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This set of guides covers all the bosses to be found within the wilderness in Elinor. I’m still on the lookout for active writers who are looking to put their writing talents to good use.

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My name is Thematic, and today I’m going to be ranking all the Bosses in Old School RuneScape from the easiest to the hardest ones to kill. The main goal of this article is to hopefully help some low level players work out which boss they are capable of killing, and for the higher level players, hopefully it gives you a better idea of the difficulty of all the bosses.

I’m not going to include bosses like Oboe, because you need the Giant Key, and things like the Penance Queen, which is only done on wave 10 of Barbarian Assault. A few of the other bosses I’m not including are the Great Old, Had, or Skating.

So, keep in mind throughout this article, the difficulty of these are from my own experience, and my own opinion on the bosses. Next in line has to be the Giant Mole, which is underneath Flavor Park.

But, he can get really tedious and annoying without the Hard Flavor Achievement Diary, which gives the Mole locator. If you were solo with the King Black Dragon, I’d rank it a lot higher than this, since he hits very, very consistently.

Next on the list has to be the Chaos Elemental, as long as you are using the flinching method to kill him. I’d recommend having at least 60-70 Attack and Strength to kill him with the flinching method.

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Jagannath Rex is another pretty easy solo Boss, and to do him effectively, you would need to have at least level 75 Magic for the Trident, and at least level 70 Attack, Strength and Defense in order to wear Gutman’s. Next is Scorpio, the Wilderness boss, which is located near the Chaos Elemental, and it is recommended to have at least level 75 Magic for the Trident.

If you take a team of two or three people, you can really easily just outdo the healers, so you don’t need a freeze spell. In a group of 3 people with base 70 Combat stats, you can stay there for almost like two hours consistently killing all 3 of the Kings.

In order to kill them effectively, you really need to understand how they work, and how to do them. Next is Vet’ion, and in my opinion, he should only ever be killed from the safe spot.

To kill him and his hellhounds effectively, you should have at least 70 in all the combat stats, and you can do it with more than one person. He also drops the pet at a rate of 1 in 2000, but you need to keep in mind that kills take up to 5 minutes with Vet’ion.

But, the Vet’ion safe spot is far easier to maneuver, so I have ranked Callisto a bit harder. Callisto is the big gray Bear which roams in and around level 40 Wilderness, and in a team of 2-4 people, he can be killed really, really easily, as long as each player has at least 70 Attack, Strength and Defense for full Vera’s.

Now, provided you have an experienced tank, Bands is probably the easiest God Wars Boss to kill. Venerates, the Wilderness Spider Boss, is very similar to Callisto, and has the same requirements.

But, since he has an Attack which can one hit you, I ranked this one a little harder than Callisto and even Bands. Adding to his difficulty, is the fact that it is a very highly PKD area.

The Zamora God Wars Boss, K’oil Tsutaroth, is quite easy to kill with a good team. But, his Prayer draining special attack makes him pretty hard to kill, and more annoying than Bands.

There are quite a few roles you can take when killing this boss, and each of them are most effectively done if you have at least level 70 in all the combat stats. Sadly, all the Zamora drops are under 10 000 000, so he is really rarely killed for money.

The Alpine Queen is really high on this list, mainly due to the fact that she has a very, very accurate attack rate, and hits very often. That usually happens when you are not paying attention at the start of a kill, and they smack you before you have Protection on.

The Sardonic boss, Liliana, can be fairly easy to kill with really high stats, and stamina potions, with the hit-and-run method. Killing her in a team can be kind of effective, but it’s not really possible to do the hit-and-run method with more than 1 person.

It is possible to earn up to 2 000 000 per hour killing Gullah with good gear and weapons, and he also drops the pet at a rate of 1 in 4000. It is recommended to have at least level 85 Attack, Strength and Defense to kill him effectively in a team of up to 5 people.

Anyways, I hope you guys learned something pretty useful today about the bosses in Old School RuneScape. This video guide is showing which bosses you should be killing in Old School RuneScape.

Jagannath Kings are easy to kill, and they can make you a lot of RSP which would be over 1M/H if you have the elite Frederik Diaries done. It is recommended to kill these bosses with the Trident of the seas or the Toxic blowpipe, Dragon fire shield or Crystal shield, Gutman's armor set and Sardonic god sword if you have some more OARS Gold.

