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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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There's nothing like snuggling into your sleeping bag for a peaceful night under the stars, then your campsite neighbor starts blaring “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line. While most campgrounds have quiet hours, they're not always respected or enforced, especially as state parks face diminishing budgets and can't afford to have rangers act as babysitters.

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The most remote sites, A through E, are perched on a bluff above Lake Michigan, but are the farthest walk from the ferry landing. Wisconsin's only wilderness park is developed as little as possible, making it a great spot for a quiet, unplugged camping trip.

Dispersed camping is allowed anywhere in this wilderness area in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest east of Drummond, but a few unofficial campsites have popped up in prime locations, including along Porcupine Lake. The unofficial site is about 4 miles west of the wilderness area's eastern boundary on County Highway D.

The sites are less than a mile hike in from a parking lot at the end of Fanny Lake Road off County Highway T. The rest of the park features two lakes with beaches and nearly 40 miles of hiking trails, including one that passes a small waterfall.

Nearby, the Ice Age Trail's 6.3-mile Under down segment winds east through heavily wooded terrain in the Lincoln County Forest. In addition to a family campground, Buck horn has 50 hike-in sites scattered around this peninsula on Castle Rock Lake.

The shelters are the closest spot for backpacking for Milwaukee ans, offering a slice of wilderness in the most developed part of the state. Two backcountry campsites are accessible off the Ice Age Trail in this recreation area in northwestern Wisconsin.

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Both are situated among the woods on quiet little lakes less than half a mile walk from the area's interpretive center. Take the plunge, and adventure past the campground and lot attendant.

Of course, you'll want to visit the How-to Camp section first for the vital, in-depth info you need to make it in the wilderness. But once you head out, you just might find yourself hooked on the natural wonders and solitude of backcountry camping.

Backpacking Water trips (rafts, canoes, boats) Climbing (rock, mountain, ice) Try to anticipate the physical and mental condition of you and others in your party, as well as any environmental factors you might face.

Document any vehicle, vessel, or bicycle information such as year, make, model, color, and license plate info you will be taking and using on your trip. Most importantly, you need to share a detailed itinerary with someone at home in the event of an emergency.

It's also a good idea to leave a copy in your vehicle for Rangers to find in case of emergency. Make sure that you know how to use your gear, that it works properly, and that you have the right components (for example the right fuel for your stove or batteries for your headlamp).

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Know what the weather is doing, the terrain you are traveling in and the physical capability of you and others to proceed safely. Park Rangers are trained in search and rescue operations, but we hope you'll never need to call on them.

Search and rescue teams put their own lives on the line to save others, but these operations take a tremendous toll on park resources, friends, and family. Backcountry camping is exciting and challenging -- always plan and be prepared before heading out.

All of our listing lie on 500 gorgeous acres run by Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing. Bordered by 500 yards of Craig's Creek along the front of our property and mountains in the rear, Wilderness Adventure offers our guests extensive trails to hike, ponds for fishing and swimming, canoeing and tubing rentals for the creek, and endless open space to wander and relax.

Bordered by 500 yards of Craig's Creek along the front of our property and mountains in the rear, Wilderness Adventure offers our guests extensive trails to hike, ponds for fishing and swimming, canoeing and tubing rentals for the creek, and endless open space to wander and relax. If roughing it in isolated wilderness is your thing, you might have one problem: there are millions of acres of National Park backcountry to choose from, and most of us only have so much time to explore it.

The pressure to choose a spot that makes the absolute most of that time can produce unwelcome anxiety in the life of a trip planner. We’ve taken some guesswork out of the overwhelming acreage and narrowed it down to the 20 best backcountry campsites to give you access to the best views, the best open-air privies, and the best strategic launching points to National Park hikes and iconic landmarks in America.

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Investigate tide pools for crabs and colorful starfish when the surf is out, and look for harbor seals and distant whales when it’s not. Pebbled beaches, waterfalls, glacial views, sheer cliffs, and pine forests surround this turquoise jewel of a lake.

This one has outdoor food prep benches under generous roof, a composting privy comfortably nestled among the trees, bear bagging poles, and grassy areas just outside all the amenities if you’re particularly attached to sleeping in your tent. Bonus: hike an 8-mile out-and-back from the shelter to tag 6,643-foot Cling man’s Dome and the spiraling observation tower with 100-mile views atop it.

Half Dome is just one of several iconic Yosemite landmarks filling the view from Clouds Rest, a narrow granite ridge arching toward California sky. Camp about two miles north of the summit where the terrain level out and intersects a creek; water is scarce on top of the Rest itself.

Spot bison herds like this one, grazing in the Sage Creek watershed, from the trail to Deer Haven, a Badlands oasis. Look for herds of the big guys as well as sleek pronghorn antelope on the Sage Creek loop, but even if you fail to spot actual wildlife, you can’t miss Deer Haven.

This ledge-side campsite offers endless, uninterrupted views of Bedrock and Galloway canyons, stratified red bowls floored with pines. Hike a mile from the Swamp Point trailhead to MAV Saddle, then climb almost 900 feet to reach the plateau to the west.

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Reserve Cottonwood Camp (campsite #12) about a mile east of Beatty Spring for shade trees and more privacy than the clustered spring-side sites. When you wake up to the sound of murmuring ocean waves here, it won’t be because an errant beach ball smacked you in the face.

Waving grasses and palm fronds edge this remote white sand beach on the southernmost tip of the lower 48. This Salvador Dalí dreamscape of rolling dunes lies the imposing shadow of the Sanger de Cristo Mountains.

Hike about 1.5 miles north from the trailhead on Queen Valley Road to reach Pine City, remnants of a log cabin ghost town. Put in at the West Arm drop off point (changes regularly to minimize environmental impact) for a 4-5 day kayak winding between the islands and blue icebergs of Glacier Bay.

Camp on the broad gravel beach for glaciated views up the bay and plenty of space to pitch multiple tents. A trough scooped out of the raw earth by creeping glaciers and now filled with green vegetation and mountain views.

Camping just .6 mile east of the junction between the PCT and the JET gives you options for some iconic hikes as well as a convenient Basecamp to tag Mt. Park your tent in this sparse pine forest, which provides plenty of shade trees without blocking your view of Whitney’s western flank.

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