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Ava Flores
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Due to popular demand, we now offer hook or loop lining for compatibility with some IVB holsters or duty belts. We charge $15.00 for additional hook (scratchy) OR loop (fuzzy) on our belts, inside or outside.

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However, this makes you pull Velcro through the buckle at the smaller size. Available in Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3X-15X, the Easy-Fit Belts still have all the quality features of the standard versions, such as double-layer construction and heavy-duty sewing.

Here are examples of our Easy-Fit compared to the standard, fitted Instructor Belt : The Easy-Fit model has a longer tongue and more Velcro, so it may overlap the belt to the extent that it limits things that can be put on that side of the belt where the tongue overlaps.

While the Easy-Fit is just as capable of load carrying, it does not offer as much dominant-side area as the precise-sized belts, which are our personal preference when practical. This may or may not be a problem for you depending on your holster or personal preference, but we want our customers to know the potential penalty when making their choice.

They are still the most rugged, well-built, lightweight, micro-adjustable belts you can hold up your pants with, but they may not pass through security checkpoints unmolested as they typically have in the past. 03/06/2020 – 02:18:56 PM Great EDC belt, sales service lacking.

The EDC belt is well-made and I think it will last for many years of daily use however, this kind of sales service is inexcusable for a company of such reputedly high regard not to have a simple out of stock and wait time notification. I cancelled my order of the Instructor belt and bought a competitor product that was immediately in stock and of equal quality.

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01/15/2021 - 03:37:04 PM Perfection for Everyday Love my Original Instructors, but was always searching for something a little more low pro, and while there are some (I've tried several), they are not the quality of Wilderness Tactical Belts. *We strongly recommend using a measuring tape to check your correct size.

This is important to the belt doing its job for you, and because the higher size ranges are custom and non-returnable. The Wilderness Lower EDC Belt was born out of the desire for an extremely flat and narrow buckle, while maintaining the quality and comfort standards of our Original Instructor and Frequent Flyer belts.

We combine a high-grade, featherweight Berlin buckle (1.50” or 1.25”) with our classic belt body that's manufactured from two layers of custom-made premium webbing. As the foundation of your everyday carry, the Lower EDC Belt is particularly well-suited to AIB holsters and centerline-carry of knives and magazines.

The stitching reinforcement near the buckle ensures stable mounting of holsters or pouches in that position while still being pliable enough to conform to them and be comfortable. The belt is omnidirectional and may be worn facing either direction that suits the user's needs.

Proudly made at our production facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. While faster and more low-profile for some users, the single loop fastening method may increase wear to the hook-and-loop closure and be less secure under extreme conditions.

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We advocate threading through both loops for a very secure closure that holds fast through strenuous or violent physical activity. Reviewed by chin 08/04/2020 – 03:09:19 PM Top notch product.

The 1 3/4” wide, 5 row stitching, original instructor is as good as the company touts. My only gripe was that it took over 3 weeks for me to get the belt from the time that I placed my order.

After getting the belt, and seeing the quality, I have to admit the product was worth the wait. Reviewed by chin 08/04/2020 – 03:09:09 PM Top notch product.

The 1 3/4” wide, 5 row stitching, original instructor is as good as the company touts. My only gripe was that it took over 3 weeks for me to get the belt from the time that I placed my order.

After getting the belt, and seeing the quality, I have to admit the product was worth the wait. I looked at this belt for months, read reviews, asked about it, researched.

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The price, quality, and service are unbeatable for a product that performs this well. I've had two previous belts, a similar Crossbar 1-1/4” with the poly insert (EDC), and a bellman 1-1/4” with the poly insert (dressier occasions). I upgraded to the Original Instructor's belt, 1-1/2” 5 stitch, for my EDC.

I've had the Original Instructor's belt for almost a week now, and I can say the weight of the gun feels better distributed on my waste. I would like to see a black billet aluminum buckle without the rigging loop.

Just a plain square (I didn't like the look of the buckle on the Traveler version). 20 years ago I went to several Gun site courses and was turned on to these by my instructors who wore them as gun belts.

We also came to adopt them on our agency tactical team for emergency rappelling or safety working on top of buildings at the MOST site. I've had several of these belts and use them for concealed carry both IVB and OWB. I use the 1.5” belt for IVB or for 9 mm guns but do have the 1.75' to stabilize heavier double stack .45 pistols/magazines OWB.

It was no surprise that when I went to premier holster maker Milt Sparks site to place an order, your instructor belts are also sold there. I can't think of a better concealed carry set-up than a Milt Sparks IVB holster/mag carrier paired with a 5 stitch wilderness belt.

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Reviewed by UncleS hooter 04/17/2015 – 10:51:12 PM Miss Arizona, love my belt Back 13 years ago I visited the store on Hatcher, if I remember right there was a paintball place just down the street. My Sous holster works well with it and is a solid mount for my firearm.

My wife and sons have tried to buy me “Instructor belts” for presents, and they have become my “Ties” which never get worn. Wore this belt when I lived in Arizona and had plenty of tactical training up at the Ben Avery range, I miss that place.

After 13 years I've dropped 40 lb's and my size 42” belt isn't fitting as well. Look like I will have to buy another one confident that it will stand the test of time.

I purchased one of these belts back in 2003 or 2004 from a local dealer here in CA long before these were part of mainstream fashion. It offers plenty of support and the buckle is as durable as a hammer.

It's the perfect balance for supporting a holster yet low-key enough to go anywhere. The back side of my duty belt buckle has finally frayed the face of the belt enough that I've decided to retire it to “off duty” wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

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I wore it around town running errands and even while changing the oil in my truck which required me to crawl under it. It had just enough stiffness to hold my holstered gun in place but not feel so binding at the same time.

Comparison of the original 1-1/2” belt (left) with a 1-3/4”version (right) built on our larger buckle.” The vast majority of Frequent Flyer Belt owners use them for daily wear, not just for airport convenience.

The FF has the same capabilities to carry heavy items as The Original Instructor Belt but without the high-strength steel or Ti buckle. For daily carry and generalnon-life-support¬use, the Frequent Flyer with its polymer ring buckle system may be perfect for you.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or even a never-flyer, this belt is the best answer to your need to hold up your pants and carry plenty of gear comfortably.” Naturally, it still meets the standards for quality and durability that we established with our Original Instructor Belts.

The FF Belts are stylish for casual wear, come in a variety of widths to fit most pants, and are tough enough to hold up not just your pants and cell phone on a trip, but your full-size pistol, spare ammunition and a tactical flashlight back at home. (Thanks, Kurt) They also look sharp doing it, going well with cargo pants, casual slacks, shorts or jeans.

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The design and construction made famous by our Original Instructor Belts are used in the Frequent Flyer-series as well. Our Sonoran Shirts worn untucked with a 1-1/4” FF Belt round out a low-profile system for CCW capabilities with relaxed comfort.

Still, many customers also wanted a wider version to match the belt loops on their gear, and to carry heavier weapons. We listened and had a scaled-up version of our tough Berlin buckle rings designed and molded.

Now with the same 1-1/2” and 1-3/4” widths and construction as our legendary Instructor Belts, the expanded Frequent Flyer line does even more. We use our premium, custom-made sling webbing for the classic 1-1/4” version, in Black, Coyote, and Foliage.

This belt has no clip-in point and has not been designed for emergency securing or any form of life support. They are still the most rugged, well-built, lightweight, micro-adjustable belts you can hold up your pants with, but they may not pass through security checkpoints unmolested as they typically have in the past.

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