Best Whirlwind Barbarian Build Diablo 2

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 10 min read

This classic uses the ability to ignore unit collision with the Whirlwind attack animation, making your Barbarian a spinning top of death. While spinning to win through a mob of bad guys it’s easy to see why a WW Barb is so popular.

barbarian build diablo whirlwind season
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Secondly, a WW Barb can solo Normal/Nightmare with little supervision and has a lot of options for the late game. This, combined with his easy customization, starts to make sense out of the crazy number of Barbs in Ladder games.

This forces most players to just stock up on potions and MANA Leech items to spam WW. Monsters with the dreaded PI identifier, Physical Immunity, make a tough tree to saw down.

Luckily one point in Berserk is more than enough to take out small groups of these pesky PI monsters. Keep in mind, any on-hit effects like Life Tap from items (Dracula’s Grasp or Last Wish) will not trigger in any instance of the WW animation.

After that it only makes sense to max the only other skill that contributes to your Barb’s DPS which is Weapon Mastery. Some players look to skills like Battle Orders and Shout to keep their party well defended and happy.

Additionally, Iron Skin and Natural Resistance are great choices for extra tackiness! Most WW players notice steadily increased survivability if the points are spent in Iron Skin and Natural Resistances instead.

diablo barbarian build immortal king whirlwind ww
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4 Socket Body Armor Shall + Um + PUL + Sum +60% Faster Hit Recovery +250-290% Enhanced Defense (varies) +300 Defense Vs. Missile +16 To Strength +16 To Vitality +10 To Energy All Resistances +15 Level 16 Molten Boulder (80 Charges) Level 16 Clay Golem (16 Charges) Rune word Duress “Great on-hit synergy!” 3 Socket Body Armor Shall + Um + Thus +40% Faster Hit Recovery +10-20% Enhanced Damage (varies) Adds 37-133 Cold Damage 2 sec.

Defense: 137 – 159 Potion Slots: 16 Minimum Strength: 110 Durability: 24 Level Requirement: 47 BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Hi again folks.

I am looking for your opinions on the best build for soloing players 8 games. Obviously, the monsters have more health, so a high damage build is desirable.

Good damage and crowd control, but MANA troubles arise easily and not a lot of defense. Damage might be as good/better than frenzy, but uncertain without any ability to parse.

Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Well one can obviously get a build going with norm equipment and still do well. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Berserk isn't as slow as it has been said to be if it's played right.

diablo horker build barbarian
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Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Wow, thanks for all the help so far. Maybe 2 -3 high runes and a dozen elite unique (none of the usual suspects except maybe Verdun go's).

Weapons: Grandfather, Flesh ripper, Banana's Star, Bone hew, Demon Limb, Flame bellow, Horizon's Tornado, Rangoon's Teaching, Azure wrath 1.09, a bunch of exceptional and normal unique like 3x Gunther's Rift, Storm eye, Cullen's Point, Sky strike, Rake scar, Blackstone, Skull Splitter, Blood rise, etc. Body Armor: “Myth,” Guardian Angel, Skin of the Viper magi, Rattle cage, Silks of the Victor, Dark glow, Hawk mail, Bone flesh.

Rings and Amulets: Video's Snare, a +3 to Barb Mysteries (in use), a 25% MF one also but not much else on it Runes: HEL 3x, DOL 4x, Io 4x, Sum 2x, Fall 1x, LEM 2x, PUL 2x, MAL 1x, Vex 1x.

Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) I made some videos today of my p8-running Barbarian. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) I made some videos today of my p8-running Barbarian.

How long did it take you to find those Lo and BER runes? As an aside, I've been experimenting with concentrate with a Grandfather and Rhyme. While relatively slow, I find he is very, very sturdy, and, even with my modest items, I don't have to run away or even use many potions.

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I don't have a So, but I can possibly make a character to run through to normal Lark. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Maybe a Shall pocketed into the Grandfather would help.

Using the weapon speed call, I find that I get 12 FPA concentrate with 0 WAS and 45 IAS. 11 FPA Concentrate with 20 WAS and 45 IAS. If I go for 10 FPA, I need to use Treachery anyway, so the difference between the 69% and 89% IAS required with/without pocketed shall makes no difference.

Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Do you have a Rib cracker? The only annoying thing is the defense bonus obviously is a waste of time (like having Shout as a damage synergy :scratch head.

No, I listed everything of note that I've found in the post above. Thank you for the suggestion though, if I ever find one, I might use it. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Today I tried a whirlwind barbarian with a 1-point concentrate (max BO synergy) for bosses.

I found that I was not doing enough damage to kill small (/p8) groups in the sanctuary in less than 5 minutes of whirling. I then tried the grandfather 2 -handed, and it seemed that I was able to kill slightly faster with whirlwind, but took much more damage to myself.

barbarian diablo speed demon whirlwind
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I think frenzy or even berserk might be a bit faster with modest equipment. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Thanks for the videos, I enjoyed watching them.

For dedicated MF barbs teleport+ howl/zero is a good option (It's a p1 build that kills only bosses). And most of the 99 attempting guys use Nihilithak running concentrators or howlzerkers.

Frenzy can definitely do the job and does comparable damage, but requires so many skill points and has so many disadvantages (interruptible, needs charging, slowed by holy freeze, etc) that you'll ultimately realize that there is really no point. Fact is, whirlwind really is the barbarian's most powerful combat skill.

Inability to get good results using it is simply a reflection of the fact that the gear is bad or inappropriate, or lacking an understanding of how to use it. Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) Not exactly a 'p8 build ', but I think you might be interested.

I have noticed a couple of things about WW.... 1) My mere dies a lot more; 2) The 10% life leech on my headgear seems to do a pretty decent job of filling the bulb; 3) The tons of MANA drain mobs give me a bit of trouble with stalling out. I did notice in the videos earlier in this thread, that he switches from WW to Concentrate for the bosses.

diablo season barbarian whirlwind
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Re: BestBarbarianBuild for Soloing 8 Player Hell Games (/players 8) I assume you would use a big sword two handed with WW rather than dual wielding? I like the range on pole arms and spears, but they are very hard to get to 4 FPA I think, at least for norm words.......

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