Best Wilderness Canoe Trips Canada

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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Meandering along winding rivers, the kind with spiny black pine trees lining the shoreline and bends so frequent you can hardly see more than a hundred strokes in front of you. Or wading over large lakes with near-black water, bordered by rocks of granite and quartz that glisten in the sunlight.

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Moving with an uncontrollable force through towering canyons and overbearing mountains ranges. I’ve also included the location, difficulty and duration of a typical trip for each of the canoe trips.

These guides get to paddle a lot of different arctic rivers, so if it’s their favorite, it’s definitely on my list. Mountain River takes you through six canyons with incredibly fast current and, according to the guides, unbelievable whitewater rapids.

Location: Northwest Territories Duration: 12-25 days (depending on if you do one or both sections) Difficulty: Advanced It has some difficult portages and Class III rapids, but also long stretches of smooth water and beautiful scenery.

Grab a copy of Hap Wilson’s Journey to the Northern Sky, which has detailed maps of the many rapids and interesting information on the river, and be on your way. Despite my growing preference for whitewater canoeing, there will always be a place in my heart for flat water paddling.

There are far too many lake networks in this country to paddle them all, but a few iconic areas are worth a place on any canoeist’s bucket list. The scenery is striking; lakes the color of Gatorade, hills that sparkle silver in the sunlight, windswept pine trees lining the shores.

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You’re nestled amidst the beauty of the Boreal Forest, which paddlers have long cited as having a certain magical feeling one can’t quite articulate. While Hillary and Algonquin may feel a tad commercialized, and you’re likely to encounter other paddlers, Woodland Caribou remains a little known secret.

Regardless of your level of experience, I recommend reaching out to Red Lake Outfitters if you are considering a trip here. They are the definitive experts on Woodland Caribou and offer guided trips, shuttle services, route planning, gear and more.

However, at this point I’ve grown a bit tired of flat water paddling, so I’d rather dedicate my time to whitewater. It’s no secret we love Canadian canoe trips, our favorites so far being Desolation Sound and the Powell Forest Canoe Circuit.

If that is not enough, you will be lucky to see the Tuna Mounds, Pulpit Rock, canyons and hot springs that will take your breath away. While drifting through the Johann on your inflatable canoe, be sure to spot wildlife such as the Trumpeter swans, Grizzlies, Woodland caribou and All sheep, and more than 180 different bird species.

You don’t need to be an expert paddler either, as basic whitewater canoeing skills will pass for the Johann River. Starting from the Northwest Territories, the river flows 900 km to drain its waters into Hudson Bay, via Nunavut.

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The Thelon River brags a dense wildlife concentration compared to the surrounding area. The environment holds wolves, caribou herds, musk oxen, grizzly bears and definitely the most amazing array of birds.

Portaging the 150 Kilometer long river may seem impossible and arduous due to the rapids. Manitoba River goes through the Tikki Provincial Wilderness Park and the Boreal forest.

It’s important to have right gear including life jackets and helmets as the Blood vein river can be a challenging paddle. There is a lot to see in the Quantico Provincial Park located 160 kilometers west of Thunder Bay.

The park boasts spectacular sunsets, islands, and water lapping beaches. The sculling takes a maximum of 16 days for a smooth navigation of the turbulent waters.

Paddling the Boron Lakes Canoe Circuit, British Columbia Whenever daily life gets me down, I head to the nearest lake or river with my kayak and my camera, and I spend time recharging my batteries.

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The smoke is gone to be replaced by fierce winds on the Cameron River canoe trip in the NWT This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

Muskoxen, caribou herds, wolves, grizzly bears and thousands of birds can be seen on this trip. A look at what lies ahead on the Theron Riverbanks tied off for a lunch break on the Thelon River, NWT The Mackenzie River offers an 1850-kilometre journey that with good weather and moderate mileage, will take you a minimum of 48 days to complete.

Waiting for the storm on the Churchill RiverDecked out in a head net for the portage with Sluice Falls in the background Canoeing Reindeer Lake, the ninth largest lake in North America, really isn’t something very many paddlers would consider, but I threw it in here for the true adventurer. There are 5,500 islands, often covered in thick lichen and moss, dimmable water come summer, a total lack of people and plenty of beautiful campsites.

Paddling the Georgian Bay section of Hillary Provincial Parrots of kayaks and canoers paddling past our 2nd campsite Quantico Provincial Park located 160 kilometers west of Thunder Bay is difficult to get to and as a result sees only about 10,000 visitors per year. Its southern border is shared with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota.

WE ARE OPEN AND RUNNING CANOE & KAYAK TRIPS with GOOD COVID-19 PRACTICES in EFFECT, Please call for details We have the all-inclusive canoeing and sea kayaking trips for you led by experienced professional ORCA guides and instructors.

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Learn the essentials of canoe or sea kayak paddling as well as wilderness camping techniques while traveling through such wilderness areas as Algonquin Park, the 30,000 Island group in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Johnstone Strait and the Boron Lakes British Columbia, the Yukon River, Johann River, Tatshenshini River in Canada and Belize Coral Islands kayak adventures. These all-inclusive wilderness trips mean that all you need to bring along is your clothes, personal items and a sleeping bag.

Janet who led the trip is an amazing woman, every question anybody asked she knew everything about it. Thank Janet for making the trip so good, and also Erin, for keeping us fed.

When I talk about my Canadian vacation our canoe trip is my favorite subject. Marco and Margherita B Milan, Stallone again, I wanted to thank you for our 3-Day Algonquin Canoe trip.

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