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Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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First up on the list is The Forest, a game that pits you not only against the elements, but also a tribe of mutant cannibals that are intent on getting you out of their territory–one way or another. After your plane crashes on a remote peninsula, you’re forced to immediately get to work crafting shelter, finding food, and getting a fire going.

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If that weren’t enough, your son is abducted by the cannibals, and so begins the journey of getting him back. With fantastic graphics and a compelling story, The Forest is equal parts survival game and slow-burn horror.

Having to survive hunger and thirst as well as the raging cannibals makes for a very good game. Unlike The Forest, The Long Dark is more straightforward survival.

Rather than a tribe of cannibals, your greatest enemies are the biting cold, starvation, and ravenous wolves. A global event has essentially destroyed all electronics, and the game wastes no time.

The first on our list to feature zombies, State of Decay 2 is a game that wastes no time. There is a faint storyline, but the focus is put squarely on surviving an onslaught of walking dead.

One neat feature of the game is that you play as one of four characters, each with their own abilities and stats. There are some bugs to worry about, but overall, the State of Decay 2 is worth your time.

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He is soon reluctantly tasked with transporting a girl who appears to be immune to the zombie virus across the country, where her unique ability might be the key to saving humanity. You need to avoid or sneak up on the zombies because if you go in guns blazing, you’ll get mobbed and eaten pretty quickly.

It doesn’t help that ammo is hard to come by, so stealth and strategy are critical. The gameplay is fantastic, the graphics are great, but it’s the story that really hits home.

If you don’t finish the game having shed a few tears, you just might be a zombie yourself. Still a PlayStation exclusive, The Last of Us 2 takes place years after the events of the first game.

In Days Gone, you play as a grizzled ex-biker in a post-apocalyptic world, filled with–you guessed it–zombies. The zombies in this game can be truly overwhelming: they’re fast, and they move in huge numbers.

The game is fully open-world, so missions and progression are left up to the player. Of course, as with any post-apocalypse narrative, the real antagonists of Days Gone aren’t the zombies.

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In fact, one of the hardest things in the game is leaving your base and coming back only to find it ransacked. Of course, beyond the survival elements and the world-exploration, Minecraft is essentially a sandbox to build whatever you want.

Imagine this: you’re flying in an airplane over the ocean when your plane goes down (a very familiar premise by now). You end up stranded on a raft, which you can paddle to a nearby island.

From there, your job is to find resources, craft items, fish for food, and explore your surroundings. There isn’t a lot else to it, but if tropical scenery is more your style, Stranded Deep may be worth a look.

As with a couple of others on this list, the game is in early access, so there may still be some lingering bugs. You craft items and build your shelter, and even play with other people online.

Again, you could easily find your entire base destroyed by a rival group. You get all the survival elements from other games, but the added benefit of being able to tame and ride velociraptors.

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The premise is simple: you’re stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean, and you have to survive. Resources are simply the debris that might float by, which you can obtain by throwing a hook out and pulling them in.

At first glance, Don’t Starve seems like a cartoonish kids’ game (maybe not more so than Minecraft, but still). As with many survival games on this list, you spawn in a world that basically wants you dead.

Unlike the others, Don’t Starve has a more whimsical feel to it–both in art style and in the monsters that are always ready to eat you. The real reason these games get mentioned is because they take place in the wilderness.

Set in 1998 and featuring some of the most gorgeous scenery in a video game, Fire watch tells the story of Henry, a man who takes a summer job watching for fires in Wyoming. It’s pretty linear and there’s no big challenge to it, but the story and the scenery are what make the game great.

Named Tanker, whose tribe is threatened by several others who want to rule the land. Since it’s set in the Stone Age, you’re always surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes and lush green forests.

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It’s a very fun game to play, and as it progresses, you become friends with saber-toothed tigers and mammoths. But I loved playing it because I felt like I was in Glacier National Park the whole time.

Staff Pick Terr aria was released in 2011, but it remains a genre staple because of its stunning pixelated art style, intense and fluid combat, unique bosses and enemies, and expansive crafting system. Delve deep into the ground searching for treasure and the materials you need to craft gear and build cities that will host allies.

$22 at Steam Figure out why your ship crashed on a strange planet, what happened to the world, and how you can escape it while navigating a hostile ocean filled with beasts that won't take kindly to your presence. $27 at Microsoft The backyard becomes a terrifying place in Grounded, where players are shrunk to the size of ants and must scavenge for supplies while avoiding being attacked by bugs.

The game is still in early access, but the developers are releasing regular content updates adding new creatures and equipment while cleaning up bugs of the coding variety. $30 at Steam Set in the Canadian wilderness in the aftermath of a global geomagnetic disaster, The Long Dark tasks players with surviving aggressive animals and unpredictable weather.

You'll need to monitor your hunger, thirst, temperature, and exhaustion levels as you search for supplies, map the terrain, and hunt for food. $7 at Steam After fleeing your home in a damaged ship, you'll need to visit other planets to gather resources you can use to make repairs that will let you explore the stars.

