Best Wilderness Jeans

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Believe it or not, the clothing you choose to wear and pack for your outdoor adventures play a major role on your chances of survival in the wilderness. One of the clothing items you need to consider carefully before taking off on your outdoor trip is survival pants.

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Choosing the right survival pants can go a long way in making you feel comfortable in the wilderness and help you face any challenge or obstacle with ease. When you are on the way to the brush or woods, you need pants that will not rip as soon as you step into rough terrain or an area with friars or thorns.

Comfortable and flexible : When you are in the wilderness, the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable pants that do not allow you to perform the tasks you need to. You might find it difficult to resist camo as it gives you tactical advantage and also makes you look cool and powerful.

A lot of people who see your camo pants might think that you have other great gear on you and wait for the right opportunity to try and steal it. It is best to choose drab colors, like black or olive green, so you can blend in with your environment as well as with other people.

Some pants are designed with fabrics that are better suited for hot and humid climates, while others are made for wet and cold environments. For instance, you can carry long underwear pants to be prepared for colder weather should the need suddenly arise.

Lightweight Tactical Pants features durable water repellent (DR) treatment for stain resistance and quick drying. Lightweight Tactical Pants features large, top-opening cargo pockets with segmented 2-inch elastic webbing inside to secure and properly orient up to 3 weapon magazines, knives, flashlights, or other items for quick access.

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Pros : (+) Treated with HT Teflon wear resistant finish (+) Lots of pockets to store essentials and give you easy access (+) Extremely comfortable, functional, and durable Cons : (-) They run a little long (-) Cargo pockets are too basic This is a high-quality pair of survival pants made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton rip stop combo that is treated with HT Teflon wear resistant finish.

Lightweight with a fully gusseted crotch that gives you full movement range, these pants are comfortable and flexible enough to make all types of activities in the wilderness easy to perform. The cargo pockets could do with a bit of sprucing up, like elastic bands to help hold magazines and other items in place.

But the 5.11 Tactical 74273 Tagline Pro Pant does come with plenty of pockets for easy access to essential gear. It is treated with Dupont Teflon Fabric Protector to repel liquids and stains.

It features 9 pockets that can hold everything from your smartphone to other essential gear that you need quick and easy access to. The Proper Canvas Tactical Pant is shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistant.

With its high-quality material and rugged construction, the Proper Canvas Tactical Pant is a must-buy for anyone who regularly ventures off into the wilderness. Made of 65/35 polyester cotton rip stop, the TRUMPET 24-7 Tactical Pant is another good choice for those who are heading out on an adventure to a warm climate or during the summer months.

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The Under Armor Storm Covert Tactical Pants also feature a stretch-engineered waistband that provides you with superior mobility and unmatched comfort. It is lightweight, comfortable and made with high-quality materials with a DR finish to repel water and stains.

Overall, this is an excellent quality product that is a bit on the pricier side, compared to others but still a good option if you ask us. If you do mind this, then the Under Armor Storm Covert Tactical Pants is a great buy and perfect for your wilderness adventures.

Pros : (+) Flattering for every body type (+) Comfortable with practical pockets (+) Handy double knee design Cons : (-) Material tears easily (-) Sizing may not be exact With its low profile, it is a stylish pair of pants that will help you survive even in the roughest conditions outdoors.

The Teflon finish makes it rugged and durable and the pants come with a fixed waistband and fully gusseted crotch for flexibility while moving. It also features bar tacking at major stress points and seams to prevent tearing and articulated knees (making it kneepad-ready).

Pros : (+) Lightweight and comfortable (+) Made of quality materials, ensuring durability (+) Perfect for hot weather Cons : (-) Every pair fits different (-) They are a little snug around the waist These are a great pair of pants ideal for outdoor trips or to have as your bug out clothes when an emergency occurs.

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The TRUMPET 24/7 Ascent Pants are also fade and stain resistant and feature a comfort fit slider waistband. It has inset cargo pockets and discreet reinforced knees to give you a streamlined appearance.

