Best Wilderness Hashtags

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
• 7 min read

While growing a strong TikTok following is slowly becoming another important social media tool for content creators, Instagram is still king. Everyone is stuck at home lusting over stunning landscapes of National Parks and photos of coastal sunsets.

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You can save nature hashtags from this list that you like in your notes folder for easy access in the future. I feel like most of the cool nature pictures I stumble across on the explore page of Instagram are taken inside National Parks.

#exploretheunknown #were hikers #womenwantadventure #hikingadventuresforwomen #women adventure #adventure often #everytrailconnects #getoutstayout #herwanderfullife #seek adventure #mountainsarecalling #beautiful explorers #chicks Some of the most popular posts on Instagram are landscape images using nature hashtags.

But what nature and outdoor hashtags for Instagram are the most popular and have the most engagement in 2020? Aside from the expected nature hashtags, I’ve looked to find those that are less used (less than 1 million).

#outdoors #intothewild # wilderness #outdoors man #getoutthere #outdoorsy #modernoutdoorman #outdoor supply #outdoors men #get outside #outdoor shoot #the outdoors #outdoors life #lovetheoutdoors #outdoors girl #explore outdoors #outdoors lover #wegetoutside #thegreatoutdoors #get outdoors #go outside #great outdoors #freshairandfreedom #lovetheoutdoors #freshairandfreedom #lovetheoutdoors #life outdoors These are popular nature and outdoor hashtags for landscapes and scenic views for your hiking adventures.

#landscapehotography #view (also plural) #installed #viewpoint #viewport #amazing view #landsacpephoto #viewoftheday #landscapestyles_gf #beautiful view #landscape (also plural) #scenery porn #landscape_lovers #landscape lovers #landscape shot #scenic view #landscape_captures I’ve also pulled together some other related nature and outdoor hashtags that might work for your specific posts.

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#forest #tree #woods #field (also plural) #meadow #leaves #grass #sky #sunset(s) #sunset porn #sunset_madness #sunset lovers #sunrise #sunrise_sunsets_around world #sunrise_and_sunsets #horizon #red sky #sundown #hiking adventures #hiking #walking #trails #waterfall (also plural) #waterfallwednesday #waterfall hike #hiking trail #hike #hiking day People are posting using their Apple or Android smartphone camera photos.

The style du jour are either a VSCO-edited, crisp but desaturated look or a bright white/pastel-coloured scheme. Professional landscape and nature photographers prefer to go with full, vibrant color.

Whether you use a phone or camera, it pays to take the time to edit and craft the perfect photo. This approach will help your photo stand out when your nature hashtags are searched by others.

I think what’s so appealing about Instagram is the ease of use and the simplicity of tapping the photo to like it. Also, it shows how a simple photo can convey a strong message or evoke an emotion.

So posting beautiful photos rather than quick snapshots may potentially get you more exposure. Apart from using nature and outdoor hashtags, you may also want to include the season (e.g. #fall).

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Furthermore, the popular #tigers hashtag has evolved into numerous ones (e.g. #igerscanada) including one for #igersnature. Instagram is the key social network that I use for sharing our outdoor activities.

I also post on travel, food and drink and activities with our little guy. With a comprehensive, curated list based on different aspects of the Christmas season.

If you are planning to brand your hiking related business on Instagram, you’ve got your work cut out for you. However, we’ve put together this list of the best Hiking hashtags for Instagram (& Twitter) to help you achieve the summit more easily.

Because Instagram is a user-generated content social network, it is ripe to help you convert your audience and customers into brand advocates for your business. You need to combine them with hashtags for your industry so that you increase your chances of being discovered by those who are looking particularly for what you have to offer.

Make sure to include hashtags for your neighborhood, city, state or country, so you have a chance to reach both tourists and locals looking for your business or services. The idea is to increase views from a vetted audience that is already interested in brands associated with your business.

million colorado projects springs revenue fund shortfall lart loss midsize cities states united wilderness nearby vast draws biggest projected cos
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It’s an easy way to use Instagram hashtags to reach a targeted audience that converts. Because of this, they use hashtags for the brands they love (like #neither and #Patagonia) to give themselves a chance to be discovered by them.

Social draft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media.

Your website is by far the best on the market in terms of features, quality and value. I recently wrote about Washington state legends Bob and Ira Spring and Harvey Manning, who collaborated on the guidebooks that introduced thousands of Washingtonians to trail systems in the 1960s.

Ira Spring was a fierce advocate for trails and wilderness accessibility, believing that people, once introduced to nature’s wonders, would transform into conservationists. The debate, which followed them to their graves, sounded oddly familiar, like one that I’d heard in interviews with Instagram-famous explorers, among friends, and on trail forums.

The Springs and Manning’s first trail guide, 100 Hikes in Western Washington, was wildly popular. The trails featured exploded in popularity, and the increased traffic placed a heavy burden on the ecosystems through which they traveled.

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Even though I could talk for hours about how excruciatingly aware I am of the impact social media has on wild spaces, and the litany of reasons why I don’t participate in that aspect of it… I will abbreviate it to this: Do some research. Turn down damn near every dirt road you see until you find that perfect hammock spot or that secluded river bank or that breathtaking overlook.

There are still places without hoards of people and paved roads and gift shops and visitor centers and shuttle buses and marked trails. Though most of us don’t have multiple thousands of followers liable to pack up and head to our favorite, under-the-radar canyon as soon as we list coordinates, Media’s sentiment about exploration in general gets at something important.

The internet has expanded and transformed wilderness shallows, with just a single Instagram image reaching a far greater audience than the Springs and Manning ever could. I’ve definitely decided where to spend my Saturday with a few clicks on Friday night, and it’s awesome that there’s so much information out there.

I don’t need the same Rump blanket or floppy felt hat as that cool guy on the Internet to live my best life. The best part of wilderness is the way that it surprises you, the joy of coming across something you didn’t expect to find.

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