You’ll kill 65 Krakens per hour, which makes you over 1M OARS GP /H. A lot of people skip this task simply because it’s not the best Slayer XP you can get.

But if you range her, you can use the hit-and-run tactic in order to avoid getting hit, which makes her easy to kill. If you have enough RS Gold, you can buy a Twisted bow which is commonly used against bosses and strong monsters that use highly accurate and powerful magic attacks, such as Commander Liliana.

It drops Elysian spirit shield which is worth 680M GP that can make you rich if you manage to get it. So if you are looking for a high-level PVM challenge where you can make a lot of OARS Gold from the good drops luckily, then Corporeal Beast is a boss that you want to consider.

From Raids, you could get the best items in the game: Twisted bow, Dragon claws, Elder maul etc, and you’ll also make a lot of money off the common drops. Gullah is a great solo boss if you’re looking to make OARS Gold, and the profit of killing it is 2M+ GP/h.

The lightning attack can be easily avoided by moving one square when you see it coming. Due to this, some items below may appear missing, we’re working on fixing this as soon as possible.

Released 13 August2001 (Update)Also calledWildy, Wild Members Capital/A (previously Senntisten)TyperegionThe Wilderness, also known as the Wild or Wild, is a large and dangerous wasteland that makes up nearly the entirety of north-eastern Elinor directly north of the kingdoms of Albania and Mistaken. Two players may fight if their combat levels are within a certain range of each other, increasing the deeper into the Wilderness they go.

This, along with very high level monsters and bosses, makes the Wilderness one of the most dangerous places in the game. Those included (but were not limited to) the Elder DemonThammaron, the vampyreLord Drama, the human warrior Vigor, and the MahaRERA Zemouregal and Hazel.

When Zamora got his hands on the Staff of Armada, he attacked Zeros' palace and after an intense battle, a large part of Zeros' powers were transferred via the staff to Zamora, leading to his banishment. During the God Wars, Forestry was under constant attacks of Zamora and Sardonic's armies and soon started to crumble, the fortresses were dominated and many of Zeros' remaining followers sided with Zamora to not be his victims, and soon, the remaining settlements of Forestry were destroyed except Horror.

In the last years of the war Sardonic forged a temporary and fragile alliance with Armada and Bands to defeat Zamora, and in a following battle Zamora brought destruction on the entire land by causing a massive explosion that swept across the continent turning it into the cursed wasteland today known as the Wilderness. Once awoken Gothic led his army to the scarred land of Forestry to end the war, which led him to establish the Edicts of Gothic, which banned all gods from ever directly influencing Elinor again.

Gothic went deep into the depths of Elinor and wept, saddened by the effects the God Wars had had on the world that he had shaped and loved. The Wars ended, but the damage was done; many races like the Javanese, scene, ours, and worms were almost wiped out of existence, and all of Elinor suffered from the effects of the wars, but not one kingdom suffered as heavily as Forestry.

Today, many ruins of the once mighty cities still remain in these lands, barely recognizable as the great cities they were but rather piles of bricks and spirits of the creatures who died during the God Wars who were forced to look after the Wilderness. They started wandering the Wilderness, attacking anything alive they would encounter, these spirits became known as the remnants.

Due to the Wilderness being a site of ancient battles, it is also a place where dragons reside. Some outlaws, mostly Nanoradians, have also managed to set up their bases there, like bandits, dark warriors, rogues, and pirates.

Member teleportation up to level 30 Wilderness Amulet of glory Amulet of eternal glory Combat bracelet Skills necklace Ring of wealth Pharaoh's scepter Grand seed pod Royal seed pod Slayer ring Ring of life Except for cooked food and potions, all dropped items become visible to other players immediately.

This is to discourage players from dropping their items before dying and quickly making it back to pick them up. Cooked foods and potions never appear to other players, which is to prevent clans and teams from dropping supplies for each other during a fight.

This was changed to prevent chinchilla hunters releasing them to leave nothing for the player killer out of spite. Peers will sometimes group together in clans and go King, occasionally splitting any loot which they may obtain.

Monsters include Black demons, Earth warriors, and Chaos druids. South Wilderness mine 6 – 7 North of the Seville bank, near the tip of the River Sum Contains coal and iron rocks.

South-west Wilderness mine 9 South of the Dark Warriors' Fortress Contains 34 coal rocks. Dark Warriors' Fortress 13 – 16 South of the Bandit Camp Spawns all runes chaos and lower.