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You can play the story campaign, which features bosses, quests, and dungeons, or focus on other aspects of the game like colonizing planets, crafting thousands of items, or catching monsters that will fight for you. $7 at GOG As the survivor of a plane crash on a remote island, you'll need to survey the land, build shelter, hunt for food, and craft items.

You'll need to defend yourself from a society of cannibalistic mutants by laying traps and forming a perimeter around your base, though you can also try to avoid them with stealth or build weapons to fight back. $10 at Steam Other players are likely to try to kill you on sight and then eat your body in this often brutal game where you'll need to manage your hunger, thirst, and temperature.

Survival games offer unique challenges, pushing players to try to figure out the rules and strategies for themselves while often risking losing all their progress if they make a mistake. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Grounded, a brand-new game still in early access that has phenomenal graphics that bring to life the tiny world in a normal backyard.

Explore the vast open world and find hidden secrets and more things to do. Survive in the wild nature by playing as an animal or as a human. Have babies and protect them from predators. Play as a human, and you will have to look for resources by hunting, fishing or other ways.

Explore the vast open world and find hidden secrets and more things to do. You can play as a herbivorous or a carnivorous, and depending on your selection you will have to find specific food for each. You might want to create your own herb and ride together to stay protected.

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The longer you survive, you will be receiving Skill Points, witch you can later use to upgrade your stats. Craft a bow, build traps or make yourself a fishing rod to find food.

Most survival games are based on randomly generated surroundings, allowing playing characters to interact with each other. These games are known for their intensity, open-world nature and often demand creativity, tactical planning and above all presence of mind.

You need to scavenge, build bases, stockpile firearms and do all things necessary to defend against wildlife and other players. Sunless Sea is a single-player, roguelike survival video game set in the fictional world of Internee.

Winning condition depends largely on what type of personality and ambitions you have chosen for the character. Last Day on Earth is a popular survival game set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world where almost all humanity is eradicated by the outbreak of a mysterious infection.

Your character’s survival depends on how well you manage in-game stats like hunger and thirst, how efficiently you scavenge goods and craft important tools. Apart from regular raids, you can send your character marauding in seasonal locations in case you are looking for a tougher challenge.

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Platform: Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch Developer: 11 bit studios Your objective is to outlast the war by scavenging and crafting important tools with the help of survivors who are completely under your control.

During daytime, snipers and hostile scavengers (non-playing characters) will make it tough for you and your survivors to marauder outside for supplies, so the nighttime provides the best opportunity to gather food and medicines. A lot of survival games have at least two things in common; an island (mostly tropical) and zombies, so it’s quite easy to get bored at one point in time.

It trades islands for lands covered in show and zombies for wild animals like wolves and bears. Your character assumes the role of a pilot who has crash-landed on a frigid, barren land following an apocalypse.

Temperature fluctuations are common which occurs randomly during the gameplay which will force you to keep tabs on weather and make smart decisions. The game has four different experience modes; Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker, and Custom which were added to allow different playing styles.

Instead of having just plain survival gaming elements it allows users to take part in various action-based events through which you will receive fame points. Instead of being a traditional survival video game, it takes a slightly different approach by putting several elements of real-time strategy into the mix.

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Your primary objective here is to build a base, plan and lay defenses to protect yourself from the never-ending horde of zombies. There are eight types of resources essential for survival; food, workers, wood, stone, iron, oil, energy and gold, most of which can be plundered from nearby villages.

Since it is in early access stage, you can expect some minor changes and fixes now and then but make no mistake that the game is already well stocked. Set in a virtually infinite world, the game allows you to mine resources, build houses and survive by fighting off pixel monsters.

Minecraft also has a creative mode which allows players to build huge structures without worrying about hunger and health damage. The game’s objective is to survive by scavenging or plundering important stuff, building strong bases and joining clans.

Build in beautiful yet scary Tim Burton style 2D art, Don’t Starve allows you to experience the terror of surviving in the wild, where you are surrounded by strange creatures all by yourself. He needs an adequate supply of food, firewood, and other resources to fend-off Charlie, an invisible monster from attacking.

Factors such as loss of health, poor sanitation, hunger, and spoiled food play an important part in this game. From one-eyed birds to tree monsters almost every creature can attack or do harm to the character even small frogs, who somehow try to steal things.

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The gameplay takes place on a fictional planet 4546B where your character crash-landed after a mysterious incident. Your goal is not just to endure the harsh, alien environment, but craft tools, construct bases and interact with the native wildlife.

In order to survive you need to carefully manage your food and water supplies just like other games in this genre, but there is one element that separate Subnautica from others and that’s oxygen. A standalone expansion of the game called Subnautica: Below Zero is scheduled for release sometime near the end of the year 2018.

The gameplay takes place in a fictitious post-Soviet union state, Cerberus which has turned into a wasteland after being hit by a mysterious plague. It is easy to get killed by a disease especially if you fail to correctly diagnose your illness or don’t pay attention to the wounds.

The villages, buildings, jungles and other surroundings of Cerberus somewhat captured the atmospheric setting of the former Eastern Bloc.

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