% possible, and have either Strength or Cool Down Reduction.

I'd just like to take one last moment to thank my girlfriend for being the inspiration for this guide, and the light in my life. Season 18: “Missed the Challenge Rift Goodies” Guide.

So you've got a brand new seasonal character, but for some reason you haven't been able to complete the Challenge Rift, or maybe you did it too soon? © Post “Season 19 WhirlwindBarbarian item guide for new players” for game Diablo 3.

To be eligible for the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there should be good reason to expect its release in that year. Therefore, upcoming games with a mere announcement and no discernible release date will not be included.

Beware, however, that there are MANY MANA burners in hell, so much of the time you will be stuck using concentrate. )I was thinking about building a whirlwind barbarian and I never made one before (sorceress is my character).

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It can help you come up with NPCs, or it can give you ideas of how to build PCs. I will be slowly adding DR to some of these guys at 12th level. *** Mad Bomber (Zenith Games) Half-Orc Grenadier Alchemist who just chucks many, many bombs.

(12th level DR: 88, confuse, entangle, blind, glue, four times a day. )*** Mortar (Zenith Games) Hobgoblin Grenadier Alchemist, a slightly more well-rounded bomber with an excellent array of attacks and options.

(12 level DR: 82, cold, stagger, entangle, blind, curse, confuse nearly 6 times a day) *** Amy Achy (Cheap) Changeling Beast morph/Vivisectionist Alchemist who dips into fighter, monk, and master chemist to become a ridiculously broken melee pouncing monstrosity.

** Gangster (Mercurial) Human Invulnerable Roger/Urban Barbarian who dips unbreakable fighter for a massive DR 24/- and other great benefits. ** Astrid (AndIMustMask) Human Invulnerable Roger Barbarian who dips unbreakable fighter and fights with a Lucerne Hammer.

Blanziflor Qua trefoil (Ohio) Muse touched Basilar bar with piles of knowledge skills who dips fighter and oracle, and uses Karin style in battle. ** Shield bonk Hero (Nerd-Ass Mess) Dwarf shield champion frontliner who makes his own armor and weapons, and can switch seamlessly between melee and ranged combat.

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*** The Truck (Market) Human Order of the Sword Beast Rider Cavalier who rides a T. rex and charges his enemies into oblivion. ** Ultimate Lawyer (Nerd-Ass Mess) Human cleric focused on spell casting with untouchable diplomacy skills and a ton of social and combat tricks.

** Necro-Bard (Lucy Fur) Human cleric evangelist who raises powerful undead companions, and assists with blasting and party buffs. * Dark Angel (Zenith Games) Basilar Undead Lord Cleric dips 1 level into fighter for AC buffs, then wades into combat and negatively channels to demoralize and blow his enemies away.

*** Teddy Rosy (Zenith Games) Human Two-Handed Fighter, the ultimate in damage dealing, destroys enemies with his Fashion. * Lender (Nicks) Human Lore Warden Fighter who gains a very high trip CMB.

Dips into Cavalier (Cockatrice) and Rogue (Thug) to improve demoralizing ability. ** The Blaster (STR Ranger and Pathway April) Human Magus who dips orc/diatonic sorcerer to emphasizes massive damage from shocking grasp and fireball.

* Yuri Invites (Ohio) Dwarf Monk 8/Duelist 5 who uses a Shanghai to poke people to death. Captain Falcon (Tells) Dwarf Monk of the 4 Winds 15/Unarmed Fighter 5, a wonderfully amusing theory craft who deals 192d8+4d6+75 damage on a single turn at level 20, average 953 (3 times a day).

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(12th level DR: 51 and 4.6 strength damage when invisible seven times a day)*** Black beak (Zenith Games) Ten Ninja who uses three natural attacks to deal sneak attack through his entire career. * Argonne Chorister (Raving dork) Human death oracle, leads an army of non-evil undead, including a purple worm zombie that functions as a makeshift “ground-craft carrier.” *** Ordain (Garry) Template and mini-guide for the ultimate healer, a Paladin and Oracle of Life who sacrifices his own hit points to heal others, then heals himself as a swift action.

Lay on Handyman (Damocles Guile) Human Oath of Vengeance Paladin who maximizes Lay on Hands to gain an additional 160 hit points worth of swift healing a day at 6th level (2,552 at 20th level). *** Natural Killer (Zenith Games) A Human Skirmisher/Guide Ranger of the Two-Weapon style who is a dual wields Wakizashis for plenty of cries and a few skills and tricks to play around with.

*** Spine Breaker (Zenith Games) A Human Skirmisher/Guide Ranger of the Two-Handed weapon style who wields a fashion for massive damage. *** Shaker (Zenith Games) Human Knife Master/Scout Rogue who focuses on feinting and other tricks to deal massive sneak attack damage every round.

*** Batter McShieldBash (Prototype00) Human Ranger 7 (Guide)/Rogue 10 (Thug/Scout)/Fighter 3 (Brawler) who bashes his enemies with his shield in the best possible way. ** A Samurai (AndIMustMask) Half-Orc Sword Saint Samurai (Order of the warrior) 19/Unbreakable Fighter 1 who excels at crowd combat and is no slouch in solo fights. *** Enchantress (Mercurial) Mistune Fey Bloodline Sorcerer who has unbelievable save DC's vs. Enchantment, culminating in a 36 DC Dominate Monster at 17th level.

** Tesla (Scott Gray) PFS-legal Arcane Savant / False Priest Sorcerer build. * Rushing (Raving dork) Half-Orc fire Sorcerer, leader of his tribe and undisputed master of cleansing flame.

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*** Angry Caterpillar (Zenith Games) Half-Elf Synthesis Summoner who sprouts hands to wield factions and tanks massively. ** Steward of Ignacio (Nerd-Ass Mess) Human with a powerful griffon mount focused on charging and horsed om.

** Count Some Sheep Witch (Nerd-Ass Mess) Even debilitated with maxed-out Int who fills a bunch of roles in and out of combat, capable of removing and creating status ailments. The Bride of Hell (Ohio) Tie fling White-haired Witch 8/ soda 2/ Eldritch Knight 10 who grapples, flurries, and attacks with her hair.

* Koran (Raving dork) Human Rich Necromancer Wizard, her depravity is matched only by her false beauty. * Paragon Duelist (William oak) Human Fighter (Sword lord) 7/Monk (hungry ghost, sensei) 1/Shadow dancer 2/Sword lord (PRC) 10 who dips all over the place for 66 AD at level 20.

* Akin LIR (Raving dork) Noble Draw Mystic The urge, despicable priestess, eager to see her schemes to tuition. * Alan Sylvan (Raving dork) Half-Elf arcane trickster, a survivor of the under dark and spy for the draw noble houses.

* Not-A-Ninja (AndIMustMask) Elf Arcane Trickster 10/Magus ENSAI 6/Rogue Knife Master, Scout 4, a rogue with more with nova and utility.

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