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The interior of the park is a visual jewel, with towering white pines, massive cliffs along the waterways and many waterfalls. There are literally hundreds of available campsites along the many canoe routes and the fishing is simply out of this world.

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Most visitors go into the park on a canoe trip or fly-in to stay at several remote lodges and outpost cabins. In addition to fishing, hunting is also open during Fall with giant moose the main quarry sought after by hunters.

The park is rich in all kinds of wildlife, so any visitor should ensure they have lots of room on their memory card as picture opportunities will present themselves everywhere. Photo: Go Promote This article provided you with a brief glimpse into only the top three of our dozen or so wilderness -class parks in the Sunset Country Travel Region.

Paddlers will find a combination of comfortable flat-water sections along with some rapids you can run if you're the more adventurous type. Anglers can access remote outpost cabins or full-service lodges in Woodland Caribou and Waikiki, as well as in some of our other wilderness parks.

Gerry is an avid outdoors man, nature photographer and angler, fishing many of the lakes in the region. Gerry is the architect of Sunset Country marketing efforts and regularly speaks with travelers over the phone, on-line and at the sport shows.

Photo © stock/GROWL Perhaps the best known National Park in Ontario, Algonquin is over 7,500 km 2 and filled with forests, rivers, lakes and dozens of trails. It’s only a few hours’ drive from both Ottawa and Toronto, and its sheer size means you’ll probably want to stay for at least a whole weekend.

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As one of the larger parks, it’s also home to plenty of Canadian wildlife, so keep your eyes open for moose and bears. Hiking and cycling trails of varying lengths, beautiful water for swimming, canoeing or kayaking, and plenty of wildlife.

Georgian Bay also has a number of old shipwrecks, making it an awesome place for freshwater scuba diving. Photo credit: stock Given its northern location, Lake Superior is well off the beaten track for most visitors.

It’s easy to spend days exploring the lakes, forests, hills, and waterfalls of this park. Photo credit: stock No doubt you have heard of the famous Niagara Falls, and while they are a must-see, the whole area is great to explore and easily accessible for visitors on a day trip.

Photo credit: stock Point Pelee, on Lake Erie, is about 70% marshland and about 30% forest. Another incredible experience is to see the monarch butterfly migration in the fall, as Point Pelee is part of their migratory route.

Photo credit: stock No matter what time of year you visit, Ontario’s wilderness offers adventure for anyone wanting to experience the Canadian outdoors. We discuss when a traveler becomes a snack; the perils of wilderness adventure, a culinary tour of the provinces for foodies, and we speak to World Nomads' photography scholarship mentor Richard I'Anson.

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Quirky tours lead visitors through narrow passages that were once located on a tropical sea floor 500 million years ago. Straddling the border of Canada and the United States, Niagara is actually made up of three waterfalls that combine to create the awe-inspiring view that has attracted destination weddings, honeymoons and sight-seeing vacations alike.

Watch from elevated viewing platforms along gorge as the water of the Kaministiquia River rushes over the edge of the cliffs and plummets 40 kilometers to the bottom before continuing along. Standing over 65 meters and spanning 14 kilometers along the shoreline, Scarborough Bluffs are the perfect quick retreat from the noise and rush of city life.

Called the “crown jewel of the region” by Lonely Planet, On Echo Provincial Park offers a pristine expanse of wilderness in eastern Ontario. Long before painters and photographers began frequenting the park, aboriginal artists used Marina Rock as their canvas, creating more than 260 pictographs that are still visible.

Towering cedars have been dwelling on the peninsulas massive cliffs for centuries and still appear to stand as a part of a wild and untouched Canadian gem. From the Georgian Bay’s crystalline waters to the limestone barrens and deep forests, the Bruce offers visitors the chance to delve into nature’s breathtaking beauty.

With 12 percent of the park covered in water, canoeing and kayaking in Algonquin is a must in order to discover the true wonder and beauty of this popular Ontario destination. From the west coast to the east, and everything in between, this country is overflowing with incredible log cabins, luxury clamping resorts and scores of activities centering around nature.

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Nestled in a beautiful and secluded area of British Columbia is this breathtaking wilderness lodge, with a specialty in grizzly bear viewing. The beautiful open lodge is welcoming with its amazing fireplaces, outdoor hot tub, and large dining rooms.

Via Bella Cooley Held Sports This remote resort is small, personal and sophisticated, beckoning travelers who are looking for an authentic adventure and life-enriching experiences. This genuine family-owned ranch is located in cowboy country and legendary for providing guests with the ultimate wilderness experience.

This off-grid ranch is determined to offer an authentic wilderness retreat to guests of all ages, including families that tend to head here in the summer months. Via Nation Geographic Lodges It boasts itself as luxury accommodations in unspoiled wilderness, an intimate secluded resort that caters to anyone looking to escape the ordinary.

