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Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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OnX shows you a map of exactly where you are, and where the boundaries are between public and private land. Originally intended for hunters, it's great for any outdoors person who loves to explore.

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You can even search the map for points of interest, roads, and towns that you are trying to head toward. GAIA helps you find hiking trails, get to the trailhead, and records your progress as you go.

In addition, GAIA will sync between your computer, phone, tablet, and even smartwatches, so you can plan your trip at home and track yourself with whatever device is easiest as you go. You also have the option to look at information like private and public land, offloading roads, and campsites.

All stays uses GPS to find your location and let you know about campgrounds, RV sites, and the services you want in your area. All stays will let you know all of your options, from overnight parking lots to bougie hotels.

No problem GPS will track you and saved data gives you the info you need. Cairn also crowdsources its users to create accurate maps of areas with cell coverage, so you can make an emergency call or just check in back home.

All trails is packed with trails in whatever corner of the country you find yourself in. Trails for running, biking, and hiking are laid out with length, difficulty, photos and even details like if it is pet friendly.

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It can use this data to track your activity over weeks and months and help you reach goals you set in the app. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

They don't require batteries, you don't need service, and they have all the information you need to tell you where you are (and don't worry if you don't know how to use them, you can learn here). And while its good to get off the grid, if you're bringing your phone for photos, you might as well use its built-in GPS function, too.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook & Instagram, you’ll know that I recently returned from an epic trek in Greenland on the Arctic Circle Trail. I’ve been using a great app called Gaia GPS for hiking trips in places like Turkey, Norway, Israel, Greenland, Canada, Iceland, and the United States.

However, to track your progress effectively without cell service, you must redownload maps of the area you’ll be hiking before the journey. This amazing app allows hikers to redownload different types of maps from around the world for use with your iPhone’s GPS.

Using your smartphone as a GPS unit saves you money, reduces the amount of weight you pack, and is multi-use (taking photos, keeping a journal, etc. A GPS app like this is a wonderful backup along with regular paper maps, and can save your butt if you happen to lose the trail or get caught in bad weather.

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Both have happened to me a few times over the years, and whipping out your phone is far easier than pulling out paper maps during a wind and/or rainstorm! The two I use most often are the Open Hiking Map and Google’s satellite view called Imagery + Roads.

If hiking somewhere without cell service, make sure to pre-download sections of the map that cover the area where you’ll be. Gaia GPS also allows you to record tracks as you hike, but don’t do this unless you have a specific need, because it drains battery life and requires the phone to be powered on the whole time.

So when my phone’s battery eventually dies, I simply press a button on the back of the Lightproof case to recharge it completely. I turned off the phone when not in use, and only powered it up to compare my GPS location with the paper maps I carried.

There are a plethora of apps and hiking companions that offer navigation and guidance without the need to be connected to Wi-Fi. Luckily for those that are prone to misreading their own coordinates, these apps have made it that much easier to find your way back to the trail.

Perhaps the most well-known of the best navigation apps on the market, Trails offers its massive database to users so that they never get lost on the trail again. With a Gaia GPS membership, this app offers downloadable maps and the ability to record your adventures, so you never take a wrong turn again.

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Gaia GPS is already used by thousands of guides and avid hikers all over the world, and their recently released hiking app offers maps complete contour lines and hill shading. This app from REI is a living database that offers over 35,000 trails to the eager hiker or backpacker looking to hit the dirt as soon as possible.

In addition to its pre-hike features, the app is equipped with on-trail navigation so that you never lose your way on a hike, no matter how long or short your adventure is. The app is updated regularly with trail conditions and driving directions as well, so that you can know exactly how to get to your next favorite backcountry destination.

Simply hold your phone up to the expanse in front of you, and watch Advisor work its magic as it perfectly labels all the surrounding peaks! The ultimate digital tool for map-challenged hikers, Maps 3D Pro has quickly established itself as one of the best navigation apps on the market.

The technology within the app brings contour lines and hard-to-picture hills and peaks to life so that you know exactly what to expect around the bend. The impeccably designed interface includes a compass, a map overlay, a gyrocompass, speedometer, altimeter, a sextant, in clinometer, and an angular calculator, all of which can be used to tell exactly where you are at any given moment.

