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Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Today I’ll give you 5 excellent options for campers of every shape & size. I often play baseball with my sons, and the swing balance on this hatchet reminds me of high-end aluminum bats.

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Fiscal’s proprietary grinding technique provides unmatched sharpness that gets you a deep chop with every swing. Finally, the lifetime warranty shows you that Fishers has full confidence in this product.

It’s crafted in Rockford, IL using locally-sourced steel and is forged from a single piece meaning its durability is outstanding. Plus, the genuine leather grip adds a nice vintage touch to the whole hatchet.

Those who don’t mind paying extra can get the special edition variant that comes with a black coating on the blade and adds a lacquer finish to the handle. Best for : American campers who prefer hatchets manufactured on local soil.

Still, the black powder coat on this hatchet has survived a beating, so it gets my seal of approval. The spike pommel on the back is also really useful as a pry bar and nail pull, so that’s an added bonus for those who need it.

That’s because it comes with “The Axe Book,” an instruction manual with a lot of useful info that can fast-track the learning curve of newbies. This tool’s maintenance is also a breeze since it sharpens fast and holds up to a lot of torture.

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If there’s one thing that would make me think twice about buying this hatchet, it’s the customer service at Transfers Burks. Sure, they make some great axes, but if you’re unfortunate enough to end up with a lemon, you’ll have a tough time getting the help you need.

If you’re a Man vs. Wild fan, you’ll love the Bear Grills hatchet from Gerber. Its small form factor makes it very portable, while the ergonomic rubber grip prevents any slippage.

Whether you’re clearing branches or splitting a log, the wildly sharp blade shows you that 3.5 is more than enough to pack a punch. The nylon sheath (included) has secure belt loops, so you can keep it close to your body.

Best for : Campers who want a portable hatchet to take on trips to soggy environments. While this isn’t the authoritative list of everything in the buying process, it should serve as a solid foundation for making up your mind.

Lightweight enthusiasts argue that proper technique allows you to cut wood without a heavy ax. There is merit to this, but more ax weight could come in handy for beginners & pros alike when faced with thick wood.

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If you’re new to wood-cutting, I’d recommend a light ax since the agile weight will make it easier to get the hang of the technique. Larger axes can help you split high volumes of wood without getting exhausted since you won’t have to put as much power into each swing.

With a pre-sharpened blade, you can get right to chopping wood and practicing your swing instead of spending hours watching YouTube tutorials for sharpening a hatchet. On the other hand, veterans can get away with buying a blunt blade since their years of experience will help them sharpen it in no time.

Hatchets don’t need to be the sharpest tool in the shed to serve their purpose, so I recommend focusing on robustness. Longer handles allow you to put more force into each swing, but that comes at the cost of control and pack size.

If you have a hatchet with a really long handle, then you can swing it with a lot of power, but that won’t be of much use if you’re not able to aim correctly. Of course, the inverse is also true when you grab a hatchet with a short handle for optimal control but can’t put enough “oomph” into it.

When you get a hatchet in the Goldilocks Zone of handle length, the user experience will be “just right.” Finding the sweet spot between power and accuracy may take a while, so beginners should start with a shorter handle while they learn. Despite being robust and of excellent quality overall, the steel isn’t stainless, so you could end up dealing with rust if you’re not careful.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for old ax heads, but it serves as a reminder to not leave your hatchet damp for extended periods. Boiled linseed oil works wonders for those trying to maintain the finish of their handle too.

Because raw linseed oil won’t dry, it’ll just make your handle sticky. If you have friends with a hatchet collection, then you might want to consider borrowing a few just to see which style feels the best in your hand.

This option comes with an in-handle ferrocerium fire starter rod that has glass-reinforced nylon and para cord grip so that it will last through many trips, and will sit comfortably in your hand. This SO hatchet comes with an included sheath with a purchase that is made from ballistic nylon so that it is durable and long-lasting even with heavy use.

Features: Proprietary grinding technique provides a sharper edge Low friction coating on blade Optimized power-to-weight ratio Fiber comp handles and inseparable axe heads allows for excellent durability Small size and weight allow for excellent portability This Fishers hatchet is designed for perfect balance so that you can get the best power-to-weight ratio and increase your swing speed significantly.

This Gerber Gear hatchet model has a 3.5-inch blade that is compact enough for easy travel and quick responses and offers precise cuts through softer woods. This hatchet option comes with an ergonomic and non-slip rubber grip that will help you hold on tight even in rainy, wet weather conditions.

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This grip helps you to avoid strain on your hands when using the hatchet frequently, or for longer times. The sheath also comes with attachments to hang from belt loops so that it can be accessible in emergencies out in the wild.

This Estaing hatchet was forged as a single piece to make this option one of the most durable. This option is great for chopping wood, trimming branches, and splitting firewood.

Features: Hand forged tempered blade Short handle relative to edge ratio for portability Vegetable-tanned leather sheath Traditional wooden handle excellently crafted Razor sharp edge and compactness allow for high precision work This Transfers Burks option is a hand hatchet with a short handle that allows you to take care of small jobs and is easy to carry with you on a camping or hiking trip.

The compact nature of this item is great for survival situations because it can be easily accessible and used for many things. The dark brown color gives it a great contrast to the light wood of the handle and the deep black blade.

Features: PTFE coated blade Composite shock-absorbent handle Slim sheath allows for less bulky profile Forged steel head This hatchet comes with a handle that is shock absorbent and also helps to reduce the feeling of strain on your hands from use.

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Higher price The para cord handle may come undone over time Many good uses but not great for any Less suitable for use on larger wood If you’re likely to deal with moist and wet conditions, perhaps stainless is the way to go (to avoid rust).

Forged steel allows the grains of the metal to be aligned, which means greater durability over time. Lastly, some companies cover their hatchet blades with low-friction coating to allow for easier cutting, particularly through high friction materials like wood.

If you’re looking for greater utility, large blades are appropriate, but if portability is your first priority, then you’ll be happier with a smaller, lighter survival hatchet. If you’re more of a traditionalist, then you’ll likely enjoy both the aesthetics and the feeling of a good old wooden handle.

On the other hand, in some products, para cord can come loose from the handle, and it’s not the most comfortable material to be gripping during long term usage. On the other hand, not everyone is a fan of the feeling of a rubber grip, and aesthetically it’s definitely the least attractive material.

Think about how and where you’re likely to use your survival hatchet the most, and what tasks you want to be able to accomplish with it, and work backwards to a product that makes the most sense for you. It’s especially difficult to tell nowadays, as every company that produces outdoor tools want their products to show up regardless of whether you’re looking for a hatchet or an axe.

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A hatchet is different from an axe in that it is designed to be used for multiple purposes and typically comes with a smaller handle so that it is easy to hold and use for cutting down branches, splitting firewood, and chopping large pieces of wood. Axes typically are not made to handle all the uses of a hatchet, although that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t work in a pinch.

While some of our writers and contributors use pseudonyms in order to protect their privacy (never a bad idea in these times when out of control surveillance is a growing problem), you can trust that everybody who gets to write for us has been vetted for their knowledge and passion when it comes to survival.

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