Best Wilderness Experiences

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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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However, I would personally recommend doing The W trail, which is a 75 km route in Torres del Paine National Park and takes about 5 to 6 days to complete. You can’t really think about a wilderness travel experience without Australia coming to mind and Tasmania is just the ideal destination to satisfy any outdoors craving.

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The coastal landscapes offer amazing hiking trails and its dramatic peaks and mountains are quite a temptation for any climber. However, one of its most appealing features is that the island is home to the famous Tasmanian devil, which can be seen in the different sanctuaries and wildlife parks.

Do not touch or feed the animals and follow the regulation rules of the place you are visiting to avoid damaging the ecosystem. Wulingyuan Scenic Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and that title is well-earned.

More than 3,000 narrow quartz sandstone pillars dominate the island and its scenery consists of natural caves, bridges, waterfalls and pools. However, although the “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” is a popular attraction, the true beauty of Wulingyuan lies on its steep ladders, amazing hiking trails, air gondolas and hidden caverns.

The south of the country is actually a natural paradise that offers some of the best extreme experiences for those looking for some wilderness travel adventure. When I went there, I had the chance to abseil in a 300 ft waterfall and swim in a natural wellspring surrounded by orchids (locals say that women who bathe there emerge more beautiful, while the men become more virile… I chose to believe them).

Also, you might think that Mexico is always sunny and warm, but you might want to avoid the winter months (November to February) since the water can get pretty chilly! The trail passes through Yosemite Valley, Angel Adams Wilderness, Kings Canyon and the Sequoia National Park.

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California has some sweet watering holes, ginormous trees and the perfect weather most of the year, do I need to say more? The Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana is one of my favorite destinations because it offers a complete change of scenery.

Also, since it is an isolated place, the clear nights become a starry spectacle, which you can easily view from one of its many campsites. Its low human population density and its incredible culture make this wilderness travel experience unique.

You can choose a light route if you are an inexperienced cyclist or a 58 km trail that visits several towns and villages like Man astir, Canister and Movie. Additionally, there are different social events in the campsite, like outdoor movies and parties to meet and interact with other participants.

There are plenty of places to enjoy an extreme adventure in New Zealand, but the South Island offers one of the best wilderness travel experiences without a doubt. You can do the typical hikes and treks among the country’s national parks and coasts, however, the South Island offers some unique opportunities, like swimming with dolphins in the Kailua Peninsula, walking near the colossal Fox Glacier (where you might spot a few crested penguins) or kayaking in the fjord beneath Mount Pembroke.

The Sacred Temple Route in Shikoku Island, Japan is an 88-temple pilgrimage trail that follows some of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries of the country. The journey starts at Korean, where Kobe Dais hi, the Buddhist saint that created the route 1200 years ago, is buried.

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Whether you prefer warm weather or snow, Latin America or Europe, the world is full of pretty amazing spots to please every outdoor lover out there! I’m Dan, I’m a writer and illustrator who wanted to go to grad school, but, somehow, ended up quitting her job in Mexico and traveling the world in search of stories.

1 of 11 Photo by David Benton; written by Steve Casino and Peter Fish The Resort at Paws Up is as lamp as clamping gets: Each of its palatial canvas-walled tent camps comes with butler service and furnishings worthy of the Ritz.

At suppertime, you’ll gather with fellow campers in a sweeping dining pavilion to savor gourmet creations like sautéed quail with summer black truffles. Then, when they’re done adventuring, they retreat to Spa Town, a tranquil outpost of treatment tents ringing the edge of a meadow.

3 of 11 Photo by Chris Lewinsky; written by Steve Casino and Peter Fish But slingshotting a sparrow through the air is nothing compared with herding 500 head of cattle up a California mountainside.

If you’re ready to take the challenge, sign on for a spring or fall cattle drive at the V6 Ranch, in Monterey County’s Diablo Range. The four-day drive puts you up on a quarter horse, helping wranglers urge cows and calves and steers across the V6’s 20,000 acres.

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Each drive can handle 25 guests, and beginning riders are welcome (as are the kind of experts who bring their own horses). Food is from the V6 chuck wagon; there’s ample opportunity to hone riding and roping and campfire-ghost-storytelling skills.

5 of 11 Photo by Tom Bean; written by Steve Casino and Peter Fish What to bring: Historically accurate snacks ’n’ drinks: jerky, corn whiskey.