Basic users can use it as both a hiking tracker and outdoor navigator, with the option to download maps for use offline. Recent improvements to MapMyHike GPS have officially established it as an asset whether you’re deep in the backcountry or going out for a simple afternoon jaunt.

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It’s mapping system and ability to search without internet connection make it an easy choice for hikers and backcountry enthusiasts needing a searchable database at the click of a button. With route planning features and the ability to access 360-degree panoramic views of important landmarks, Google Maps should be a staple amongst your hiking and backpacking navigation app collection.

Its features allow users to share hikes and adventures online with friends and family, all the while using the app to also navigate and track their progress against live maps. With live status tracking, hikers can see exactly where they are on the map as well as key data including altitude, speed, and distance traveled.

Read This Before you Hit the Road 9 Resources and Guides for New Full-Time Campers Stay Prepared with this First-Time Travel Trailer Owner Checklist 8 RV Packing Tips for Beginners Your iPhone might be more accustomed to urban canyons and the concrete jungle, but there are a whole gotta’ reasons to take it with you on your next backcountry adventure.

But since separating the wheat from the chaff can be a challenge, we did it for you, testing dozens of apps and whittling them down to these top 10. Motion GPS : This app offers attractive topographical maps that can be downloaded ahead of time, so you’re not reliant on spotty or nonexistent 3G coverage in the boonies.

Track your journey, save waypoints, and use a vastly improved compass to find your way around. This app is great for remembering details for your next trip back, organizing tips to share with fellow trekkers, or just reliving your favorite trips.

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Elevation Pro: Tap anywhere on the map or satellite view to get an instant readout of its elevation, based on the internal GPS or USGS surveying. Great for planning your trip, as well as finding the trailhead once you’re in the park.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium: Enjoy the night sky even more with this app, which gives you information on (and close-up photos of) whatever celestial body you point it at. This app lets you add essential items to your custom list, along with their weight and info on where you can find them (e.g., where they’re stored at home or where you need to buy them).

Good: Clear, nicely illustrated instructions for medical emergencies from minor cuts to broken arms. It also includes first-aid instructions for pets, in case Fido falls sick as a dog.

Chapters on food- and water-finding skills, shelter, and fire craft join appendices on plant and animal identification to cover just about any situation you might run into. Your smartphone is an essential companion on a hike, so add an app or two to help you make the most of your trip.

Some of these apps track your workout on the hike so that you can see exactly how far and how high you moved, how many calories you burned, and where you should go to complete a trail. Access to advanced features such as map editing and printing, verified routes, and offline hikes requires a paid subscription.

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Trails is a hiking and running app known for its guides to more than 50,000 trails across North America, including photos, reviews, and tracks. The community reviews are monitored by Trails and include an abundance of useful information and honest user feedback.

This app lets you download maps offline, perfect for those remote trips where a signal is unattainable. You'll immediately notice with this app that there are actual hills and valleys and water shown in great detail.

Serves as a multimedia travel diary to record every detail of a hike. It offers route tracking, downloadable maps, GPS directions, and other hikers' trips to follow.

The heart of Ramble is the ability to chronicle your trips with multiple photos, videos, GPS tracks, and stats including elevation, distance, and speed. Track your route on the map Check out the stats for your trip such as highest point, distance, and speed Record and tag video, images, audio and text descriptions to point on your trip map Upload your story.

The app integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter Use the built-in GPS and download maps for offline use Written by former British Special Air Service soldier and instructor John “Lofty” Wiseman, the guide is based on the best -selling book of the same name.

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Full text of the bestselling book (400+ pages) organized and optimized for the app (English language content only) 16 videos by Wiseman Image galleries of animal tracks, knots, and edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants Morse code signaling device Survival checklist Compass Extreme climates sections including polar, desert, tropical and sea It combines GPS with a compass, gyrocompass, and maps toolkit for memorable hikes.

With its built-in star guide, you can navigate by the night sky map to find the nearest trail. Spyglass serves as binoculars, heads-up display, high-tech compass with offline maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, speedometer, and altimeter.

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