Picture a massive lodge created out of log walls and beam ceilings, furnished with Tiffany lamps and handmade furniture. With two dining venues, every guest is taken care of and served the freshest of Canadian seafood along with fresh veggies and organic ingredients.

Wilderness Resort is located within the Secret Inlet Provincial Marine Park on the Sunshine Coast and you can expect to share your space with bald eagles, black bears, bobcats, deer and more. Guests here take advantage of the incredible kayaking, hiking, yoga, bird watching expeditions, sailing and seaplane tours.

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What awaits you after a full day of fishing, either guided or self-guided, is warm delicious home cooked meals in the main lodge’s dining room, a crackling fire and great company. Activities here are endless, from 310 miles of hiking to kayaking, white water rafting, mountain biking, fishing, horseback riding and more.

Meals are served in the incredible dining room that looks out onto the Kicking Horse River and is accompanied by fine wines. With no televisions or phones, the Cathedral Mountain Lodge encourages you to shut down from your normal life and get outside and explore the beauty that surrounds you.

Via Cathedralmountainlodge.com It is one of the most accessible wilderness retreats in British Columbia, just a three-hour drive or 20 minute float plane ride from downtown Vancouver. Nature is behind the design of the accommodations and guests here should expect spectacular views, private decks, outdoor hot tub, and communal fireplace lounge.

The lodge can only be reached by float plane and sets a maximum of 10 guests per week, making this an incredibly personal and unique experience. Activities here range from fly-fishing in the crystal clear lake teeming with fish to hiking one of many trails that start at the lodge to canoeing and kayaking through the calm waters.

Via Tincup-lodge.com This all-inclusive luxury resort is reached only by helicopter, float plane or boat and has been listed as one of National Geographic’s unique lodges worldwide. This intimate family owned and operated resort promises to deliver the ultimate wilderness retreat to its guests through a variety of activities, luxury cabins, and an incredible dining experience.

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Visitors to the Layout Wilderness Resort will experience world-class dining, luxury tent accommodations and countless activities to choose from. Because of its location in the 350,000-hectare Layout Sound Biosphere Reserve, guests are invited to can catch salmon and halibut, ride horses into the old-grown rainforest, kayak in the Be dwell River and hike along numerous trails.

Via Kiwi Collection Author: Lindsay Maintain Posted in Destination Tagged cabin, country-canada, fishing, hunting, lodge, province-british Columbia, province-nova Scotia, province- Ontario, province-yukon, resort, snowmobile, wilderness You’ll find everything from sweeping clifftop views over crystal blue water lakes to canyons that may not be grand but will still leave you in awe.

The Bruce Trail will take you through every kind of terrain, from fields to roads and through marshland to cliffs. And my favorite Bruce Trail day hikes are in Lion’s Head Provincial Park.

It’s home to geological potholes, epic cliff-top views, and a plethora of birdlife and wildflowers. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is home to some of the highest cliffs in Ontario, serene lakes, a wealth of wildlife, and over 100 kilometers of trails.

Soak in the majesty of the Boreal Forest, calm lakes, and a steep ascent up the Giant himself. And once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with the best views of ANY Ontario hiking trails.

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Hillary Provincial Park is known for its unspoiled wilderness, over 50 lakes, and a dozen trails through varying terrain. And when many think of Ontario’s top hikes the La Cloche Silhouette Trail comes up.

You’ll be surrounded by forest then climb over the Canadian Shield, and find not one but two incredible views. It’s home to over 2000 lakes, a wide array of wildlife, a mix of coniferous an deciduous forest, nearly 20 trails, and is one of the top places in Ontario to take in the fall color change.

This short 1.5-kilometre trail is perfect to hike at any time of year. This loop trail takes you along the northern rim of the remarkable Barron Canyon that is over 300 feet deep.

If you’re looking for some of the best hikes in Ontario then head to Lake Superior Provincial Park. This trail offers a bit of everything, from rock chasms to canyons and breathtaking views over the Lake.

Towering above Lake Superior is a sheer rock face that is home to 35 images painted by the Ojibwa centuries ago. Another of my favorite places to hike in Ontario is Mono Cliffs Provincial Park.

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Located about an hour northwest of Toronto, Mono Cliffs again has a lot to offer. What Mono Cliffs’ Spillway Trail lacks in length it makes up for in drama.

The Spillway Trail leads you through a canyon that will cool you in the summer heat. The last trail on my list of best hikes in Ontario is located in Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area.

Rising up around you are incredible rock faces that in the summer create an enchanted wonderland of moss and in the winter a layer of snow adds to the awe and magic. Some are not available online but can be found at local bookshops and retailers like the amazing Loops & Lattes collection, and Adventures with Bruce.

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