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10 Best New Survival Backpacks 2020 | GeekWrappedDisclosure: Pre-wrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.

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When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

In this buying guide we show you the best survival backpacks, plus share tips on what to put into your pack (more on that below). We've made sure to only recommend backpacks here that have an ideal balance of weight and functionality.

But no worries, that's where padded straps come in: They help to distribute weight and lower the impact on your shoulders, so you can keep on going! Many modern survival backpacks offer waterproof materials that still provide ventilation, so you don't sweat (for example by using mesh back panels).

A lot of modern survival backpacks offer a special sleeve in which you can slip a hydration reservoir. This can come in handy when you want to carry water in an internal, refillable bottle and drink it through a tube without having to open your backpack.

Most packs already offer waterproof coating, but some moisture can still slip in through zippers and other small cracks. Most survival backpacks are waterproof and made from strong materials such as modern nylon.

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The Pre-wrapped team selected the top 50 survival backpacks based on verified online customer reviews, specs, and more. It features Osprey's proven “Anti-Gravity” suspension system, which is a continuous mesh structure that adjusts to the shape of your body.

This back panel design makes the Atmos AG 65 very light, comfortable and also provides excellent ventilation. Underneath the top lid you'll find a well-designed main pack that offers very good weather protection and great compression.

Osprey also includes loops and bungee tie-offs on the side of the pack which are useful for attaching different tools for easy access. The bottom features sleeping bag straps which can be removed to save weight.

It features double compression straps on the top to balance even heavy loads. Another smart feature is that the torso length of the pack can be changed via an adjustable harness, to better fit your body.

It includes a lot of high-end features, is made in the USA, and you can buy it at a great price. The backpack features well-designed compression straps at the top and bottom that help to keep all your gear secure.

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Simply put, the Scout 3400 is an excellent backpack that's made even more attractive by a great price point! The Altar 65 also offers a very well-designed suspension system that makes the backpack easy to carry.

Additionally, Artery uses heavier and more durable 500D nylon in high-wear areas, which protects the backpack against tears and the elements. The internal frame of the backpack is sturdy and stable, using a very good aluminum construction.

If you plan to carry a lot of gear, the Altar 65 offers a large (removable) top lid that can be extended. It also has an extendable draw cord collar for additional capacity. The shoulder and hip straps are very comfortable and anatomically shaped.

The Altar 65 has a lot of external straps that allow you to properly compress and tie down your load. Many pro hikers cut off extra strap material to save weight, but we'd recommend storing it instead.

The Altar 65 actually offers the ability to tuck away extra strap material at the top and bottom of the pack, so keep an eye out for that. In short, the Artery Altar 65 is a very good backpack that will work great for almost any outdoor situation.

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It has a medium price tag for a backpack this size but offers a lot of high-quality features that make it very reliable. The Banshee 65 doesn't stray from that formula, it's an excellent backpack that's large and comfortable enough, even for multi-day excursions.

As mentioned, the Banshee 65 is VERY light, weighing only three pounds, a record for a 65 L capacity backpack. On the back, you have The North Face's proprietary “OUTFIT” harness system which fits great on your body.

The internal frame does an amazing job of balancing heavy loads, even in complicated and tilted terrain. Like most pro backpacks, the Banshee is top loading for easy access to your stuff.

It has a very useful sleeping bag compartment with separate entry (e.g. to keep your other gear dry after a wet night). It also offers two tool keepers and a beaver tail style expansion at the bag for more storage.

The company makes ultra-reliable, comfortable, and affordable packs that come with a great warranty: Osprey guarantees to repair any damage or defect for ANY reason free of charge. But let's dive into some details: The Zenith 75 is an excellent backpack if you're planning on carrying a lot of gear.

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You get a separate sleeping bag compartment, an external hydration sleeve for easy drinking and refilling, internal compression straps to stabilize the load, and a great stretch mesh front pocket to keep often-used items accessible. The Zenith 75 also has double side-compression straps that serve two purposes: They keep everything you put into the backpack stable and can additionally be used to carry larger tools, tent poles, and other long gear.

This backpack offers a lot of premium features, great durability, and a very comfortable fit. Gregory is known to make high-quality backpacks that offer both comfort and advanced performance.

Gregory uses what they call “Response A3” suspension technology, which actively balances your backpack's load, including in difficult terrain. Unlike many other backpacks, it includes an excellent rain cover, an ultra-light, removable day pack, a side bottle holster, dual ice ax loops (great for you tools), a weatherproof smartphone hip pocket, and much more.