Chaos Temple (hut) 38 The small building just south of the Frozen Waste Plateau Altar allows for Prayer training. Lava Maze 40 – 45 South of the Mage Arena, east of Lava Dragon Isle Many items spawns (gold necklace, steel plate body and staff of earth), and the Muddy chest can be looted.

Frozen Waste Plateau 43 – 58 Northeastern most part of the Wilderness, north of the Chaos Temple (hut) Spawns law (m), water and cosmic runes, and features three reunite rocks (m). Demonic Ruins 45 – 48(multi combat) Top right-hand corner Prayer points are slowly recharged while within range.

If players have completed the hard Wilderness Diary, they can choose their teleport location. Players with level 57 Woodcutting can create a aka canoe at any canoe station, which transports the player to either the Xerox Enclave or the pond in level 35 Wilderness, east of a Wilderness Obelisk.

The following methods can be used to safely teleport relatively close to the ditch (or other kind of border), but not yet into Wilderness : Trondheim Teleport (tablet) is relatively close to 64 Agility shortcuts to Wilderness.

Canoe to Seville Fairy ring D K R 21 Agility shortcuts from Grand Exchange accessible by Var rock Teleport after completion of medium tier of Var rock Diary or via Spirit Tree or mine cart. The Wilderness is a host of many powerful bosses, who are able to drop rare items that can't be obtained anywhere else.

Name Image Level Hit points Attack style Location Notes Callisto 305 250 Magic, Ranged, Melee West of the Rogues' Castle It can hit up to 28 in all three combat styles.

202 225 Magic West of the Lava Maze Has a special attack that must be avoided in order to prevent damage. 204 225 Melee, RangedRuins south of The Forgotten Cemetery Has a multi-area special attack that must be avoided by running away.

276 255 Melee, Dragon fire (long-ranged) His lair accessed by pulling the lever in the western entrance of the Lava Maze Dungeon. A particularly strong black dragon that is capable of various dragon fire attacks that can poison, stun and freeze.

225 200 Melee Caverns beneath Scorpion Pit Has a powerful poison that can damage up to 20. 464 255 Melees, Magic East of the Bone Yard It is able to drain Prayer and perform a deadly special attack that can hit up to 50.

454 255 Melee, Magic North of the Bone Yard It has a lightning bolt attack that can't be blocked by Prayer, and when it reaches half health, it will summon two level 214 skeleton hellhounds to aid it, becoming invulnerable until they are killed. Also has a second form that is dealt with the same way as the first, except it summons level 281 greater skeleton hellhounds instead.

Many of these training methods are more profitable or faster than other options, though they all carry with them increased risk due to the threat of hostile player killers. Players must pay 7,500 coins to enter the Resource Area, with free entry as a reward for completing the elite Wilderness Diary.

While it is relatively safe, player killers can also pay the fee and attack people training in the area. The Chaos Temple in level 38 Wilderness acts as a gilded altar with two burners lit, granting the same Prayer experience bonus when used in a player-owned house chapel.

Players can use the Abyss via Wilderness to access the various altars throughout RuneScape to craft runes; the Mage of Zamora that teleports players to the Abyss lurks around level 5 Wilderness, just north of Seville. While in the wilderness, the player can place one extra trap above their maximum amount, thus making hunting quicker and more profitable.

Ends roam around the forests of the Wilderness, which is killed can be cut for noted logs. Players can access one of the few two banks in the Wilderness here and use the Pool of refreshment to restore hit points, prayer points, run energy and stats.

There are gates on all four sides of the settlement, which allows players in and out of the Enclave and there are numerous means of transportation to get there. Completing a tier gives a Wilderness sword and variety of useful rewards and benefits.

For example, completion of all tasks grants noted dragon bone drops within the Wilderness and free access to the Resource Area. When worn, other players with the same cape will appear as blue dots on the Minimal, rather than the usual white.

These capes are popular for clans or other groups of players in the Wilderness, both to identify their allies and avoid accidentally attacking each other. Hard, elite and master clue scrolls often require players to traverse through the Wilderness, to complete a step of the Treasure Trail.

Wearing the ring of wealth (i) doubles the chance of clue scroll drops in the Wilderness by all monsters. The Wilderness was introduced into the game on 13 August2001, and quickly became famous as the only place where players could engage in Player-versus-Player (PVP) combat, to gain all items that the defeated dropped.

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