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Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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Wilderness Survival Firsthand -Easy and quick to use -Comprehensive and extensive information -Up to date techniques used by the world's militaries -Videos, pictures, diagrams, and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. This app appears to have more content than it does. Very brief descriptions of what to do, basically just says to call for help.

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Wish I could refund my purchase as well this app is a rip off I am a certified wilderness first responder and the info in this app has no real wilderness applications.

Whether you are kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, it is best to be prepared for any eventuality. The result is a fairly thorough “insurance policy” against the many medical crises that can and do occur in remote areas.

Wilderness Survival Firsthand -Easy and quick to use -Comprehensive and extensive information -Up to date techniques used by the world's militaries -Videos, pictures, diagrams, and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. It can help save a life, assist someone in need, and even give you confidence in tense situations.

The information includes basically everything from allergic reactions to burns, bleeding, heat stroke, asphyxiation, and other potential emergencies. Other countries and dialects likely have similar apps by medical authorities.

The app is super simple to use and the UI shouldn’t confuse anybody. This is also up to date enough information to earn a fir staid certificate in New Zealand.

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Offline Survival Manual is one of the interesting fir staid apps. It has guides on building fires, plant identification, water filtration, food, planning, and other stuff.

Part of that includes basic fir staid for injuries or illnesses you may encounter in the outdoors. However, this isn’t terrible to have even on your basic hiking or camping trip, either.

It has relatively up-to-date procedures for dozens of emergencies, including drowning, poisoning, choking, and other common ailments. It also includes emergency service numbers in the UK and Europe.

As usual, YouTube is an excellent place to brush up on a topic. There are plenty of channels and videos about fir staid, what to do in various emergencies, and some other stuff.

It’s a little harder to verify than something like the Red Cross or similar apps. On the plus side, watching someone perform these actions is a little better than reading about it in many cases.

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Wilderness Survival Firsthand -Easy and quick to use -Comprehensive and extensive information -Up to date techniques used by the world's militaries -Videos, pictures, diagrams, and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions. The app just a few ailments and basically offers advice.

Not very good if you actually have a real fir staid condition in the wilderness. El desarrollador, Jason Vance, no ha proportional an Apple details sober leis practices DE privatized y la section DE dates.

Para oftener MAS information, consult la political DE privatized Del desarrollador. Se require all desarrollador Que proportion details DE privatized candy envied la proximal actualization DE la app.

Pasta UN Maximo DE was members DE TU familiar Jordan user ESTA app SI tines En familiar activate. From extreme weather to cuts and bruises, summer brings a whole hoard of potential emergency situations.

Mashable composite, images courtesy of Pocket Firsthand & CPR It has clear and concise instructions for adult, child and infant CPR, as well as 34 videos and 46 high-resolution illustrations.

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With this app, one man even survived for more than 60 hours under a pile of rubble during the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It includes safety tips for everything from volcanoes to meningitis, as well as the standard directions for heart attacks, burns, cuts and more.

Drops Firsthand by Dynamism Else sports a clean interface that divides information into three sections. Good is a member of the Health and Safety Institute, and the app has been reviewed by physicians and veterinarians.

He left the East Coast to be a trail crew leader before taking his second course, a Wilderness EMT in Jackson, Wyoming, using funds from the Veterans Association (Rogers served 8.5 years with the Army and National Guard). While he loved the West, Rogers couldn’t deny his passion for the tech industry or the renewed persistence of Eye Byte.

He had made a good name for himself at VOLS, and when WEI was looking to build an app for students, Eye Byte got the contract and Rogers was the developer. The app, now available for iPhones and Android phones, is a great tool to help students and first responders alike document thorough patient assessments.

Using the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) approach to recording information, the app allows users to save findings, attach photos, and share the report via email when connected. The app can operate offline, offers helpful information windows and tools, allows users to record multiple sets of vital signs, and more.

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At the Wilderness Project we provide amazing countryside experiences and highly respected training courses centered on our passion for the great outdoors and making it accessible to all. From bush craft courses to navigation training, craft workshops to outdoor fir staid, our highly experienced team will guide you on your wilderness journey.

The countryside should be for everyone, and we’re proud to regularly work with people of all ages and backgrounds from: schools, special needs groups, charities, businesses, outdoor/adventure organizations and the public. We are based in Harder in beautiful mid-Wales with a bush craft camp set in a 200 acre site on the banks of the River We and access to the stunning Élan Valley.

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