Best Wilderness Areas In California

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July 24, 2014, Category: Hiking and Backpacking, Wilderness by Hannah Weatherman Vance Russell is the NFF’s California Director and has lived in the state for 15 years. Travel in California and you will experience diverse Wilderness areas spanning coast to alpine and desert to montane.

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Even the virtually unknown Sanhedrin and Yuri in the Mendocino National Forest are well worth a visit. While they are too beautiful and unique places, I chose to focus this list on National Forest Wilderness areas.

Although I’ve enjoyed visiting every single wilderness in California, here’s a list of my favorites: John Muir Wilderness (Sierra and Into National Forests) Dominated by multiple ragged and soaring granite peaks, including Mt.

Whitney the highest in the continental US, this Wilderness encompasses everything John Muir stood for and loved in the Sierra Nevada: wildness, climbing, glaciers, wildlife and solitude. The Wilderness is home to the world’s oldest living tree, the bristle cone pine, but habitat ranges from desert scrub to alpine.

Below the multiple glaciers on the mountain are volcanic activity and massive fir and pine forests. Steep and rugged beauty feature the coast mountains and include many large redwoods, the tallest tree on earth.

San Gabriel Wilderness (Angeles National Forest) Where else can you be drinking champagne and eating caviar with fabulous stars in Los Angeles one moment, and then walking near a herd of bighorn sheep in sparse conifer forest the next? Miskito’s lush forest in the farthest reaches of wet northwestern California harbors special species.

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Total Acres: 53,339 Year Designated: 2006 Agency: Bureau of Land Management & US Forest Service For more information about the numerous wilderness areas scattered across the United States, visit Wilderness .net.

Visitors are offered the chance to explore everything under the sun, from iconic peaks like Yosemite’s Half Dome to the sublime forestry in the Redwood rainforests. People flock from all around the world to visit Yosemite, where you can camp and experience any number of outdoor activities.

The wilderness is filled with forestry, granite peaks and a series of valleys and lakes, embodying values like solitude, physical and mental challenge, scientific study and recreation. The Crystal Range runs through the wilderness, including the highest point at Pyramid Peak, which is nearly 10,000 feet high.

Point Reyes National Seashore is a cape on the Pacific coast in Marin County, about 30 miles north of San Francisco. Visit Point Reyes to catch a glimpse of over 1,500 plant and animal species and explore a historical location that has been home to a number of prominent cultures throughout the years.

One of the most popular spots to visit is the Point Reyes Lighthouse, which overlooks an incredible ocean view. Instead, you can enjoy the natural wonders and benefits left behind by past eruptions, like ancient lava flows, a hot sulfur spring, raging waterfalls and deep canyons.

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The wilderness is also filled with thriving plant life, including picturesque forestry and colorful wildflowers in the summer. Located on the coast, Redwood National and State Parks are old-growth temperate rainforests best known for being filled with some of the tallest trees in the world.

The wilderness spans across the Santa Lucia Mountains, filling the space with steep ridges, rocky peaks and deep valleys. Visitors can explore everything from the Big Sur River to the Juniper Serra Peak, reaching up 5,750 feet high.

While adventuring through the wilderness, enjoy nearly 200 miles of trails and keep an eye out for the largest population of mountain lions in the country.

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