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Jim succumbs to a hallucinogenic powder created by Dr. Loveless, who intends to create mass hysteria by polluting the country's water supply, so he can rule the world. Jim and ARTE must protect a key member of a wealthy investment group whose surviving member stands to inherit the group's sizable assets.

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Jim and ARTE unknowingly become a part of a bizarre revenge plot involving mistaken identities. To warn some of the country's wealthiest men about recurrent murders, Agents West and Gordon visit Curtis Dodd, who could become the next victim.

Special agents West and Gordon are sent to the mortuary to identify the body of their arch enemy, Dr. Manuelito Loveless. A mourner at the morgue takes a key from the wrist of the corpse ... See full summary ».

Jim and Artemis are asked by a beautiful young woman, Lamina Sedge wick, to help her mute grandfather. Later, they find the agent dead with a knife in his back through a flyer... See full summary ».

Special agent West is charged with the responsibility to transport the state's only supply of a smallpox vaccine to safety. On the way, West's stagecoach is ambushed by a gang, led by Silas... See full summary ».

Arriving at a lonely border outpost, Jim and Artie attempt to stop a terrorist gang from provoking a war with Mexico Jim and ARTE decipher the meaning of a dying man's last words in order to stop an assassination attempt on the governor.

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The assignment for James West is to find a fellow agent who is imprisoned on Devil's Island. Getting imprisoned himself, West is given lashes and sent into a pit where he finds Vincent Reed, the agent he was to free.

John Maxwell Avery advised the President and led powerful men in Washington. Jim and ARTE uncover a secret revenge plot involving inhuman medical experiments.

When a magician makes ARTE disappear, Jim must travel to another dimension to find him. What his journey back in time reveals is a plot to change the outcome of the Civil War.

The mad puppeteer Zachariah Skull re-creates a courtroom drama, using life-size puppets, to seek revenge on both Jim and the Supreme Court Justices who sentenced him to death. Agents West and Gordon are called to investigate a mysterious Confederate night rider who comes to the ranch of Carl Jackson, its wealthy owner.

Agents West and Gordon are guarding a museum containing the famous Herbert jewels, but someone still manages to steal the gems. Afterwards, a famous painting of Western scene is removed ... See full summary ».

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Dr. Faustino and her mute servant, Miklós, have transformed a corpse into a duplicate image of Jim West. When they bring the corpse back to life, Faustino's plot is to have the West ... See full summary ».

Jim and ARTE must deliver a message of peace to Chief Ho-Tami, head of the Indian tribes. Dr. Secularism captures Jim in an attempt to stop the treaty signing.

Now, posing as a wanted man, Jim infiltrates a murderous clan, where he uncovers a plot to assassinate President Grant. After witnessing the total destruction of a town called Tonga Flats, agents West and Gordon receive a further threat to destroy the city of Denver.

It was basically James Bond set in the 1870s (just after the Civil War) where Secret Service agents Jim West (played by Robert Conrad, all action and ladies’ man), and Artemis Gordon (played by Ross Martin, all gadgets and disguises). The WildWildWest had many science fiction elements and shared many connections (actors, writers, producers, directors) with the Star Trek TV show.

Jim and Artie are sent to the New Mexico Territory by President Ulysses S. Grant to stop a ruthless Mexican revolutionary who is looting towns. This episode, with a clever plot twist involving a hidden identity, holds up very well and is a lot of fun.

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This episode is basically a TV version of the James Bond movie “Dr. This is not a good idea when one of the group members is a clever murderer who has a twin brother.

Their unending mission was to protect President Ulysses S. Grant and the United States from all manner of dangerous threats. The agents traveled in luxury aboard their own train, the Wanderer, equipped with everything from a stable car to a laboratory.

James West had served as an intelligence and cavalry officer in the US Civil War; his “cover” during the series is that he is a railroad president. Gordon's past is more obscure; when he retires in 1880 he goes on the road as the head of a Shakespeare traveling players troupe.

James and Artemis arrive in Mexico with a present for the Mexican president: a beautiful Arabian horse. Within minutes of their arrival, however, the horse is stolen by a group of outlaw bandits.

When the agents are assigned to protect Stefan, who is to be crowned king in place of his late brother, they meet the sinister Mr. Salamander who wants Stefan to renounce the throne and will do anything to accomplish this goal, including kidnapping his daughter. West and ARTE ride into the quiet town of Willow Springs, only to find it looted and all of its citizens victims of a mysterious paralysis.

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ARTE and Jim must find the diamond before Morgan Midas can complete his sinister plan. West and Gordon are called to the deserted mining town of Brimstone by Professor Cole crest, who has made a discovery of great importance.

West has received a note from agent Gordon summoning him to the local barbershop; where he is promptly anesthetized by a hot towel. After learning about a series of kidnappings, Jim and Jeremy Pike's investigation leads to the sinister Dr. Loveless who's waiting with his latest invention and dastardly plan.

Investigating a murder, West falls into the hands of the Eccentrics, a group of assassins controlled by the vicious Count Vanzetti. Jim is set up as a renegade as a cover for him and Artie to sneak into Texas and track down General Juan Anglo, who is trying to take over the region.

Jim must return a princess to the Hunan throne in China, and Artie has only one clue to track down the smugglers of opium and Chinese aliens: a fortune cookie. Agents West and Gordon investigate a mysterious Confederate “ghost” rider.

Jim and ARTE follow the trail of stolen kerosene and sulfur to Harper's ferry, where they find an 1870s version of abolitionist John Brown. West gets involved in a bizarre scheme when a green girl emerges from a fallen spaceship claiming she needs gold for fuel.

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Jim and Art ego undercover to infiltrate a renegade Army led by Torvald Wolfe, who intends to conquer part of Mexico. Crippled in an explosion that he blames on the other men of his company, Torres rebuilt himself as a 19th century cyborg and is seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him.

Here to sign a treaty, Jim West tries to protect a pleasure-loving South Seas Prince when he insists on visiting a plush spa where assassins eagerly await his arrival. A mysterious dragon-like creature is blowing up American ships and West and Gordon must determine the cause.

Jim and Artie set out to penetrate the stronghold of John Maxwell Avery, a corrupt political boss, and return him to Washington for trial. During a stopover in a small Kansas town, the agents become involved in a murder investigation.

After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover valuable information that points in an entirely different direction. West must protect the Grand Emir of the Ottoman Empire from the fatal charms of Ecstasy La Join.

Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico and become the new Napoleon. West tries to protect Prof. Nielsen, a demolitions expert, but the evil Dr. Manuelito Loveless has something else in mind.

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West is captured by Dr. Secularism who doesn't want a message of peace delivered to Chief Ho-Tami, head of the Indian Tribes.

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