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Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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And wild camping, where you pitch up in the wilderness instead of a designated campsite, offers an uplifting sense of remoteness and freedom. Another good option is the high ground above Ivy bridge, where you set up camp with views over the town and countryside below.

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Framed by the peaks of Sure Na Strip, Beaten and the mighty Cullen range, Camasunary is a tranquil bay that’s the perfect place to bed down after a day “bagging” the Skye Munro's. Head to the secluded beach, where mountain and sea meet spectacularly, and watch dawn break over the isles of Egg and Rum as your coffee brews over the campstove, and you plan your day’s adventure.

One of Lakeland’s most famous writers, the fell walker Alfred Wainwright, had his ashes scattered at Haystacks in the Western Fells because he loved the hill so much. Formed over 400 million years ago, the wild Carnelian range is just a valley away from the busy tourist bustle of Snow don.

You’ll feel a world away from the stresses of modern life in Glenfeshie, with its tumbling waterfalls and sweeping mountain vistas. Home to one of the country’s most successful “rewinding” projects, it’s also the starting point for many walking routes, so you can hike straight from your tent.

The other mountain ranges in the Breton Beacons may be the major draw for the crowds, but that’s great news for wilderness lovers. Hike up the 713 metre-high peak Rhos Dir ion for a summit sleep, or pitch up in the hollows around Many Chan for a little more shelter.

These hidden gems provide spectacular panoramas, a large array of wildlife and clear views of night skies, and we've pulled together ten of the best for you to enjoy. Some of these pitches require permission from the landowners and remember to always be respectful of the environment and leave no trace of your camp.

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The largest of the Hebrides Islands, the Isle of Lewis & Harris is a short ferry journey from the mainland. The dunes on the west coast make for an excellent pitch offering shelter and soft terrain.

At 859 m, Crinkle Crags is plenty high enough to meet legs and easy to access from Elmdale, yet far enough removed to feel serene and peaceful. From the crags there are plenty of surrounding peaks to climb including Safely Pike, the highest summit in England.

On the island, you can go on guided walks through caves, woodland and beaches spotting rare species such as red deer, Atlantic seals and whitetail eagles. There are plenty of amazing places to wild camp on the island, however, we are particularly fond of Brief Gael beach.

Made up of two hills and one mountain, the walk up them is about four to seven hours long and provides great views of the island and the surrounding waters. One advantage of camping in the pass is that if the weather turns (as it often will in Scotland) there is a local both in which you can take shelter.

The surrounding forest is an RSP protected area and home to osprey, red squirrels and even wild cats. Disclaimer: Individuals should always check that the land they intend to camp on is not a conservation area e.g. Site of Special Scientific Interest (SCSI) or similar.

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It involves pitching your tent in the actual great outdoors (up a mountainside or in a valley), with none of the amenities usually afforded to those camping out of the back of the car. The stunning natural scenery around Dartmoor make it the perfect place to explore, pitch and relax.

The open, natural space around Dartmoor does come with a certain risk, however, in the form of the army firing test grounds. A popular destination for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers from all around the country, if you can find the right spot, the Lake District is a beautiful place for wild camping.

Forest walks are particularly lovely, and if you’re willing to take it off the beaten track, then pitching your tent up one of the Lake District’s fine mountains is a great way to experience the area and wild camping. The Hebrides, along with the Eastern shores of Lock Lomond are stunning places to set up camp.

Best left for experienced hikers and wild campers, that one, but if you’re up for it, the rewards can be outstanding in terms of view and how small the place makes you feel. There’s a pub close by, but don’t think for a minute that this part of the Lake District is a tourist trap.

There are no official pitching points here, but you can set up camp as long as you’re responsible, and then you’re free to enjoy the scenery. With enough space to guarantee privacy even when there are other people around, you’ll be pinching yourself once you set foot in this, one of Scotland’s most unbelievably beautiful areas.

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White sands and clear blue water meet, to give the impression of a hidden beach right out of your favorite book. Flanked on either side by the slopes of Scáthach, Torrid on is a campsite, but it’s so remote and so responsibly camped on, that you get the sense of being isolated in the best possible way.

Another one which feels sufficiently remote, while still retaining one or two things which might come in handy, like the nearby shop selling locally produced organic goods. We’ve laid out a few where you can go to try out wild camping, and they are great choices, places where you’ll be left in peace and quiet, but where you probably won’t end up needing a rescue party unless something does go drastically wrong.

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