The Terra 65 Exploration is, simply put, an amazing backpack with lots of great features. One of the first things we noticed about the Terra 65 Exploration is that this backpack feels very cool and comfortable.

The North Face achieves that through a cleverly designed, vertical vent channel on the back panel of the pack. At only four pounds, the Terra 65 Exploration is also a very light backpack, especially since it still offers plenty of capacity.

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It offers excellent load distribution to preserve your energy and protect your back. It's a smart choice of material that allows the pack to be very light overall, but robust and tear-resistant where it counts.

The North Face has been innovating backpacks for a long time and their experience shows. The Terra 65 Exploration is a top-rated backpack on our list for good reason.

It's light, durable, very affordable, and offers all-around excellent quality and pro features. Dexter brings German-made quality to the backpack market and is known to make almost indestructible packs.

Their backpacks have held up even in the toughest of situations, from the deepest forests of Europe to far off deserts and icy landscapes. A unique feature of this backpack is the SOS label on the inside of the top flap.

They adapt to the wearer's back and hold the load close to your body's center of gravity for easier carrying and stability. This is achieved by Dexter's big contact surface, adjustable height setting, and flexible hip fins.

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Besides the excellent design and quality which we will talk about in a second, one of the main advantages of buying an Osprey product is that the company offers an amazing warranty. They guarantee to ANY damage or defect, free of charge and for life (yes, even 30 years from now).

But let's talk about the Ether 70s features, which are the main reason it's one of the best backpacks for hiking. This bag stands out because of its smart design: You get zipper hip-belt pockets (for easy access to phones, maps, flashlights, etc.

The front of the backpack features two horizontal compression straps that secure even heavy loads. The sides and bottom have tool attachments, a separate sleeping bag compartment, an external hydration sleeve, compression straps, and more.

The shoulder straps and hip belt are very well-designed, offering a perfect balance of firmness and comfort. The internal frame works great as well, noticeably shifting heavy loads to your hips.

You get a lot of great functionality here, making the Mountaintop 70+10 one of the best cheap hiking backpacks. Overall, we liked the many ways this backpack can be adjusted as well as the many useful pockets and compartments that help keep your gear organized.

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After dozens of hiking backpack reviews it becomes obvious from the first few minutes if packs are well-designed. It should be noted though that you get better build quality and ruggedness from our top budget pick, the ETON Sports Scout 3400.

Check it out When choosing your survival backpack you'll notice that most packs are available in different sizes. Step 1: Measure Your Torso Length The easiest way to do this is to ask a friend for help.

Seasoned outdoors men will tell you that the most critical piece of survival gear is the backpack. It’s the only piece you can take with you that holds onto everything you’d ever need for several days or even weeks of venturing into the open world.

Finding the right survival backpack takes a lot of thought and consideration. You could pick up the first bag you find, but without doing your research, you may end up with a piece that’s unfit for trekking through the unknown.

Choosing the most appropriate survival bag boils down to five things: storage capacity, pockets and straps, structure, access, and suspension system. Keep in mind that larger bags hold onto more items which could potentially weigh you down.

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They help with organizing your survival gear so nothing gets lost, and everything can be taken out and put back in an instant. Multiple internal pockets are ideal for keeping wet items away from the dry to reduce mold growth and overall discomfort.

External frames allow you to strap on several pouches onto the bag’s exterior to increase its carrying capacity. How the bag opens and closes is a matter that many amateur survivalists tend to ignore.

There’s no perfectly “right” way to pack a survival bag, but expert survivalists are always willing to share a few tips and tricks on how to evenly distribute the weight of the contents and help make accessing certain items a heck of a lot easier. Creek Stewart, an instructor and author on survival, recommends splitting your items into three classes: emergency, urgent, and non-urgent.

When it rains, you won’t have time to enjoy the pitter-patter of droplets hitting your tent since you’ll be too busy attempting to keep things as dry as possible. Bring several plastic bags just in case, and store any wet stuff in a separate compartment.

It’s a good idea to bring spares of certain items (toiletries, clothing, sunscreen, and so on). Just keep things realistic; you probably won’t need doubles of tents, boots, or sleeping bags.

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Being able to rub sticks together to build a fire means not having to pack a stove or burner. The wilderness can be a scary place at night, and LEDs are a good way to shoo away demons as well as wandering foxes, raccoons, and skunks.

Although a water bottle may be easy to carry, a built-in hydration pack means one less item to worry about losing. Most modern bags, even EDC's you’d take with you to the office, come with a rain cover hidden in one of the compartments.

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