Best Wilderness Elk Hunting In Colorado

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 23 January, 2021
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If you are a passionate hunter, then surely Colorado is your much-loved state for elk hunting by a considerable margin. With more than two hundred fifty-thousand elks surrounded by its boundaries, Colorado is residence to more or less 40% of the animal’s inhabitants in the USA.

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To search out the highest amount of the supposed animals in the freezer, you should gain knowledge of the regulations of the hunt. Initially, as a result of the character of territory in Colorado, you’ll more often than not have to go up, signifying you primarily must get objectively fit.

Several hunters also have a tendency to stop thinking about the essential detail that hunting is a knapsack game. You may be able to carry out all this and still offer extra time and sweat, however nevertheless, finish up with your vacant freezer.

Because of that, we got the point to bring together the best place to elk hunt in Colorado of the Western United States. If you want to use the classified land for your hunting, it will need you to permit the additional hunters to be familiar with your actions.

Despite the consequences, this unit has still time and again ranked between the best ten place to elk hunt in Colorado. It’s better to find to the backwoods sooner than morning and anticipate for the target to leave feeding at some stage in the daylight hours.

During elk hunting in Colorado you may need some hunting equipment like Climbing Tree Stand to know more you can check out our blog about it. The unit is also identified to include large numbers of valleys and vertical gulches, besides these kinds of stuff are applied by expert archery hunters vastly.

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Even though unit 22 has large numbers of unrestricted property, there’re regular gas businesses that are placed in the region, besides these possibly will reason some barriers. While you are hunting in this unit 22, ensure you’re up to date diagrams of the region because quite a lot of parts of the property have inherited by personal possession.

The good time for you to hunt in this unit 11 is in the initial and 2nd rifle seasons, more often than not concluded by the snowstorm in this region. The snowstorm generally compels your target to travel to the minor provinces of this hunting unit.

You require completing is hit upon the right game managing units in Colorado, and you’ll know how to fill up the freezer. It’s no surprise Colorado has a serious amount of great elk hunting outfitters.

And why not, Colorado holds some best wilderness style hunting. Rugged mountains, rich forests, and beautiful desert plains.

Applications are easy with a period that opens in February and deadline in early April. Muzzle-loader and Archery which both come at a great time, unfortunately they both overlap a bit (Aug – Sept).

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That give their clients the best chances to Colorado’s legendary elk. You can do this by going to Colorado’s department of Regulatory Agencies website.

Since 1967, we've led guided big game hunts throughout Colorado's San Juan Mountain range, Penuche Wilderness, and Paid Primitive Area. We know you can hunt anywhere, so we want to make sure our service matches the beauty of our surroundings!We are located in southwest Colorado.

The cadence of shod hooves slapping against the rocky ground filtered through the damp mountain air as we eased up the pack-trail. As we transitioned from thick fir to the sparse alpine treeline, I eagerly studied the lush-green basins and bowls surrounding me, and it wasn't long until creamy brown specks of feeding elk appeared against the emerald background.

As if the resident herd was waiting on my arrival, a lone bugle rang out, and I knew full well I had found my wildernesselkhunting nirvana. Five days after my drop camp adventure began in this public wilderness, I snuck in on a handsome 6×6 bull and slipped an arrow tight behind his shoulder.

The Latest estimates show that over 250,000 elk roam the 12 National Forests, countless parcels of BLM land and state wildlife areas found there. Add to this that over 90 game management units offer over-the-counter tags, and you can see why countless opportunistic hunters descend here in droves each season.

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Although he would no doubt agree with Johnson's assertion regarding the toughness that is required to hunt in wilderness areas, Jones has come to the conclusion that if a hunter wants to consistently kill elk, there are only two options: Either spend a significant amount of money to hunt pressured elk on private land with the use of an outfitter, or find pockets of roadless areas which are difficult to access. With over 40 wildernesses and primitive areas totaling nearly 4.4 million acres, most of which offer over-the-counter tag opportunities, it's easy to see why.

With numerous wilderness areas to choose from and excellent numbers of bulls, it's hard to go wrong wherever you set up your spike camp. Granite peaks overlook numerous alpine lakes, streams and lush green bowls that rest at the head of long, timbered valleys that are filled with elk.

Although these numbers pertain to GMU 55 as a whole and are not exclusive to this wilderness area, you can bet the farther you get away from the heavily hunted roads, those ratios will creep up. According to Brandon Diamond, COW terrestrial biologist for the region, what's unique about Fossil Ridge is that it sits directly between the elk's summer and winter ranges.

As the season progresses and the snow begins to fall, area elk populations move through the wilderness, which no doubt provides good shot opportunities for the willing hunter. Last season's harvest numbers show that hunter success matched the statewide average of 22 percent.

According to Diamond, hunters willing to get off the beaten path and head back into the more remote areas tend to find greater success. With elevation ranging from 7,500 to more than 13,000 feet, and its granite peaks protecting it from virtually every side, the West Elks is one of the most rugged wildernesses found in Colorado.

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Because these population numbers are slightly above objective, hunters willing to tackle its steep peaks should have excellent opportunities to fill their freezer with some succulent elk steaks and perhaps some bone for the wall. In fact, when I deer hunted this wilderness a few years ago, there wasn't a day that went by that I did bump into some bulls, several of which were heavy 5×5's.

In stark contrast to the West Elk's steep and rugged terrain, the Flat Tops pretty much takes after its namesake, with the occasional peak rising 1,000 feet above the high plateau. However, if you're looking for good numbers of 4- and 5-point bulls, Darby feels it's hard to beat what the Flat Tops has to offer the wilderness hunter.

Darby says the key to finding the bull you want is to pay attention to the weather and set up on migration routes from east to west. Carved by volcanic activity, the imposing terrain is typified by steep slopes as high as 13,200 feet in elevation, above vast valley floors.

There are numerous trailheads that offer access to this area, and because of this you can expect to find hunting pressure in the fringes, but don't let that discourage you. Once snow begins to fall, elk quickly head south to New Mexico and to the foothills east, says COW District Wildlife Manager Rod Ribald.

Once the elk start to move, it's a good idea to set up in a major drainage and wait for a bull to slip by. Regardless of which Colorado wilderness area you decide to hunt, all have the potential to put an elk or two in your lap, and if you work hard enough, maybe some head bone on the wall.

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Archery and Muzzle loader elk hunting is as good as it gets and frankly it is our favorite time of year! Extended wet weather (heavy rains) can also have an impact on the hunting as elk sometimes will not be as vocal in these conditions.

Typically, the early season can offer the chance for bigger bulls as they haven’t been hunted since last season and are not yet herded up with harems of cows (once big bulls gather large groups of cows it can make it much tougher to get close to them). This can make it easier to convince satellite bulls to come to the call as competition for cows increases.

During periods when elk are vocal, we are on the move mornings and evenings trying to find and slip in on a bugling bull. We also spent time watching active wallows (especially during the middle part of the day during warm weather).

Another hunt strategy we use is glassing from high vantage points to find elk. Once locating them, we will figure out a plan to try and slip in for a shot and or set up close and call.

A few words for muzzle loaders: ideally, we like to see our hunters comfortable shooting out to at least 100 yards accurately at a minimum. Additionally, state law also requires hunters wear a blaze orange vest and hat.

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State of Colorado Outfitters Registration #733 Colorado Outfitters, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and provider, authorized by special use permits from the USDA Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management Little Snake Field Office to operate on the White River and Route National Forests.

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