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Check Out Best Builds Here Name Whirlwind ConfirmedRarityUniqueWeapon TypeMeleeWeapon CategoryAxeOverall Power105Damage2107Traits- Casts Shock waves- Spin attack- (User Report)PowerSpeedArea Weapon stats vary depending on its rarity, base power and enchantments.

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Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly. Check Out the Level Environment Guide ItemEvalEffect Leeching GreatDefeating a mob heals you a small portion of the mob's max health Committed Greater increased damage against already wounded enemies.

Gravity Goods effect pulls mobs in range toward's the weapon's impact point. Radiance Goods a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it.

“Minecraft” is a trademark of Moving Synergies AB ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Power Speed Area Enchantment Level ID Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly.

Hawk brand can appear pretty early in Default Difficulty in Creepers Woods mission. Hawk brand is best used for early missions and is suitable for builds that do not rely too much on melee combat.

Venom Grieve also has the ability to spawn a Poison Cloud area and deal a small tick damage to a group of mobs. This unique mace has the ability to chain the enemy in place and deal a small area damage.

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Flail can be dropped in High block Halls mission on Apocalypse difficulty. Storm Lander infuses the power of Lighting to the Hammer, giving a 30% chance to call down a Lightning Bolt that can deal damage up to 3 enemies.

Storm lander has a chance to drop in Obsidian Pinnacle or Fiery Forge on Apocalypse difficulty Frost Scythe slow mobs with every hit, allow you to deal more damage before they can attack you.

Frost Scythe can be enhanced with Shock wave to increase the reach of the weapon. Frost Scythe is best used in any Soul Build that does not require fast attack speed or super-powerful damage.

Frost Scythe can be found in Pumpkin Pasture on Apocalypse Difficulty Truth seeker is also found in the Soggy Swamp mission or occasionally appeared in Black Smith.

The above Moon Daggers are pretty good with either Sharpness or Commitment + Critical Hit + Radiance. Cursed Axe is best used after you reach Apocalypse, as the exploding ability only works best when you are surrounded, and when the mobs have some decent Health Bar.

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Check out our guide for Minecraft Dungeons Double Axe build. This pair of gauntlets can deliver more critical hit base on your current Soul Level.

This pulls in enemies with each hammer slam, and can quickly destroy a group of mobs with its powerful damage. Hammer of Gravity can be enhanced with Damage focus enchantment like Sharpness or Commitment.

Fighter’s Binding attack speed can be enhanced by Death Cap Mushroom, making it’s a boss killer weapon. These builds reduce 75% of Artifact Cooldown and let you use Death Cap Mushroom throughout the level without a single downtime.

The hard thing when it comes to talents and insignia is to find the right ones that will work best on a hero, although some are more effective in general. Wicked Armor works very well in combinations with Sacred Light and Flame Guard to buff attack and also limit reflected damage you take.

But instead of choosing a class, like other role-playing games, you’ll be able to create your own depending on your play style and the type of gear collected in-game. Whirlwind, forged during an epic windstorm, is a double-bladed axe that levitates slightly.

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Rarity Unique Overall Power 105 Damage 2107 Location Soggy Swamp, From Blacksmith The Fire bolt Thrower launches chaos in a chain reaction of exploding arrows. Playing with fire grants this crossbow some powerful traits, with arrows exploding on impact, and the chance of a chain reaction.

Rarity Unique Overall Power 105 Damage 2459 Location Under hall, Fiery Forge, Cow Level The educated elders of the Under days claimed that this armor was built from the scales of a dragon. This is the ultimate tool for a melee damage-dealer, giving you speed boosts after a dodge roll, allowing you to weave around enemies and slap them while they’re still turning.

Rarity Unique Overall Power 13 Health 133 Location Pumpkin Pastures, From Blacksmith Leeching: Defeating a mob heals you a small portion of the mob’s max health. Swift footed: Rolling makes you move faster for three seconds.

The twin blades of Nightmare’s Bite drip with deadly venom, still potent after all these years. It also spawns poison clouds, stacking with Life Stealing-type enchants for tons of self-sustain.

Rarity Unique Overall Power 13 Damage 22-50 Location Arch Haven, Pumpkin Pastures, Desert Temple, FromBlacksmith Function over form, this creation of the Arch-Illager cranks up the fire rate far beyond alternatives. Rarity Unique Overall Power 14 Damage 10 Location Redstone Mines, High block Halls, From Blacksmith Spider Armor, created by master thieves, is inspired by the agile talents of the Spider.

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The Spider Armor is a rogue’s best friend, providing a passive life steal aura on attacks, alongside bonuses to damage. Rarity Unique Overall Power 23 Health 114 Location Redstone Mines, Desert Templeton Blacksmith Radiance: Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it.

Chains: Has a 30% chance to chain a cluster of mobs together and keep them bound for a short time Thundering: Has a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike that damages nearby enemies. Chain Reaction: Has a chance to fire five arrows in all directions on impact.

Great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts, Her. Sow filthiness they shall reap the chaff thereof in the whirlwind, Josiah 7:30.

When the devil shall send forth … his shafts in the whirlwind, HEL. Vengeance comet … as the whirlwind, D&C 97:22 (112:24).

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