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Maria Johnson
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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The last 60 pages, especially, are a gripping page-turner as author David Fletcher battles for his life against a grizzly bear. (True, you might find the story dragging a bit midway through, but just hold on -- it gets better).

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When you combine these elements with the natural perils of the Alaska wilderness you have a recipe for things going wrong. Second, ... full review I intend to bring the Kindle on wilderness expeditions (I am a certified Were), and I then wanted to get a good WFA book.

This would not have been my first choice, there is another one that is used in the training program which I received my certification from that I liked slightly better. For my purposes, familiarity is important, and I also find Weiss slightly less handy as a look-up reference.

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a great book; putting it down at night and it being the first thing that enters your head when you wake up. The dark evenings of winter are the absolute perfect time to get engrossed in a great read and if the subject happens to be one of action-packed adventure, exploration of far-flung places, overcoming challenges against the odds, then all the better.

Following the death of her father and stricken by grief, Sophie Cairns needed to do something big. Driven by the desperate need to keep the memory of her father alive, Sophie took on the Seven Volcanoes Project to raise money for Cancer Research.

Along the way she battles with chronic asthma, a very tight schedule, and physical and emotional exhaustion to be the first person to climb the highest volcano on each continent, in four months. Inspiring and fast-moving, this honest and heartfelt account of her adventure is a superb reminder of the important things in life and what really matters.

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Sophie takes you along for the ride through skillful storytelling that is easy, conversational and personal. From simple family walks in stunning locations to multi-day/multi-activity challenges that need planning, experience and some gear.

Karakorum is a must-read for anyone planning on climbing in this region, and Seasons honest and nuanced story telling will leave you yearning to get there and experience it all for yourself! Following on from Humphrey’s Microadventures, this is an easy and inspirational read that can’t help but lure you in with upbeat enthusiasm for living life more adventurously.

Highly acclaimed writer for some of the world's the biggest outdoor publications, and creator of semi-rad.com, Brendan Leonard takes us beyond his usual humorous story telling to something much deeper. Sixty Meters to Anywhere is an honest and, at times, tragic memoir of Leonard’s journey to sobriety through an obsession with climbing.

His raw and open account of redemption in the mountains, like many adventure books, is certainly not exclusive to climbers. This Road I Ride will drive cyclists to go kick some pedaling butt, and make even the most unambitious of us want to go do something great.

Alone on the road with nothing to lose, this uplifting and highly readable tale of self-discovery, mental challenge and physical hardship is as light and easy as it is deep and honest. Alex’s quirky humor really shines through in this descriptive and introspective narrative that helps us gain some insight into what makes him tick.

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And with the help of co-author, David Roberts, we are able to get some perspective on Alex’s self-effacing attitude towards his incredible climbing achievements. Walking the Nile is a true adventure story and an intensely inspiring chronicle of one long and epic journey.

Levi son Wood travels solely on foot, unaided by the river which guides him from its very source deep in a Rwandan forest to the Mediterranean coast. The book shares the heart of humanity through political and social interactions, with the inclusion of important historical references that deliver the full picture of life in northern Africa.

Woods’ brave and courageous journey is told in an effortlessly informative way that keeps the pages turning as fast as the story unfolds. Robert Moor’s debut book is an enchanting and thoroughly researched journey along the winding and varied trails and paths of life.

On Trails is a creative non-fiction book like no other that will leave you seeing life and the natural history of the world in a very new light. Complexly informative but without dwelling too long on any particular subject, Moor recounts various adventures out in the wilderness, exploring the trails and their meanings to give us a highly engaging read that is full to the brim with wise words.

On Trails is a deeply thoughtful meditation that will inspire you to get out, get walking, and truly consider each step along your chosen path. Find the latest price on: Amazon. Climber or not, On The Nose is an expertly crafted insight into the quest for success, that reads more like a novel than a biography.

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Braving It is the unique and intensely involving memoir of a Father and Daughter, living, journeying and exploring in the Alaskan wilderness. Poignant, moving and full of hope, Campbell delivers breathtakingly beautiful descriptions of the extreme wilds of stark Alaska.

As one of the greatest adventure skiers of all time, Doug Combs was best known for his daring first descents of some of the biggest and most remote mountain routes in the world. But Cuzco has turned what could have been another simple biography, into a captivating narrative of ski history and culture.

“The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is among our nation’s great natural treasures. At this moment in our history, when calls are growing to privatize public lands and weaken national parks, adventurers Amy and Dave Freeman.

Have done us all an invaluable service, offering a wonderfully compelling testimony for the value of wild places and the creatures who inhabit them. “With this book, the Freeman's prove themselves natural successors of Sigurd Olson's legacy of carefully crafted activist writing.

“This book is a documentary on paper, the plural we of the authors’ voice inviting the reader to join the conversation. Speak with a single attentive and amiable voice that centers the joys and challenges of navigating the land and water.

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Gorgeous color photographs focus on the human experience of being in wilderness and augment a novel work that should draw attention to the plight of the Boundary Waters.” Although my adventures have taken me to both ends of the earth, I share with Amy and Dave Freeman the same life-affirming natural center point for physical and spiritual sustenance: Minnesota’s Boundary Waters wilderness.

While I occasionally get to taste the wonders of this pristine place, they got to live and breathe it for a full year. The depth of their insights in this remarkable book reflects the intensity of their extraordinary experience and their love for this amazing national treasure.

words are complemented by an outstanding selection of photographs that immerse the reader in the watery landscape, making an indelible impact.” Stories of the gear, sled dogs and camping’s constant problem-solving will please experience trekkers.

Adventuresses is a nonfiction publisher of books on a wide range of subjects, including adventure, outdoors, travel, nature, local history, sports, and more. In addition, there are a host of other nonfiction subjects that are not our specialty so please familiarize yourself with our company and the types of books we publish before submitting.

We only rarely publish children’s stories, and they must have full-color photographs and pertain directly to nature and the outdoors. Adventure Publications is the largest independent publisher of birding books and is also renowned for full-color field guides for animals, constellations, trees, rocks and minerals, plus many photo-driven children’s titles.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with Adventure Publications to make sure that your book proposal is a good fit for this imprint. Clergy’s titles cover topics such as local history, sports, hometown adventure, travel, business, and more.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with Clergy Press to make sure that your book proposal is a good fit for this imprint. Kenosha Ridge Press is a leading independent publisher covering the outdoors, wilderness sports, wildlife, cooking, history, dining, and travel worldwide.

Kenosha Ridge was founded in Alabama in 1982, joined Clergy Press more than two decades later to form Keen Communications, and became part of the Adventuresses family in 2015. We invite you to familiarize yourself with Kenosha Ridge Press to make sure that your book proposal is a good fit for this imprint.

In addition to an array of individual book titles, Wilderness Press produces a number of series such as Afoot & Afield, Backpacking, Top Trails, Walking, and several others. We invite you to familiarize yourself with Wilderness Press to make sure that your book proposal is a good fit for this imprint.

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