In 2011, this 1,800-mile trail from St. Joseph, Missouri, to San Francisco may look like a failed start-up: The Pony Express lasted only 18 months. The trail parallels U.S. Highway 50 through the Sierra Nevada, and a great place to hunker down while you explore it is Fallen Leaf Campground (pictured; from $28; 1.usa.gov/ft7fT3), just below Lake Tahoe in California.

Santa Barbara County holds the prettiest portion of his route: Experience it at its best at Kavita State Park (from $35; 1.usa.gov/feAA3a). Two thousand miles of legends and lies: This is the trail that half of the West says their ancestors took.

In 1877, five tribal chiefs led the New Peace from Oregon across the Rockies to the Montana plains, fleeing the U.S. Army, hoping to find refuge in Canada. Today the aura of heroism is matched by the trail’s beauty: Our favorite stretch runs along Idaho’s Locks River, where you can set up camp at Wilderness Gate­way Campground ($5; 1.usa.gov/hyM8e2).

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• It’s only 17 miles from Sin City, but you’d never know Las Vegas exists: The warm sandstone cliffs of Red Rock Canyon (pictured; on.doi.gov/3AjpQ8) are a world unto themselves, with seriously beautiful desert day hikes, secret troves of rock art, and more climbing routes than you could scale in a lifetime. • Mountain bikers recognize Utah’s Sand Flats as the spot for access to the legendary Slick rock Trail ($5 per vehicle; on.doi.gov/erDOtJ).

• Hot days on the river lead inevitably to golden evenings with a fly rod on the water’s edge. When you cast along Idaho’s East Fork Salmon River (pictured; bit.ly/ik8P0g), you’re tying into timeless Hemingway country.

• Pick your passion: In Wild Rivers Recreation Area, 45 minutes from Tao's, New Mexico (bit.ly/bkhlkO), the Rio Grande and Red River boast paddling, mountain biking, hiking, angling, camping, birdwatching … whew! By the time orange-purple twilight settles over canyon country around Hell’s Backbone Ranch and Trail in southern Utah, all I desire is a slab of steak, dutch-oven taters, strawberry shortcake, and maybe a shooting star as I settle into a sleeping bag.

9 of 11 Photo by Sarah Gage; written by Steve Casino and Peter Fish Strap ice-gripping crampons to your feet with MICA Guides and tiptoe on Alaska’s pristine Matanuska Glacier (pictured), where you’ll come to know a SEAC from a crevasse from a bergschrund on one of the West’s most exotic hikes (from $45; micaguides.com) .

All that geothermal rumbling beneath southwestern Colorado makes for some mighty mellow hot dubbin’ in the Rocky Mountains. Seven months after devastating floods washed away the campground, improbably blue-green desert water is running clear again in Arizona’s Havana Canyon, a red-walled branch of the Grand Canyon, and the tribal reserve-tion is reopened for campers ($60 entry fee; 1.usa.gov/hNJUPB) .

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10 of 11 Photo by Wally Polka; written by Steve Casino and Peter Fish The blackest night reveals the brightest stars, and no place is better for reconnecting to your ancestral awe of the heavens than Natural Bridges National Monument (pictured; $6 per vehicle; bit.ly/gMWSiJ), in southeastern Utah.

Firs behind, sea stacks ahead, Oregon’s Harris Beach State Park (bit.ly/mCwNH) is in the state’s temperate “banana belt,” so you can dip your toes for a salty Pacific pedicure any time of year. Scramble 3/4 mile to float in the crystal water of Northern California’s Heart Lake (bit.ly/ftljML) and gaze at Mt.

You want to be able to get naked, do drugs, play human foosball, set up a booth where you can smell other people’s armpits. At Burning Man, you see what happens when 50,000 people set up a city in the remote, barren, lifeless, cell-phone-service-free, windstorm-ridden play of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert over Labor Day week and then take it completely down.

You want to walk lost down apparitional streets of people in camps, pushing your way through 90° windstorms with a towel turbaned around your head, looking for the girl with the body paint and bird wings who called herself Octodaughter and somehow gave you a warm cookie at 4 a.m. the night before, the one who said she worked at Twitter or Foursquare, or maybe it was a coffee shop. You want to see a place so free that there’s no money, though there is still a post office, diner, coffee shop, dating service, airstrip, transportation, bars, nightclubs, and giant installation art.

And if you don’t, then maybe you belong back in New England, thrilling to the surprise of discovering what people brought to your church potluck.

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