Made of strong, durable fabric, these pants are very good for all types of survival situations. The TRUMPET 24/7 Ascent Pants are ideal for outdoor trips as well as for women who need tactical wear for work.

Pros : (+) Made of water repellent material (+) Resistant to wrinkles, fading, and stains (+) Functional pockets for all types of gear Cons : (-) Waistband does not sit at the natural waist (-) Attract debris easily It features a water repellant treatment to resist spills and stains and make it more durable.

Lightweight Tactical Pants has double layer of fabric on the hem, seat, and knees for added durability. Not only are they made of high quality, durable material, they are also treated for resistance to wrinkles, stains, and fading.

Available in an array of amazing colors, the Under Armor Tactical Patrol Pant is another good option for the survivalist women out there. These pants come with a loose, more relaxed fit to provide comfort no matter what type of situation you are in and a great pocket design for storage space for essential gear you need to keep within easy reach.

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They feature the signature Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat, ensuring you stay light and dry. Made of durable rip stop fabric, these pants can stand up to the toughest and roughest conditions.

When it comes to tactical or survival wear, Under Armor is a well-known company committed to delivering quality products. The Vertex Original Tactical Pants is an excellent choice for warm to cold climates.

Made of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, these tactical pants for women are durable and provide a flattering fit to all body shapes. These pants are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, terrain, and activities.

Made of top-notch materials, these pants are just what you need to survive the elements and the different conditions you will come across in the great wide open. Now that you have an idea of what is available for you to choose from, you can go ahead and pick the best survival pants for your needs and budget, and be comfortable no matter where you are.

Unless you’re a lucky individual that landed a job that lets you spend most of your week outdoors, you’re probably stuck behind a desk most of the time. And although there’s plenty of content in the digital world to keep you entertained and even enlightened to a certain extent, nothing beats venturing through the complex, beautiful, ever-evolving artwork of Mother Nature.

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Hiking is the perfect activity to take up if you’re looking to reconnect with the organic world as a digital detox, and you require some form of cardio to stay lean. You may be trapped within your cubicle five days a week, but hiking will help you break free and enjoy the natural wonders of the world.

Made with Bluesign-approved durable nylon fabric with articulated knees and a gusseted crotch, the REI Co-op Savanna Trail Pants will give you a full range of motion and protect your legs from the elements. The durable water repellent (DR) pants will stand up well to light rain, and the elastic waistband along with the bungee draw cord cuffs will ensure excellent performance on the field.

The Ferrari Pants by Outdoor Research is built for hiking and climbing with their quick-drying, wind-and-water-resistant rip stop construction, protecting you from Mother Nature’s wrath. They feature reflective detailing for nighttime visibility, a gusseted crotch, two front hand pockets, and a minimalist style.

Made from stretch-woven 95% nylon and 5% spandex with DR finish, these slim adventure slacks are perfect for backcountry trips. They also provide you with 50+ UPF sun protection and a gusseted crotch for natural movement, keeping you at the top of your game while outdoors.

Crafted with Omni-Heat reflective trio to trap warmth for wintry hikes, the Columbia Royce Peak Heat pants will keep your legs moving. Both waterproof and stain-resistant, Collared’s Trailhead Adventure Pants will serve you well when you’re battling the elements while enjoying the beauty of nature.

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It features a gusseted crotch, integrated belt, and multiple stash pockets for all of your compact outdoor gear. These pants provide you with UPF 50+ sun protection and have roll-up leg snaps, a ventilated inseam gusset, and mesh pockets.

Their Force 10 AC Cargo Pants have triple and double-needle stitching for durability, a DR finish, and knee reinforcement pockets. The Odyssey Cargo Pants are made from All Terrain Cloth, ensuring they’ll have no problem dealing with challenges in the wild.

Designed to survive in harsh climates, Fjallraven’s Key Eco-Shell Trouser will serve you relentlessly while you explore the nooks and crannies of the outdoors. They have full-length zippers for excellent ventilation, stretch material for mobility, reinforced lower legs, and lightweight design.

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